Dorcas Emblem 2.1

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Have you ever got a feeling like,


Well then!


Aren't you in luck.


Presenting Dorcas Emblem 2.0!


Featuring all new Dorcas content!


Individual Dorcases now somewhat identifiable!


Text and graphics overhauled to scratch that Dorcas itch!


Obligatory mutton memes!


Shocking surprises, and much, much more!


What are you waiting for? Play Dorcas Emblem today!


So yes, this is basically a FE7 reskin, but there are some gameplay changes as well - though all in the spirit of fun rather than obnoxious romhack difficulty, and honestly only to the player's benefit.

I made the first version of this a little over a year ago after seeing that post at the top. Version 2 has individualized Dorcas portraits for everyone (except the original, who's the original, and the lords, because this IS Dorcas Emblem after all - but don't worry, they all got some love as well, in one way or another) and a few more graphical changes, along with a few... tweaks here and there.

It's available as a UPS patch and requires a FE7 rom. Please report any errors, oddities, or instances of unDorcased individuals!

Edit: Version 2.1 is up - fixed a crash bug that happened when fighting generic enemy monks and tweaked Lyn's unpromoted handaxe animation.

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For anyone who doesn't want to play the entirety of FE7 again just to see these, I've put together a video showcasing the new animations.




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Finally finish this rom hack. I haven't laughed this hard playing a rom hack ever. I give this rom hack a dorcas out of 10 rating.

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This is seriously the best way to replay FE7.  I have to get through the tutorial again since I'm too lazy to use my 100% save file, but I only intend to play Dorcas Normal and Dorcas Normal anyway before moving on to other hacks.  I really don't mind relearning things like the Dorcas Triangle that shows how Dorcas beats Dorcas, Dorcas beats Dorcas, and Dorcas beats Dorcas.

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Just finished it.  Aside from a few CGs having little palette problems, the whole hack worked perfectly.  And wow, Lyn using axes on top of swords and bows plus her better CON made her a monster; I even made axes her S rank in anticipation of the Sol Dorcas, though annoyingly that ended up still being a sword and not an axe like the Mani Dorcas.

Now I can't help but imagine other hacks getting this treatment, like Raymond Emblem for FE404 or Kelik Emblem for The Last Promise.

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