FE 8 Chaos Mode V3.08 is here!!!

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I found this about 4 days ago, and I've actually had the most amazing time...  There are a few minor things that I think could make it better, though (just in my opinion, anyway):

1: Warp Staff availability before Ch. 11; maybe through a Shop...? (Dozla and L'arachel get themselves killed too easily fighting the monsters... specifically the damn Deathgoyle in the Southeastern corner).

2: Eirika's 3rd Tier class should be the non-legendary weapon version of that sprite (very minor, admittedly, but fits in perfectly with the theme she was running the entire game; I might be able to find you a link to a sprite sheet for that in a private message, if I can find one)

EDIT: After finding 'the strongest sword in the game' as well as using an axe, I now understand why you used that sprite version.  I take back what I said earlier; it fits better than I thought it would lol

3: Not sure if it's planned or not, but there should be 0 Might, 1-10 range Anima and Light Magic; especially due to Nosferatu's change, which I really like, btw (and to be fair, also available to enemies).

Now I have potential suggestions (obviously, again, my opinion; only meant to give a helping hand):

 Not sure if you have anything available for Sniper/Assassin to 3rd tier into (I saw someone say earlier in the discussion that there's no 3rd tier for them), but I may have an idea if you don't have a plan already: Marksman and Whisper (got the idea from Radiant Dawn).

 Ephraim should follow suit with Eirika, having a specific class to go into when using a Guiding Ring; same for T3 (maybe T3 could be the original Sage look and call it Sage King or Archsage? Maybe could even do a non-hat Mage for his T2 and call it Mage Lord)

...that's basically it lol


Highlights of my run so far (will keep it as Spoiler-Free as possible):

Dragoon Gilliam:  Best earliest personal trainer in the game for Tower of Valni Floor 1.

T3 Seth: ...now it all makes sense!

Assassin Colm + Summoner Ewan + Sniper Lute + Druid Neimi = What was the point of the Ballistas again?

T2-3 Eirika & Ross (Guard Upgrade):  My nostalgia demon was pleased.  VERY pleased.


All in all, with what I've seen so far, I just HAVE to give this a 10/10!  Can't wait to see what happens to Myrrh... lmao

I just have one small gripe about it: I actually just noticed that Druid gets Wary Fighter as a passive skill.... why?  Is it because of its T3?  That would be the only reason I could think of, but I still think it's a bad call...

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I got smacked in the face by realization twice lol

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Just one question: I currently have Joshua as a Wyvern Knight and I saw Valter's class, which I assumed being the WK's tier 3 class. I wanted to know how to promote Joshua to tier 3, since the Heaven Seal won't work on him.

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