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  1. 1. Which of the three FE features do you want to see in the next installment? Character creation, romance, or breeding?

    • All three.
    • Character creation is liked, but no romance or children.
    • Character creation and romance are liked, but they better have a good reason to introduce children.
    • Romance and children are liked, but character creation is best left to the bedroom. *wink* *wink*
    • Romance is liked, but the idea of creation altogether is not.
    • None of the above. Classical experience is the best experience.
    • I have something else in mind.

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It was good in Awakening, and real fucking awful in Fates, so no lmao I don't want none of that weeb shit.

And as far as an avatar I think I'll pass but if they do include one I'm ok with that.


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I like character creation, if only so I can have one more mage in the early game, and would be okay with it returning as long as they've learned their lesson with Corrin.

Voted against romance as the "everyone can marry anyone of a different gender" system, but if it was part of a more limited (and hopefully better written) pool of support conversations, that would be fine, I suppose... FE15's romances didn't impress me, but at least it was a better system.

No children. (Unless the plot is built around their existence, but it's probably too soon for another Awakening.)

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