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The Tipper of Scales

Revelations Chapter 24 Lunitic Clasic Corrin Run Help

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Holy fuck that's a lot of infantry.

If 24 is the thuper tholid thnake mission I'm thinking of... just ignore the gimmic and bumrush. None of the enemies are remotely threatening but they do give a decent chunk of exp.

If you just really want to sneak. Low deploy locktouch, galebird, and warpwitch to make life easy.

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As one who played that one annoying stealth chapter in Path of Radiance, this map was an all-too-familiar pain in the arse.  For completing this chapter with total stealth, you get...  10000 gold (probably useless to you at this point), a Master Seal (... Revelation, everyone), and Boots (actually useful).  If those don't seem interesting to you, and you think you can stomp a bunch of reinforcements, then go ahead and just charge the enemies.

Now, here's the one thing that'll be a real kicker for you unless there's more to those Corrins than meets the eye...  Do any of them have access to Locktouch (or can you buy the skill for your main Corrin)?  If they don't, then stealth is impossible.  You can get keys from the enemies, but attacking them will always result in them calling reinforcements, even if you one-shot them.

I don't have any other tips aside from the fact that you'll be spotted either if you end your turn in their range or they end their turn with you in their range, and that you should observe their patterns and find openings in them.  There's no quick and easy way to go about it, especially if you want the treasure chests (which contain a Surefire Yumi, a Lightning Tome, a Pursuer, an Enfeeble, and a Flame Shuriken).  Also, the enemies in the final room (the ones behind the third door) don't count towards your stealth, so you can let them attack you (not that you'll have a choice).

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