Need Help With FE8 AI.

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i'm doing an FE8 0 growths run. what i want to do in chapter 15 is to have cormag airlift saleh over to valter's area on turn 1, on the palm tree tile thing. however, this means that cormag is in range of most/all of the enemies in that area. but, i need the enemies to attack saleh instead, because he's the only one who can ORKO everything with +3 spirit dust and excalibur. saleh has to take an angelic robe, mainly to substantially improve the reliability of a later bosskill. i haven't gotten to that chapter yet (pretty far from it) but i'm just planning ahead and i want to make sure my stat booster distribution is correct.

here are their stats in case anyone needs them:

saleh: 37 hp, 22 mag, 18 skl, 14 spd, 11 lck, 8 def (+1 from forest), 13 res. equipped: excalibur; 40 atk, 24 crit, 136 hit, 39 avoid (+20 from forest)

cormag: 33 hp, 15 str, 11 skl, 13 spd, 4 lck, 12 def (+2 from dracoshield if he needs it to let saleh be targeted instead), 3 res. equipped: spear; 27 atk, 10 crit, 92 hit, 30 avoid

if they do target cormag instead of saleh, would they target cormag if i don't put the angelic robe on saleh? if not, how about putting the robe on cormag? maybe don't equip excalibur first?

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I don't know the exact details of how the AI prioritizes various things. However, I do know that enemies go for the unit who takes the least amount of hits to KO, regardless of their chance of hitting. Assuming you're doing Hard Mode, the Wyverns of Chapter 15 have 24 or 25 attack with their Steel Lance, which is what they would use against Saleh. Cormag gets 3HKO'd by the Wyverns. However, Robe-less Saleh gets 2HKO'd by the Wyverns, even considering the forest defense bonus. Thus, I would be pretty confident in saying they would all go for Saleh if you don't give him the robe. Meanwhile, Saleh with the Robe enters 3HKO range, just like Cormag. The enemies would have to decide between doing more damage to Saleh or have the better hitrate against Cormag, and I wouldn't know who they choose. From what I can tell, most of the Wyverns should be having 24 attack though, in which case the Dracoshield pushes Cormag into 4HKO range, making them go for Saleh instead.

Ultimately, actually testing it is better than all this theorizing, but I believe that either Robe-less Saleh or Dracoshield Cormag should lead to the enemies attacking Saleh. Things gets trickier if you give Saleh the Robe, but don't give Cormag the Dracoshield, but there's a chance that would work out as well. 

Good luck on the run.

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