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7 minutes ago, L9999 said:

I have a very positive opinion of Kliff you know? It is Mage Kliff that is trash, Merc Kliff and Archer Kliff are good. My pfp has nothing to do with my views, I don't even like Kliff.

Mages have bad bases so their stats don't pick up to ORKO generals, not that they need to.

I dunno I still find it kinda funny for whatever reason. Don't take offense that's not what was trying to do

its quite easy to go beyond those base stats. Even when promoting asap I've still exceeded most bases. But I suppose personal experience doesn't matter.


And I find Mage kliff quite good but whatever 

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Mage!Tobin is much better at fighting Act 4 Generals than Mage!Kliff. He can top up Delthea whenever, whereas Kliff has to be next to her which isn't always practical.

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On 02/06/2018 at 4:08 AM, L9999 said:

Dungeon grinding is killing enemies there.

Tobin's chip is enough to wear down those guys. Actually it is 30 - general res because of Excalibur. No one said Tobin needed to ORKO.

I think there's a difference between a no dungeons run and a no grinding one. A pretty big one at that. Ignoring options that are out of your way and ones that are in your way is not the same. What you're saying is that in any rpg that has visible enemies that you can avoid, fighting them is grinding.

Again, this game has dungeons, we should stop treating it like other Fire Emblem games that don't.

What do you mean it's 30? I did account for Excalibur. 10 + 5 - 7 = 8. And the crit bonus is not calculated before you add in resistance, but after.

Well, a trained Kliff can reasonably ORKO with an excalibur crit. Or a Sagittae double.

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Mage!Kliff works wonders for me. Granted, I've not used him in any other class but he works great enough as a Mage that I don't really have to~

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