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Yeah, it's a real weird thing where the Rescue tile has a static preferred order, so you might have to body block the tiles to force it where you want it (and this case requires it). It almost feels like it'd be more work to program it that way rather than letting the player choose a tile, so I have no idea why they chose to do it like that.

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Chapter 12: 

I was finally blessed with a Second Seal to buy!
Now I don't have to promote Tharja just yet!

Tonics used before map start:

Chrom, Freddy, Stahl, Sumia, and Gaius received STR tonics. Stahl, Sumia, Tharja amd Cordelia received SPD, and Sumia also got MAG and DEF tonics.

I unfortunately accidently deleted the way I set up the characters on this map. I do remember putting Stahl at the left with Cordelia, Sumia, Freddy, and utility characters in the middle, with Gaius and Tharja at the right.

I send Chromcolate to kill the Beastkillr knight. Sumia is able to weaken the Paladin enough (he had Counter and Chcoclate could have died had he been at full HP). In retrospect, I should have had Nosferatu equipped...
A Dual Guard saved this attempt...

Cordelia kills a non Counter Cav and Tharja kills a knight to hit lvl 20.
Back to being a Dank Mage!

I'll let y'all guess what happens here:
...I don't know how it happened either... o.O

Because THAT happened, Lissa can go kill the other right side knight.

Dank Mages need life energy!
....No, I didn't get a smol Bullion.
These knights are all lined up to die!

I always keep an eye on where the Bow Knights can attack.

Bow Knights are deadly to Sumia, but otherwise, they pretty lame.
...Or maybe Tharja is just good...

Sumia helps alleviate pressure from the right Bow Knight squad by taking down 2 Knights.

...Or maybe it's Maybelline!

Chcoclate brutalizes the right side of the boat Cavs, including the boss.
I exploited Veteran and Nosferatu, muh dear.

The left side is handled by everyone else. Stahl finishing the paladin was pretty funny.

More table scraps for Gaius:

And done!

Heroes: Chrom and Chocolate
Turns: 8

-Tharja back to Dank Mage without wasting exp? SUCCESS!
- Team Highmen Srcubs kicking ass without Chcoclate? YEA!
-Chcoclate ready to go Dank Flier? FAILURE!

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Chapter 13: In the Dank Air Tonight!

Long chapter, so it's gonna be two posts!

It's DANK BOI Henry and his murder puns!

 The last major team member Imma train. My long term goal is to make sure he is able to gain enough speed to take on Grima. Sumia gives him exactly what he wants to be great at this run! To make it faster for them to reach the Sex rank, I save the Seed of Trust from Renown.

Stahl and Cordelia get SPD tonics while Tharja gets a MAG tonic.

Chcoclate is set up to pass down Veteran to Lucina, not that it matters as I won't be using her in this run.

I set up my map like this:

First thing's first, Henry goes into the Chromvoy to get the Speedwings and the Seed of Trust.
Bee faster, Dank Boi!

He is Danced and goes and tries to weaken the right Longbow archer.
Critted him good!

Chromcolate go to the middle fort. Since almost all of the fort enemies have Counter, I put Chcoclate with Nosferatu.

I bring both Stahl/Cordelia and Gaius/Tharja to the lower right side and take out the myrmidon there, while leaving Tharja near the archer.
One down, 4 to go!

Archer is dead and while Chocolate took a lot of damage, she has about half of her HP left.

Chocolate is nearing lvl 15, so she takes on the lowest left side fighter, as everyone else begins to go up the right hill. They take out the myrm and the fighter as well as baiting the sniper.

He doesn't have Counter so he could get dogpiled on...
Spoilers, he doesn't die to this hit....

...But to this one...

I always keep my eye out for where the Longbow guy can go.

Trust in the dank, Sumia!

I always have someone on this particular fort since I don't remember when the reinforcements comes out in this one. I do know reinforcements come out as soon as turn 3...

...Which is why Chocolate is so hurt.

While a little late in reaching lvl 15, it's not too bad since she'll still have enough time to reach  Gladforce before chapter 19.

Thanks to Sumia travel, Henry snags an archer.

Any enemies on the right hill left are dealt with.
A ray of hope..... Spot....

Warrior #1 Ded!

Warrior #2 Ded!

New reinforcements appear and go try to get to the Shepherds! I gotta be careful against the Sniper. I Rescue Chcoclate from the reinforcements' range.

Warrior #3 had Counter, so he was a little dangerous to get near during EP.

Can't keep my eyes off of you~

He dies.

Last turn of reinforcements brought out 6 enemies since someone was always on the right fort.
He didn't damage Chocolate!

Rescue, Dance, go and kill Warrior #4!

I let Tharja kill a fighter and leave her there as Warrior #5 uses a Tomahawk. Even with Luna+, she won't die. (Stahl dealt with the myrm.)

Warrior #6....Mostly dead...
Chcoclate kills a dangerous fighter.

PART 1 Done!

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In the Dank Air Tonight! Part 2!

So now what I do is start training Henry now that all of the stronger enemies are dead. Unfortunately, he's a slowpoke, so the Myrmidons are still dangerous.
Need to make sure Henry faces only one of them at a time...

Stahl and Cordelia kill off this loser Longbow archer.

See what I mean!?!?!?

Stahl gets to fight a Fighter!
...And barely survive....

He surprisingly does not die.

I basically continue to troll the last, slow moving enemies by putting a flier nearby so they are scrambled up.

He must die!

He too!
That's nasty.
Henry taking hits in the face!


Level ups:

-Henry gets a Speedwings? SUCCESS!
-Henry/Sumia C support? SUCCESS!
-Good stats for Henry? SUCCESS!

PS, Both Stahl/Cordelia and Gaius/Tharja achieved S rank after this chapter.

PSS, Chrom could've gotten seriously injured...


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Paralogue 3: Chrom, Not Everyone Needs to be Saved

Short, but an important chapter. Just saving one villager nets a Robe, but it wouldn't be in character for Chocolate to abandon the other two... Even if they are dumb as hell...

The hardest part of the chapter was who to leave behind. Only 10 characters allowed and I had 13 usable ones....

The set up:

Just throw Tharja into the woods, only one of them has Counter and/or Hawkeye!

Take care of him, Henry!

He gotta die!

Lissa is put without a weapon to bait a Counter myrmidon. Chocolate kills him, but gets serious damage.

Lissa helps deal with a Fighter that would otherwise prevent villager rescues.

After dealing with the northeast patches of enemies, Gaius and Tharja head into the village.

He had to take one for the team or else Gaius could have died...
We will heal you up!

They are somewhere on the map.... Somewhere....

Scraps for Chrom!
Since both had Hawkeye, Chrom can only take 1 at a time.

Thank you, Tharja!



Weak Gaius vs Risen Chief Soldier

-Save all villagers? SUCCESS!
-Get Blessed Bow? SUCCESS!
-Seraph Robe?
Wear this Henry!

The level ups:

BTW, Tharja also received a Secret Book as her Hit still sucks.

Edited by ChickenWings
Because yes

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18 hours ago, ChickenWings said:

PSS, Chrom could've gotten seriously injured...

That's, like, the first instance I've seen where that dual guard actually helped - most other runs have a beefy enough Chrom that I just shrug.

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The funny thing is that Chrom still would have survived a crit there, so the bar for being beefy enough is relatively low. Of all the Assassins in his army, Validar probably could have made a better pick.

I do like that Stahl is getting to frontline into counterattacks a bit. I usually have terrible Spd issues with him that makes that a serious risk.

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4 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

That's, like, the first instance I've seen where that dual guard actually helped - most other runs have a beefy enough Chrom that I just shrug.

That's because Chocolate hogs a lot of the kills.

I had similar issues in the casual Lunatic+ run.

1 hour ago, Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi said:

The funny thing is that Chrom still would have survived a crit there, so the bar for being beefy enough is relatively low. Of all the Assassins in his army, Validar probably could have made a better pick.

I do like that Stahl is getting to frontline into counterattacks a bit. I usually have terrible Spd issues with him that makes that a serious risk.

Yeah, that chapter is full of dumb.

Stahl does have ok speed, but Merc bonuses are sexy enough to allow him to double the unpromoted enemies. Tonics help too.

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1 hour ago, Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi said:

The funny thing is that Chrom still would have survived a crit there, so the bar for being beefy enough is relatively low. Of all the Assassins in his army, Validar probably could have made a better pick.

I'd say he definitely could've made a better pick - this guy's stats are honestly pathetic. As in, barely better than Assassin class bases pathetic - judging by calcs, he'd only have 9 Strength. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the myrmidons in this chapter have better stats even on normal mode??

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Honestly can't say, because when I went to look up the stats, I remembered that we basically have no Normal stats recorded in the Awakening wiki. By this point in the game, i wouldn't be surprised if the Myrms had a lead, though. On further reflection, this guy is probably at least a step up from the two goons in C6, since Chrom inexplicably one-shot one of them.

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Chapter 14: Frederick's Retirement Party!

Not gonna lie, this chapter was difficult for me to complete and it took getting a map where almost no melee enemies with Counter. I don't think it's because the team is weak, I think it's because I don't have a thought out strategy to beat it.


Set up:

My vanilla Lunatic runs have it that I send the Avatar/Chrom to go beat everyone on the left ship, and the other characters fight those on the right ship, sending a Pegasus Knight to the bottom or right enemy peg knights if I am using one. Then taking on the enemies on the bottom. I pretty much used this strategy here too.

Only two melee enemies had Counter and Chcoclate critted both of them.

It took me a while to release yes, Stahl can tank a few attacks from the peg kinghts and attack back with a Javelin.... I just have to make sure he wasn't in the range of the cavs as one of them did have Counter.
(My previous strategy was to send Sumia against the bottom peg knights, and somehow leave Stahl/Cordelia not fighting anyone.) Maribelle goes with Stahl with her Demoiselle to help him out.

Since none of the southeast peg knights had Counter or Luna+, Sumia can safely be in the range of all of them.

Tharja handled the right ship, defeating the most dangerous enemy. Olivia Dance help her take down another.

Since there were 4 peg knights left, everyone had to move upward.

With most of the enemies dead, Chocolate killed off the third bottom peg knight as she had Luna+ and Counter.

Counter cav was taken down first.

Sumia took down the peg knights.
Who first?

There was this nasty Luna+ Cav, so I had Cordelia kill him.

The enemies on the bottom ship were moving up, so I put Henry to Nostank.

Careful with the General, tho...

This was all during turn 3, so I had to send Chocolate to the bottom of the map....
At full health!

But does he die....?


So Chocolate is Rescued to the middle to be able to go to the right side of the map to face reinforcements wave 2.


You're gonna die this time!

With wave 2 gone, I move everyone south to avoid the last wave. Ground units won't get too far.

Sumia fought the peg knights wave 3.
Henry got to beat one and hit lvl 20.

Tharja vs U L T R A   P A V I S E General

It c-can't be....
Back to Dank Mage!


Stahl just needs 1 exp for the next level....
YEESSSSS! Thanks Cordelia!

Henry gets hit in the face! Edition: Spears!


-Henry hit level 20 and use a Second Seal? SUCCESS!
-All chests opened? SUCCESS!

PS, I totally forget to take pictures of the levels....


PSS, let me know if you can't see the images.

Edited by ChickenWings
Because why not?

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Grats on getting past C14. It's definitely rougher in high-man runs.

I've always personally taken over the right boat and then turtled there, usually having one of my other tanks choke the head of the plank while Robin and Panne/Cordelia pick off any incoming fliers. I know there's also a number of people who like taking control of the bottom boat and turtling, and for good reason. It's a small boat that's easy to fill to negate Pass and/or stop enemy fliers from getting past the side pieces that they can't stop on. There's also the matter of it being relatively far from the flier spawning points, allowing more time to react/intercept.

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Operation: Conquer Valm Begin!

A breather chapter. Breathe easy for now, Say'ri!

Chrom and Gaius receive Str tonics. I completely forgot I had a Levin Sword lying around, so I gave it to Cordy.

I set it up so Chromcolate, Stahl/Cordelia and Gaius/Tharja can go into the pavement and Henry/Sumia go off to the beachso they can go on and make out! Utility folks hang out at the beach as wellto party!

Cordy and Stahl kill off the closet, most dangerous enemy....

...Then she is Rescued to safety.

Henry kills a beach Counter Cav.

I send Chromcolate to go between two fat ranged Generals.
...Hey, Say'ri actually has good stats, maybe she should tag along...

Libra is in enemy range, whoops.
Tharja and Gaius kill off the Hammer General, especially since Tharja is close to capping MAG and SPD.

Only one melee Counter enemy around Chcoclate. No Hawkeye&Luna enemies.

Kill it!

Die, #LameKnight!

Let's do dis!

Cordelia is used to bring in enemies.

That's a nasty beach Dank Knight...

RUIN him!

I was nervous about the Rexcalibur DK, so I had Chocolate be Rescued.

Get your sad sack over here, Say'ri!

HA! I was worried for nothing!
No gold!


Time to Conquer this beach in the name of Ylisse!

-Lissa to a Falcon Flier?
-All villages visited? SUCCESS!
-Say'ri ok? SUCCESS!

The level ups:

PS, I've probably been spelling Chocolate as "Chcoclate"....

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Chapter 16: And You Get a SPD Tonic, and You Get a SPD Tonic!

I'm so full of angry at myself for forgetting to heal up Stahl before facing Cervantes and his mustache, making me start over this level. Thus, this chapter will be less enthusiastic than other chapters.

So because of the bull***t that are the Falcon Knights reinforcements, I need everyone who is gonna be in front to have as much speed as possible. It turns out, Say'ri is good at giving someone needed speed and can take a hit from an FK if needed, so she joins the Shepherds scrub army. Lissa, Stahl, Cordelia, Tharja, Libra, Henry all recieve SPD tonics. Chocolate already capped SPD, so she's set 4 lyfe.


Set up:


I'm eyeing both the Speedwing and Medium Bullion thieves. I'm not too worried if I miss out on the MS one.

So I send Chromcolate to deal with a Beastkillr Peg knight.

I send Stahl/Cordelia to deal with the Bullion Thief. He died.

Henry/Sumia face off a melee enemy with Counter on the left side of the map, while Gaius/Tharja face off a Counter enemy on the lower middle.
Dank Mages taking care of business!

Falcon Lissa goes onto the Lonely Island™. Tharja handles the lower batch of enemies because a lot of them have Counter or Luna+, so Cordy can't... Anna Rescues her.

Chocolate goes far enough to hit the Speedwing Thief. However, she is now in the range of a few bow users that would have been dangerous, so Libra Rescues her.

Henry and Tharja deal with a few more enemies,

Maribelle Rescues Stahl/Cordelia to the island and hits lvl 20. Her stats are so bad I want to SS her, but alas no Second Seals. So promotion it is!

Henry switches to Sumia on an enemy free zone so they can fly next turn.

Chromcolate flies to the island, while everyone else is Rescued.

Easy part done! Now comes the hard part, the Falcon Knights! I put everyone together and I kept Chocolate unequipped in case they had Counter (only one of them did and she uses a Spear). The one that spawns near the island could not double anyone, however, if she had Luna+, Lissa could've died. I also made sure everyone on the island was unequipped.

Dogpile the Falco Knight!

Kill it!
...Ok, try again.

With all the Falco and Peggy knights dead, we focus on the bottom reinforcements. Since Snipers have Longbows, they get to die first. Henry's treat, of course!

I prioritized training Henry, which may come back to haunt me if I don't get Chocolate closer to Gladforce. Still, Henry capped Spd along with his high SKILLLLZZZZZZ already.

From Dank Mage to U L T R A  D A N K  S O R C E R E R!

Chocolate and Tharja handled a few enemies here and there.

I really wanted Stahl to hit lvl 20 to go back through Cavalier, so he got the last few enemies.

The last batch of enemies were dealt with.





I let Cordy take down Cervantes and his mustache.


I didn't take any pictures of the level ups.

-Stahl to lvl 20? SUCCESS!
-Second seals for Stahl and Gaius? SUCCESS!
-Speedwing? SUCCESS!
-Medium Bullion? SUCCESS!
-Master Seal from thief? FAILURE!

PS, I regret not taking photos. However, I do believe my team can handle the promoted enemies, and there's Morgan's Paralogue that hasn't been done yet to help Chrom, Stahl, Sumia, and Gaius.

Edited by ChickenWings
Because yes

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Chapter 17: No Help, No Problem!

I originally put Cordelia with a Spd tonic, as I wanted to promote her during the chapter. I was doing ok in my first try of this chapter, but I quickly realized I didn't have enough Nosferatu, and Cordelia could have used the promoted stats at this point (she was at lvl 18 when I promoted her). She got the chapter 15 Arms Scroll to use Hand Axes because I have a few of them to spare!


So I put Gaius/Tharja in the left side, Chromcolate in the middle, and Stahl/Cordelia along with Henry/Sumia to the right side. The Valks are annoying af, so they must die as soon as possible.
Especially you!
Gibe me money plzzzz... Aw...

Since the left melee Hero had Counter, he had to die first.

Gotta clear the enemies to control the bottom middle of the map! (Sniper goes after Tharja.)

Enemies continue to go after Henry to deny Cordy some exp...
...And none for Cordelia Weiners!

Chocolate and Cordelia clear the middle lower hall.

The rest of the lower half of the enemies are dead.
So the Shepherds were too far from the thief, so Tharja Mire'd him.
Sorry it's so blurry....

So Excellus bribes a bunch of people somehow. I set up the Srcub Shepherds like this:

We kill an enemy at a time.

....Maybe we should have killed more at a time...

I had a lot of enemies left on the left and middle halls and the Scrub army were being cornered.

Henry was left on the lower right to kill off enemies so it wouldn't be as bad...

....This is what I get for keeping Sumia with an Elthunder....

...We got to make it up for lost EXP!

...Maybe I should have made her a Bow Knight...

It takes a bit, but the enemies are killed off.

Chests are opened, ITEMS GET!

I wanted each of the combat couples to face the Elite Valm Four™, so I let Henry/Sumia handle Pheros.
Part 3 of "Henry Gets Hit in the Face"

-Scrub army good? YEA!
-Bullion? SUCCESS!
-Seraph Robe? SUCCESS!
-Master Seal? SUCCESS!
-Boots get? BOOTS GET!

The level ups:

PS, I totally forgot to take a picture of Chocolate and Olivia level ups...

Edited by ChickenWings

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Paralogue 10: Severa is Hella Dumb

She really is Stahl's kid...

So I want to get Chocolate as close to GF as possible for chapter 18 because that chapter is hella hard (tho easier if GF is obtained), so we gotta pick up one of the kids. Morgan, Severa, and Noire Paralogues are up, but I want Morgan with GF before I pick him up, Noire's is too hard right now, and Cynthia doesn't exist yet. Hopefully her map opens up after this one.


I give Chocolate an HP tonic.

I send Chromcolate, Gaius/Tharja, and Anna to the right side of the map, while everyone else remains on the left side. Since he is at lvl 20, Libra will be sparingly used.

The set up:
So I plant Henry/Sumia on a space where an Assassin can range attack them.

Cordelia handles one of the Berserkers. Since he didn't die, Tharja had to Mire him.

So he can engage with a lot of ranged enemies I let Henry claim a Berserker and leave him there for enemy phase. Cordy is hanging in there after engaging a Berserker and Assassin.

Unfortunately, the Berserker lived and I wanted to avoid the Assassin, but alas, Cordy had to fight them both...

....Or not...
(He actually fought Tharja.)
Chocolate handles a dangerous Berserker.

Finish him, Stahl!
Dangerous Berser- SEVERA GET OUT OF THERE!
Save her, Anna!

Reinforcements go after the left group. Cordy takes care of one of them...
Gotta be careful where I move Chocolate.

Reinforcement Assassin is assassinated!
Chocolate and Tharja clear two enemies in the mid right hall.

I completely forgot the top hall Berserkers use Silver Axes AND this one had Counter. Cordelia almost died.
Have a view of Cordy bootyprevs.
Will he die?
Of course!

He must die as soon as possible!

Save her!

Chocolate is Danced and goes and kills off a Sage.
Without Hawkeye, Tome users are lame against Chocolate!

Bring out the gang O' Berserkers!

With Lissa Rescuing Chocolate to the edge of enemy range, she could have been in danger.
Get her out of there!

Chocolate handles the last 2 Berserkers.

Ok, no one touch Holland!
I don't remember if reinforcements come out in the stairs near Holland, but I do know they appear in those 4...

...I forgot Counter wouldn't work like this...

Chocolate gets the other reinforcement enemies.

HA! Nelson is lame!

-Medium Bullion? SUCCESS!
-Levin Sword? SUCCESS!
-Severa safe? SUCCESS!
-Cynthia Paralogue open up?

Level ups:

PS, I feel really bad that I denied Freddy to marry Sumia for a long time and I don't think he can S rank to someone in time. :(

1 response to this message= 1 prayer for Freddy to get laid

Edited by ChickenWings
Because yes

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