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What;s your favorite and least favorite character(s)?

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I'd certainly agree that the game can be a teensy bit sexist. The vast majority of females are encountered as damsels in distress. A sign of its age I guess. 

I notice that one but it doesn't really bother me. Matilda's ending on the other hand does bother me. It seems out of character for such a fierce character to just resign for her husband. 

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I absolutely agree on the sentiment that most female characters got shafted in their respective endings, as apparently none of them - 'cept Silque and Sonya, the latter of which either dies by your hand or becomes a monster - can live without some dude.
In one glaring case it didn't even make a lick of sense in the context of their character *coughcoughFayeunconvincingcough*
It also bothered me that the marriage thing seems to be the only thing that matters in their endings, like, what the hell happened to Genny's story she wanted to publish?
And then there's the Clair x Gray thing... a can of worms I'd rather not open right now.
The Whitewings also got the shaft in that regard, I think. Catria is the original Cordelia / Faye, Est hooked up with a lolicon and Palla is basically Catria, but for Abel instead of Marth.

On the other hand, Saber's mystery spouse also comes completely out of nowhere and apparently, Boey is a giant masochist or sadist, depending on how you want to interpret his relationship with Mae.

Yeah, some of the character endings were definitely a stain on an otherwise great game.

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On 7/18/2017 at 3:17 PM, DragonFlames said:

And then there's the Clair x Gray thing... a can of worms I'd rather not open right now.

Clair and Grey married each other in the original Gaiden. In fact, all of the endings were just expanded upon from the original Gaiden.

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husbando - Jesse

love - Mae, Clair, Genny, Saber, Leon, Conrad, Boey, Gray

like - Kamui, Palla, Sonya, Tobin, Lukas, Faye, Python, Tatiana, Valbar

neutral toward - Delthea, Forsyth, Alm, Zeke, Est, Atlas, Nomah, Silque, Kliff, Luthier

dislike - Clive, Mathilda, Celica, Mycen, Catria

never recruited - Deen

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There are some characters I really loved in Echoes, some that I wish we had a little more story to and some that I don't hate necessary but I wish they'd do something to make them a little better.


Boey- I absolutely loved his character.  He's so goofy and I found myself laughing to myself or smiling every time he came on screen.  In his support with Mae it showed how caring for those he cares about and while I wish he had more than one support, he was important enough to the story that he had some screentime to actually show his character.

Mahtilda- I loved that we finally got an amazing strong female warrior who is not afraid to speak her mind, is stronger than most men and gets a sweet love story that does not take away from her character at all.  Her supports with Clive make me love her even more.  While her ending threw me off for a bit, I think it fits her in a way. She loves Clive so much that she is willing to give up fighting for him.  

Leon- I love the way they decided to tackle his sexuality and did not simply use the cliche gay guy in media gag.   He cares about Valbar feels and understands that he does not like him in the same way. He does not push himself ontop of Valbar and try to make him love him,  rather he simply accepts it and I find that great in a character.  I've been in a situation where I've been the one with a unrequited crush and I think its great that he is able to accept his feelings aren't returned and go on with life.

Gray- His witty sarcastic humour is one of the things that male him great.  He's not one who takeslife super seriously and its able to make the best out if a bad situation and is simply happy to be alive.

Ones I wish had more story 

Genny- Unless you recruit Sonia,  which I didn't because I went into the game spoiler free and thought both her and Deen were available, she has no supports whatsoever. From the bits I saw of her character she was an adorable little author but I got literally nothing about her besides that. I wishshe could have supported with Boey, Mae, Celica someone! 

Silque- Her only support was with Faye and the support was completely trash.  I got literally nothing from it except Silque wanted a female friend to talk to and Faye was a jerk and didn't want to be around because she wasn't Alm.  That is a complete waste of a Silque's only support. It would be different if you weren't going to use her a lot but unless you promote Faye to a Cleric she is the only healer you get until late with Tatiana. 

Luthier- I would have loved a support between him and anyone else in the army.  It would have been something to show his socially awkward side and would honestly help him grow and be more than a shadow to his sister and honestly it would be hilarious. 

Characters that need some work

Faye- Now I don't mind characters with a unrequited crush but Faye does not ever grow from it.  She steps all over people just for Alm. She gets married and still obsesses over Alm. I don't think I could handle being in relationship with someone like that let alone married to them.  She's just a bit too much for me.

Honestly I didn't have a problem with any of the other characters except the lack of supports for these characters with 1 or 0 supports. 

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All characters here are pretty good. I can't cherry pick them all but here are some that I adore and some that I'm least bothered.

Favourite characters:


This dude is pretty awesome and I love him. His interactions between him and Gray are some of the best during story wise and he is one of the characters that goes through development. Sure, its pretty jarring at times such as how he can talk about Clair before Clair even shows up but the support itself is cool that it doesn't really matter. It also helps that his character design is pretty cool too and he's got some of the best quotes in the entire game such as "Man look at these muscles! Who wants to touch them?" 

As a unit, dude's awesome as his high skill growth means he'll be perfect as an archer and is one of the few candidates best suited for the lighting sword.


Another awesome guy. Honestly, I didn't think that Camus would be this awesome until Echoes showed up. Has the best voice in the entire game, awesome character design and is righteous at best.

He's even a good unit..I mean, Gold Knights are a thing in this game so yeah. I will say that it does feel natural for him to hold the Gradivus.


While the guy doesn't socialise much besides talking with Tobin, I like his character design a lot. But what makes him really good is how flexible he is. Dude can work wonders with any class you change him to and its because of this that he gets my vote.


Well, she's my waifu so that's something. Jokes aside, her character design is great and she's also great as a unit so you can't go wrong using her.

Least favourite:

1. Faye: Yeah, Faye gets a lot of hate bandwagon and its no surprise why considering that her personality is even worse than Camilla, she can't work out on any class except cleric and to top it off, she doesn't contribute enough to the plot almost being barren like Kliff.

2. Celica: Now let's get this out of the way, I'm not bashing her as a unit because she's fine for what she does. But as a character....its a different story.


She makes a lot of decisions that are just questionable or that are just pointless to even do to begin with. Her leaving Alm all of a sudden because she wanted peace in her way was just being on the naive side. She never cried or even hugged her brother Conrad(admittedly its a remake and not the original but still) in the slightest and her intentions of keeping things secret until the very end was really dumb of her to do. It also doesn't help that she knew that it was going to come to this and yet her efforts into trying to fix it were lame. Again, has nothing to do with the unit.


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I like everyone except Faye and Deen. Its just easier to put it that way, cuz i really do enjoy just about everyone but those two. I particularly like Luthier, Mathilda, Celica, Mae, Clive, and Sonya. 

"But why Clive?" Cuz my first run had him be really blessed and an actual asset to my team. Plus im fine with his character.

I dont like Faye for reasons i already talked about on hese threads. Shes nasty, one note, and stuplidly passive aggressive. I think id be more indifferent to her had it not been for the shitty attitude she takes with Silque, and what she says to Alm after his row with Celica. Yikes.

Deen is just boring edgelord. Even his design is meh. I got him once just so i could get him, and welp...getting Sonya forever now. 

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