Tabletop Simulator support? Lackey isn't working anymore ;-;

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There isn't really much for me to say. I use a Windows 10 laptop. Lackey used to work fine, but a few months ago it cut off the top bar and made me click below something to access a menu or action. Before this, Lackey would close if I touched my screen, as I have a touch screen. Tabletop Simulator does cost money, but is on Steam and seems more active than Lackey as a community. If we can make an accepted community plugin like the one for Lackey, it would really help out people like me and also spread the word about Cipher on the Steam workshop. Note I have never fiddled around with TT sim much, and I am not trying to force people to help just me play. 

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I don't know anything beyond the surface level about Tabletop Simulator, but I've seen three different FE Cipher plugins released for it, so those may be a start if making a plugin of your own isn't feasible or you want to support theirs.

Asdeef's plugin seems to be the most promising one in my opinion, since it was actually posted only a few days ago, supposedly has all the cards including the latest ones, and the author still appears to be active in listening to feedback and is intent on updating it for future sets. You can also check out the plugins by Spore and Yalorda if you're curious about how those were made.

Personally speaking, as someone who's been playing the TCG online for over a year, Tabletop Simulator would interest me a lot more if it wasn't behind a $20 paywall, and I think that would hold true for most others. But with the other options out there which are free, more accessible by not needing a Steam account, and have already had their respective community support, I can't feel inclined to use Tabletop Simulator unless it's a proven and popular alternative, and I don't see that yet. But I figured I'd give you an answer about this and not leave you hanging without a way to play FE Cipher to your liking or to find some solidarity in spreading the word about FE Cipher through Steam.

With that said, I'd also like to recommend looking into the FECipherVit program as another way to play the TCG. It's actually my preferred way to play and is pretty easy to use too.

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Thanks for ur reply, i appreciate any thoughts :). A few weeks ago, i found a plugin for TT sim and its pretty neat. I get what u mean with the pay, especially since there is also paid dlc for board games made by the devs i would assume, extra cash grab. I'll look into the links u sent.
Thanks, happy summoning :)

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