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[Solved] Characters like ä oder é in FEditor?

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Hello, everyone!

First question: I just got into hacking and may have a lot of questions while exploring FEditor and Nightmare and all that stuff. Is it okay for me to open a topic each time a problem I cannot solve myself shows up? Or should I start a topic where I collect my questions?

Anyways. I'm trying to do a German translation patch for FE6 for a friend of mine. And FEditor seems to screw the game up a little when I try to type characters like ä, ö or ü, é and so on. And it doesn't show the character of course. Most likely because they aren't american / english / japanese characters. Is there any way to fix that?

Thank you so much for any replies! (:

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Thank you for the idea with the patch! I searched trough google and found a patch for FE6 that converts some symbols into the characters I need. (:

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