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[FE10] Radiant Dawn Reverse Recruitment [Patch: 1-5]

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[Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn - Reverse Recruitment]

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn has always been my favorite game from a gameplay perspective. And since I didn't really mind the faults/inconsistencies with the story, it is a game I keep coming back to. However, the balancing of the game is quite horrendous, and at some point I'll want to start a balancing patch. RD is not the most hacked game and since there's not as much in the form of resources compared to FE7 etc, I thought I'd start this by learning the hex editting one step at a time. So that's where this patch comes in. The premise of the Reverse Recruitment is rather simple, and also fun for the drafting community, since there probably hasn't been one of those yet. It's also a great way for me to learn the inner workings of RD one step at a time, since you have to apply the same basic action to pretty much every character; swapping them with another. However, script dialogue, base convo's that recruit people, talk conversations te get people to join and other events all pop up sooner or later and complicate the process of inserting a new character. It's always one thing at a time though, which gives me a great way of easing myself into the depths of the game's code. And thus we arrive at this topic, where I'll be posting updates sporadically since I have a job and busy life (and the weather is just too good to stay inside atm). I would really appreciate it if people would give me feedback on what can be done better, point out bugs and tell if characters need buffs or nerfs. I hope you all enjoy, and thank you for playing!



Patch is up, you can download the patch file here:

Do note that the patch only goes up to 1-5, Volug is the last unit to have been changed. However, I highly encourage players to keep going, just to see if the promotions for characters like Renning and Volke line up and if in the end, they do reach their correct tier three classes with appropriate models.


[How to patch]

The patch is made through PPF-studio, which can easily be found through a quick duckduckgo search. The program needed (PPF-o-MATIC) is rather intuitive, the only thing you'll need besides the patch file is a RFEP file, which is the European Radiant Dawn ISO.


If you want to discuss the game on other platforms, a Discord link can be clicked here:

[Excel character swap sheet]

You can find the link with the character excel sheet below, you can also find some notes about the excel sheet below, which go into the though process of making the sheet.


1] Ok, so there are some things that had to happen to make this a workable Reverse Recruitment. Mostly because there are three herons in this game and if you at some point get two in the same army, the game turns into a one-turn curbstomp. To work around this you'll notice that sometimes units that join at the same time are in a different order than the "recruitment page" on the main site. For example, Nasir and Gareth join at the same time, so you could swap Leonardo with Gareth and Edward with Nasir or vice versa. This is important because it allows you to play with the order Leanne and Nealuchi are listed in. By putting Nealuchi first in the list and Leanne second, you almost match Leanne with Reyson. They barely swap places, being only one space apart. This makes for a simple last desicion regarding the last Heron Rafiel; he does not partake in the Reversal. Rafiel is the only regular unit that isn't swapped, which allows Leanne and Reyson to line up, thus having all three herons seperate at all times.

2] The Black Knight is not a unit that is allied for the entire game, so he also does not partake in the list and is regarded as a free unit as long as he is part of your army.

3] When you remove Rafiel and the Black Knight from the list, you are left with 71 playable characters. So unit number 36 does not switch places since that unit is smack dab in the middle. The units who is exactly in the middle is, in this case, Ike! Having Ike stay as the main character makes it a lot easier since this does not require me to alter seizing ability and things like godslaying skills.

4] The Light mage and Light Sage classes now promote into Chancellor, since Micaiah arrives in Tier 3. They all keep the chancellor model and as seen in the excel sheet Lehran has altered growths and promotion gains.

5] The worst unit in the game swaps with the best one, Lyre swaps with Haar. Which is rather amusing. 

6] Elincia arrives later, so she has altered growths and bases, since she does not have a Tier two model and all falcoknights are already in use so I can't immediately throw her model over them.





Q: "How exactly do I play this?"


A: You'll need a working emulator (dolphin is recommended), a fresh FE10 (EU) ISO, and a program used to patch the file (to the ISO) I have provided. PFF-O-Matic works fine. Patch the ISO file using that program.



Q: "What are you trying to accomplish with this hack?"


A: Mostly this Hack is a challenge to myself. I have thought about impproving Radiant dawn for years and now I'm finally taking the steps to learn how to do that. Besides this, a Reverse Recruitment hack would be a nice new way to play the game for casual gamers, but also for drafters. This is possible with most Fire Emlem games at the moment, but not with the GC/Wii games.



Q: "The game offers almost the exact same items as before, why do I get a Brave Sword when i need laguz items?!"


A: Adjusting items to suit your new units is something that will be added. Currently units get some items that will benefit them directly, like laguz stones, but also some more indirect advantages. Expect the Cards to be valuable in the early stages of the game when you need to be able to attack without taking a counterattack. I welcome any and all feedback regarding items. I do not want to bombard the player with laguz stones, so things like shine barriers and pure waters are items i would like to play around with.



Q: "What difficulty should I play?"


A: Normal mode. 



Q: "Any general tips?"


A: You will be getting only a few Olivi Grasses and Stones in the beginning of the game at the moment, but you will also be getting two blood tides, night tide and white tide, so positioning is key!



Q: "I will be getting Royals in part one, this game will be a cakewalk!"


A: I would not count on it, most laguz are balanced in such a way that while they may be strong and have high Hp, their defenses are lowered quite a bit. This also means growths are adjusted, which means BEXP might be more useful for them now, instead of just giving HP, Skill and Luck. High level early laguz hardly gain exp however, so be sure to not overly rely on them. 


Q: "You want to make a balance patch, but why would you, Dunal is already working on one!"


A: "So? There are multiple Fe7 hacks, and even if I also wanted to wanted to make a Balance Patch, my ideas and thoughts about balance will differ from Dunal, so it'll might (if i ever get to make it) have similarities, it won't be the same.




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Wow, it's awesome someone is working on this! I can't wait for the full hack to be released, Radiant Dawn still doesn't have much in the way of a hacking scene. I will play some of the early chapters soon and let you know what I think. 

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A Radiant Dawn RR run sounds like a lot of fun. I'll definitely try this out.
I'll probably use a modded Wii U to play the game because my computer doesn't run dolphin very well.
I'll give some feedback later.

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I've updated the OP with a new patch that adds Bastian to the playable roster, he replaces Volug. I was unaware of the fact that PPF studio needs a manual .ppf extension added. So the previous patch did not work. I believe this one does work, please send a Pm or post here if you're having troubles.

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