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Fire Emblem 6 GBA Cartridge

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I have a question or two about The Sealed Sword, and I figured that if anyone could help me out, it would be you guys.

I know that it hasn't been released outside of Japan, and that all English carts found on eBay are bootlegged ROMs with the translation patch slapped on them.

Anyway, I've been considering buying one of these carts since they're not too expensive, but the one thing stopping me is their poor reputation for retaining save files. I've even had a bootleg FE7 and it stopped saving files after about a year or so.

Anyway, is there any way to remedy this?

I'd rather not play it on an emulator, because I like the idea of playing on the physical GBA itself, that's part of the experience for me.

Is there a cartridge mod I could do to prolong its saving ability, or a battery I can replace? I think the bootlegs work off of cheap flash memory IIRC, so likely not. I'm not totally sure of what to do.

Thanks for reading, hopefully there's a solution.

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nothing really, I've worked with bootlegs before, just because of the way they're built the part of the cartrige that saves can get messed up really easialy

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