How long do you think this game will be?

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My wish is for 25-30 main chapters with about 10 paralogues to give the a plot a break. Imo, isn't not how many chapters are in the game, but what is done with them. In RD, while there were over 40 chapters long, but sometimes the story inched a little. Better to have a game that has a good structure, rather than one that overstays it's welcome.

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Number of Chapters per FE game so far (might be a little off):


FE1: 25. FE11 adds 5 Gaiden Chapters and the 4 part Prologue. For 34 Chapters.

FE2/15: Well it's difficult to say with this game and it. There are more battles, but they are generally much shorter and less strategic than normal FE fights.

FE3: Book 1 is 20 Chapters. Book 2 is 22 chapters, with the last one divided in 3 battles. FE12 adds an 8 part Prologue and 6 Gaiden chapters for 36 Chapters.

FE4: 12 Chapters, with a total of 2-3-4-3-3-3-3-4-3-4-4-5 (41) Castles to seize.

FE5: 25 Mandatory Chapters with 7 Gaidens and one 2 Chapter split. For a total of 32 in a given playthrough and 34 overall.

FE6: 22 Chapters in Zephiel-ending playthrough. With 6 Gaidens and the last 3 Chapters on the good ending added in, we get 31 Chapters per playthrough. The two route splits, one 5 chapters long and the other 2, means there are 38 distinct Chapters in total.

FE7: 32 mandatory Chapters on a Lyn Mode-Hector Mode playthrough (the last fight being two "battles" long). Add to this 9 Gaiden chapters for a total of 41. Eliwood's exclusive Valorous Roland is another distinct chapter, as is the Four-Fanged Offense split, so 43 distinct chapters in total.

FE8: 23 mandatory Chapters on a given playthrough (with the final one being two "battles" long). Ephraim and Eirika have 6 totally distinct chapters each, for a total 29 distinct Chapters.

FE9: 33 mandatory Chapters, with Chapter 17 divided into 4 parts. 27 has a second fight not really a separate chapter with the BK duel.

FE10: Part 1 is 12 Chapters with the 1-6 split into two parts (I'll say it's justified see it in gameplay terms as two Chapters). Part 2 is 5 Chapters. Part 3 is 15 Chapters. Part 4 is 11 Chapters counting each part of 4-Final independently. So 12 + 5 + 15 + 11 = 43 Chapters total.

F13: 28 mandatory Chapters including that Premonition. Add all 23 Paralogues for 51 Chapters. 22 buyable DLC non-grinding Xenologues.

FE14: 29 mandatory Chapters per route including the Premonition. Factoring out the first six chapters, that means 75 distinct Chapters total- albeit with plenty of map reuse.


TearRing Saga: 40 Chapters with one little one chapter route split for 41 distinct Chapters.

Berwick Saga: 17 mandatory Chapters. With 24 optional ones, all of which are doable on a single playthrough for a total of 41.


All this said, I think 30 chapters for the main story works. What matters more is the story's content and pacing. Plenty of meaningful, entrenched in the world (as in no "I'm off to pick up my grown baby") Gaidens would be appreciated. 

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Since it's on a system already stronger than the Wii U, it should have 40+ chapters.


The console FE games are some of the biggest games in the series. 

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I'd like to think that it'll be in the 30s. As for paralogues, somewhere in the teens, maybe? At least enough so the world is fleshed out. That's not including xenologues, postgame, or dlc. (Which I'm personally expecting a ton of; It's bad practice, but the season pass is an immediate buy for me)

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i´m gonna say as long as tearring saga. so 40 chapters or so.

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