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Casual Decklist: Whitewing Beatdown

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So I'm sure some of you have noticed the fancy Thread detailing high-tier tourney-winner Cipher decks on here. So did I. But what about players who want ideas for casual/cheap/silly decks they can goof around with and are struggling with the all-too-familiar DeckBuilder's Block? That's where posts like this come in, of course!

I was digging through my old decklist ideas on my FE Wikia account's Blog Posts, and found myself wondering if someone on here would enjoy checking them out - I mean, I like reading other people's deck ideas, so maybe it works the other way around. Anyways, I put up a quick post asking if that sort of thing was alright, and Kirie said yeah as long as I followed the rules and the like. Quick confession, Kirie: I know I said I'd read the rules before I put this up, but…I haven't read them yet. My apologies for my dishonesty. Moving on, here is an oldie-but-goodie of mine: Whitewing Beatdown!

This is the first deck I ever built myself, from cards scavenged from the extra bulk of my fellow players. Originally a basic Yuzu MC deck with some N/HN cards and two copies of the S1 3/2 Catria as my heavy-hitters, I eventually purged the lesser cards in favor of more Whitewing cards. Later, Minerva joined the deck after I got beat up by an old Minerva deck of my friend's and decided she'd do great in my Red deck. I still have work I want to do on it to make it better, but for now it's still fun to play.

Yuzu - White Cost 1(B03-075N) x3, Red Cost 3/2 Sniper(B04-050HN) x4, Red Cost 3/2 Hero(B04-049HN) x4 <- Main Character
Minerva - Red Cost 1(B01-031N) x1, Red Cost 4/3(B01-030R) x4, Red Cost 5/4(B04-036SR) x1
Palla - Red Cost 1(B01-039N) x4, Red Cost 2(B04-026N) x1, Red Cost 3/2 Valentian Falcon Knight(B09-035HN) x1, Red Cost 3/2 Archanean Falcon Knight(B01-038R) x4
Catria - Red Cost 1(B01-041N) x4, Red Cost 2(B04-027N) x1, Red Cost 3/2 Valentian Falcon Knight(B09-036HN) x1, Red Cost 3/2 Archanean Falcon Knight(B01-040R) x4
Est - Red Cost 1(B01-043N) x1, Red Cost 2(B04-028N) x4, Red Cost 3/2 Valentian Falcon Knight(B09-037HN) x1, Red Cost 3/2 Archanean Falcon Knight(B01-042R) x4
Maria - Red Cost 1(B01-033N) x2, Red Cost 3/2(B01-032HN) x1

This is a very simple deck great for teaching new players with as it has almost nothing complicated to it - you get the Whitewings out, and you Triangle Attack until the other guy loses. So why Yuzu as MC? Truth be told, it was because I built the deck right after Set 4 came out and was trying to make a cheap Red Deck, and Yuzu's Cost 3/2 Hero jumped out at me. For the uninitiated and those too lazy to click the link above and read it for yourself, basically, she gains an extra 10 ATK whenever she's supported by a Sword, Lance, or Axe Unit. This seemed like a great card to use with pretty much any Flier Unit as Yuzu would hit 100 pretty much every time she attacked or was attacked. The Whitewings are fairly simple cards that have a surprisingly rare type of skill - From-Deck Deployment. For whatever reason, Cipher only has like 5 or 6 cards with skills that get anything out of the Deck - off the top of my head I know of the 3 Cost 1 Whitewing cards, Caeda's 4/3, Lyon's 4/3, Michalis' current only card, and Est's Cost 2, though I may have missed one or two. Anyways, all three Cost 1 Whitewing cards have the skill "Pegasus Sister Trio", which allows you to Tap the Whitewing in question and Flip 2 Bonds to Deploy a Cost 2 or lower card of either of her sisters from the Deck. Est's Cost 2, meanwhile, has the skill "Est's Bagpipes" - yes, that is the name, don't ask me why she has bagpipes, maybe it's a mistranslation - which allows you to Tap her and an Ally Palla or Catria to Deploy any Cost 2 or lower Red Flier from the Deck. I have four of the Cost 2 Est because it's arguably a touch more versatile than the Cost 1 cards of all three, but you can of course mix and match based on preference/budget. I only have one Cost 1 Minerva because of availability issues, but she's mostly there as a target for Est's Cost 2 and as discard fodder for the 5/4 Minerva, which is there as a Rally card. The only issue with that in this list is that Yuzu is not a Flier card and is consequently not a valid target for Minerva's Rally buff, and so I'll also be adding a couple alternate lists below for those of you who would like to give this kind of deck a try without using Yuzu.

This Post ends here, mostly because SoulWeaver is kind of lazy. He'll come back and Edit most of the rest of the Post within the next two or three days, unless he forgets, in which case someone tag him on here and remind him.

Edited by SoulWeaver

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