FE: War of Men (Sign up/Discussion)

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  • Name: Kota
  • Class: Myrmidon
  • Physical description: Pale-ish skin with green eyes, soft black hair which goes to his shoulders, 5'6 in height, 195 LBS in weight
  • Character description (will determine Affinity): A shy, calm swordsman with a selfless attitude, but won't hesitate to fight if provoked. 
  • Background: A young swordsman from the kingdom of Jovis, Kota wasn't the one to make friends (or have any for that matter), due to his lack of social interaction and his shyness around others, but never lacked skill when it came to battle. Although untrained in the art of the sword at the time, he's always looked up to the heroes of the past when it came to combat. He began training himself around a young age so he could go out and have an adventure of his own someday, in which, he would when he grew up years later.
  • Starting level: 5
  • Base stats (with growths in parenthesis): 16+1 HP (18) <10%>, 4+3 STR (7) <40%>, 1 MAG <0%>, 9 SKL <20%>, 9+2 SPD (12) <30%>, 2+1 DEF (3) <10%>, 0+1 RES (2) <10%>, 5 MOV, 6 CON
  • Weapon ranks: Swords (D)
  • Inventory: Shasmir, Vulnerary

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18 minutes ago, Erren said:

If this place isn't dead

It is dead. The host hasn't been here in a very long while and it's basically silent.

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well best of luck to people that will be able to start an rp again from this situation.

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