Fire Emblem: The Flame of Tomorrow (Artists needed!)

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Hi there! Before I start describing stuff I'd just like to thank you for clicking my thread.

After a long time of playing and watching fire emblem (and various romhacks of it), I always thought it would be so cool to be able to make a game myself. So, I decided I would, and got to work conceptualizing and toying around with FE8. Now I'd like to present the (still growing) fruit of that work, Fire Emblem: The Flame of Tomorrow!


A brand new story (more info below!)

Brand-new and revised classes

3 promotion tiers (May or may not be for every class, depending)

Varied objectives - no rout maps

Scary (powerful) monster classes

New and revised items, spells, and weapons

...And more!


Long ago, the continent of Panthia was a (mostly) peaceful and prosperous one. Until suddenly, a mysterious otherworldly power tore the earth asunder. The once prosperous capital state of Ancia now lays in ruin, and demonic creatures rise from the rift left from "the Collapse". The Ancian governmental power is unable to afford to keep things in check. Tension grows between Ancia and their neighbor Derrain, who refuse to lend aid, and have build a great wall between them to try and stop the terrors. Our protagonists, twin brothers, Sanders and Ackard, are not nobles, nor rebels - they are scholars, seeking to learn about the mystery behind the Collapse.


I'll keep this section short: artists and writers. I have very little artistic talent, and would also love any assistance with my writing.

Things that need to be made: Mugs, maps

Things I would like to be made: Animations (high priority), map sprites, class cards, music

Note that my standards are not sky high - if you can splice convincingly I have no complaints as long as it looks good.

Once again I'd like to thank you for reading, and would love any and all criticism as well!


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