FE8 rebalanced with stronger ennemies and unique weapons

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Hi there,

Here's the link for my new mod: rebalanced classes, weapons, some late game shops have new content, characters are all worth investing into them, ennemies have better bases and/or growths (direct/indirect Seth nerf). rebalanced and stronger ennemies.ips?dl=0

L'Arachel is a prepromote (no more staff farming to level her up to 20).

Iron/base weapons/magics give 5 weapon exp instead of 1 (faster weapon exp) and base weapon level for the majority of the classes is C (nerf on cavaliers who start at D).

Bows have +4 MT and 150/145/140 base acc except longbow (acc +10) and killer/hero which would be OP if too accurate or powerful.

Silver weapons have 3 MT more than steel instead of 4 (or 5 for swords), weight is iron base, +2 steel, steel +1 silver. accuracy is iron base, -5 steel, -5 silver. Silver weapons are B (so are Fimbulvetr, Aura and Fenrir).

Shamshir (unique to swordlocked classes except mercenary) is a 1-2 range weapon with 10 crit% to help swordlocked classes staying relevant in chapters with many ranged units (notably chapter 17, Narube River which is a pain in the a_s to deal with as a swordlocked unit in vanilla).

Mage Knight = Dark knight, Wyvern Lord = Haar (but 7 move like Great knights), Wyvern Knight = Jill but with better design (Jill's green sprite in RD was a pukemachine while Haar's black dragon knight sprite was godlike), Great knights have less max res (it's not like any of them will cap it anyway), but 1 more movement, valkyria has +1 mov, less def more mag and skill and speed. Falcon knight is bulkier. Sage seems more like Awakening's sages (faster and more skilled) and have less mag cap. Druid = sorcerer. SUMMONER HAS INSTANT S STAVES WITH HIGH MAG AND SKL (Knoll isn't shit anymore). Assassins are stronger and have more def than swordmasters, SMs have more res and crit +15, rogues have 7 move and more res than assassins but 20 str cap. Knights and archers have the fastest exp gains, then the others have a little buff to exp gains.

Secret shop in Rausten has been updated (in-game AND post-game), go look for the new elements (they're totally worth it).

Myrrh has more base stats and rebalanced growths (nothing game-breaking for her join time but she's easier to train).

Sleep and berserk staves -5 acc but staff users have more skill.

Now everyone has luck (past level 1-2 where growths don't show).

I recommend to try the game on HM and don't hesitate to give feedback. This is a sort of Beta so any feedback is helpful (I have no time and patience for 20 playthroughs to test anything on average). If a specific part of the game feels too hard, we can discuss on how to improve the mod to make it less mad. If it's too easy I can buff ennemies' growths a bit more.

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Sounds awesome! I can't wait to try it out

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I don't really dig the whole instant S rank in Staves for Summoners.

Personally, unless you don't care in having a little extra on your attacks, Staves don't offer to much since Latona isn't that impressive and you can probably make due with a few Mends and Restores.

At the end, it would be better if it was at least an A rank so it could still give great utility from the get go while still having a choice. 

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I dont think the S rank for staves for summoners is a good idea. I always loved having knoll as a summoner and have S rank dark mag . for the special weapon. I'm on chapter 7 tho and so far it seems amazing definitely more strategy in it now. :)

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