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Carmine Sword

[FE12] H1 SOYO #2: Electric Boogaloo

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The Nest of Evil (Ch. 6): 9/37

Fuck you, CR, not having Rescue for this map is absolute ass. Also, when your Luke is extremely speed screwed and can't fight things he should easily be crushing, so you gotta promote the boye for +4 speed. He went left with Gordin, everyone else went right.

Mercenary Squad (Ch. 6x): 2/39

How did I ever struggle with this? Oh yeah, I was playing on Lunatic.

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El Fin: 2/142

It's then same exact strat as the last SOYO but with Warren instead of Robert.

Everyone moves up, tanks dragons. Arran kills Lena, Marth crits Medeus, Medeus eats Clerics, SAGE WARREN crits him with Starlight for game.

Relevant Endgame Units:











Final Turncount: 142 Turns

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Gordin recruited Jeorge as a cav.  Killed the Arms Scroll general.  Also drill grounds'd Cord a bunch and promoted him before the map.  Recruited Roger for his free stuff.  


Killed the Thief on turn 1 to send the thief staff to the convoy and then got the boots.  Sent Sirius up towards Minerva's village with the help of Feena, and Marth recruited her on turn 3.  I made the most use out of her dracoknight life by pure watering her up and flying to the boss, collecting Etzel along the way.  Everyone went up the right side so Etzel wouldn't run south.  Got all the items and stuff.   Let one of the thieves get the chest shard then killed him with the legendary thwomp Caeser.  

Didn't really have a target for the arms scroll so just used it to increase Cord's sword rank.   Etzel actually isnt as terrible as i expected.

MARTH    LORD           17.36 43 13 00 18 21 20 11 01 C SWORDS
RONAN    ARCHER         14.61 31 10 00 15 12 14 10 02 B BOW
ARRAN    PALADIN     ??/08.62 29 11 01 14 12 04 12 06 A LANCE D SWORD
DOGA     CURATE         12.40 23 04 01 08 14 07 04 10 D STAVES
CORD     HUNTER      18/02.12 32 15 01 15 22 11 12 03 C BOWS D SWORDS
SIRIUS   SORCEROR    ??/06.07 32 09 08 13 13 07 09 07 D TOME D STAFF
NORNE    MAGE           08.62 21 03 05 05 09 09 03 05 E TOME
CAESER   THWOMP         07.60 26 10 00 05 02 06 14 00 E LANCE
FEENA    DANCER         W/E
MINERVA  SWORDMASTER ??/05.51 35 11 01 18 22 12 13 03 C SWORDS
ETZEL    WARRIOR     ??/06.51 36 09 07 16 15 08 11 07 D AXE E BOW


Marth water walked.  

CHAPTER 10x - 1/58 TURNS

Cord just got in range of the real Roro and killed him with a bow over two turns.  Got Dice, another real combat unit!


Drill Grounds'd Sirius for another point of speed, and gave him speedwings, and a speed bond from a Cord support so he could double dragons with Elfire (he even ORKO'd!)  He killed the boss with a Thoron crit after rescuing Marth on turn 5.  Got a few of the items with some undrafted fliers, but couldn't visit the secret shop.  

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Scarlet Swordsman (Ch. 7): 5/44

I kinda hate this map. I got everything but the Master Seal, but honestly it should've taken more hammering out from me to get this clear. At least Gordin got the bosskill!

Soulful Bridge (Ch. 8): 3/47

Just had to figure out to fling Luke ahead to do more damage to the pallies and the map started going real smoothly. Missed the Arms Scroll, but I expected to (I'd have to invest a Master Seal to get it)

Sanctuary of Sorcery (Ch. 9): 6/53

This was pretty wild. My team's booty, so they had a lot of trouble killing things in an efficient way, and it took a lot of iteration to find a clear. Roger grabs the Thief staff turn 1, which Navarre uses to steal the Boots for Marth. Marth runs right with those, and with Feena's help grabs Capricorn and Minerva by turn 4. Meanwhile, the chump brigade has to kill a pile of mages and dracos; Gordin does a ton of fighting early but is mostly left behind while Arran, Jeorge, and Luke do the heavy lifting. Navarre can't quite promote and run at the throne full speed to finish on turn 5; he dies to a draco that I don't think I can bait by turn 4, and requires giving up the speedwings and some necessary shopping and a Rescue charge to boot. He can, however, rescue Marth close enough on turn 5 to kill the boss himself with Wo Dao (Feena map saves, and it's an easy rig so NO GUILTY CONSCIENCE). Lost the Master Seal that Thief ran off with--not sure I can save it, and out of patience to CARE.

The Two Mages (Ch. 10): 3/56

Marth's goons and Merric had to not die to Shaver crits after I figured out how to do this, which took way longer than I'd have liked (~50% CoS). Spent a Thief staff on the Silence, figure it'll save a turn somewhere when I'd otherwise be deterred by a wall of magic.

The Mask Laughs (Ch. 10x): 1/57

Arran could reach with a Killer and crit to kill. I could've experimented with two-shotting Roro with a Silver, but I think going for the one crit is more reliable.

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