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Is there any armor support?

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Armors are going to be hard to run exclusively, as the majority of them just focus on buffing their own attack during enemy turns when attacked by a non-Tome Unit. Your best bet is probably just running blanket buff Units that will hopefully keep your Units untouchable, but I'll take a look later today or tomorrow and see if I can find anything. I'd look now, but I have work in ten minutes so I'm hurrying through the stuff on here.

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On October 25, 2017 at 10:42 AM, tgs19997 said:

I want to build an armor deck but the only armor support I found is Mamori Minamoto cost 4. Is there any other?

Alright, I'm back.

So far, the absolute best advice I can tell you is to find another deck to play because Armors have managed to consistently get shafted throughout all 10 Sets. If it's just an Armor Main Character you want, Hector is a decent card, but you don't want to add lots of Armors to go with him because it probably won't end well. If you're dead-set on an Armor-focused deck, I think the best I can offer is basic Lance Support, as a good chunk of Armor Units are Lance-wielders, or offensive Rally Units, as one of the issues Armor Units suffer from is that they all only offer 10 SV on attack, meaning you probably won't be beating anyone who can consistently hit 80 or 90 on their defense without using lots of Crits. Either way, you shouldn't be running pure Armors for Units, so I'm going to assume you're willing to just go mostly-Armors.

For the first option, Cordelia's S4SR is an ok choice - as long as she's Class-Changed, she provides a blanket buff to all Lance users in the same area as she is during your turn based on what area she's in, giving a +10 ATK buff while she's in the Vanguard and giving a 1-2 Range buff while she's in the Rearguard. She can also move any one Unit for free at the end of either player's turn, useful if you want to get someone out of harm's way or want to change what buff she'll be giving. As a Flier card, she'll also bring a 30 SV to the table, potentially giving you that extra power you needed to make an attack go through, and her Cost 1 cards have the Flier Support Emblem, allowing you to move a Unit besides the attacking one, which is useful if you've attacked with all your Vanguard Units and need to move Cordelia so the Rearguard has a chance to strike and your last Vanguard Unit gets a Cost 1 Cordelia on Support.

For the second option, probably try and go with a Rally Unit whose Rally also continues into the opponent's turn, like Marth's S1SR(if you can find it, that is, he's been avoiding me). There's not much more to this option besides try and get a good Rally Unit who can give your guys the power they need to beat down their targets while in a best-case scenario also keeping them from getting whaled on during your opponent's turn.

Either way, an Armor-based deck isn't going to be winning any major tournaments, but I doubt you had that in mind, so hopefully I managed to say something that helps.

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