How important is abstinence?

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10 minutes ago, Excellen Browning said:

I'm not saying "boys need a father figure", I'm saying kids in general should be kept from abandonment, and from sole custody by one parent unless there's some good reasons to make it so.

I’m not disagreeing with this? And I don’t see that anything I quoted is arguing against this.

And the other thing I'm saying is that the author of that article should adress the actual issue and not do some cherry picking and declaring it all not as bad "as often portrayed".

Well, yes, it’s not really an article so much as it is an interview, and presumably the film they’re promoting goes into more detail.

I don’t think anyone disagrees that sole custody isn’t ideal and no judge is going to be awarding sole custody lightly. Likewise all the people I know who are sole custodians would LOVE to have a partner to split parenting duties with. It’s not exactly fun.

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