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23 minutes ago, Nohr Crystal said:

I know this idea is kinda dumb, but eh. Just post a video that you are proud (or not so proud) of making.  You don't have to make the video, but it's recommended.  You will rate the video a score out of 10. Here's the first video that I'm actually kinda proud of.

10/10, quality shitpost

Here's my video:

I made this back when Takumi Stand-Up was a thing.  As of this post it has over 77K views, more than any of my other videos combined.

I give it an 8 out of 10, mainly because of goofs on my part an average human being likely wouldn't have noticed (using Selkie and Velouria instead of Kaden and Keaton, for example).  Also, Takumi accidentally hallucinates that he's Haitaka talking about putting people in logs and throwing them off waterfalls.

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