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On 9/16/2018 at 5:24 PM, Soleater said:

Hello person who exists!  It is I - person who barely exists, but who is glad to meet you anyway ^^  Bow users are v good except in Awakening usually

Well, welcome back!  ^u^  You have great tastes :D

Ooooh nice, I'm a Sinnoh fan myself, with my first game being Pokemon Pearl :D  Y'know, I've never seen anyone's favorite region be anything but their starting region...Hmmmm...

Majora's Mask is fantastic - I've only played the remake, but it's sooo well made, much tighter and with more care than OoT imo.  Though my favorite is Twilight Princess (though BoW, WW, and even MM at times threaten TP's position sometimes), while not the hardest game, it's just a lot of fun, with it's bosses and dungeon design, and it's story and atmosphere are fantastic; Midna really pulls the whole thing together, and is one of my favorite characters of all time ^u^

Heyo Valesti!  It's great to meet you - I don't really listen to K-Pop (at all), but it seems p cool! ^^

Never played 7 or Tellius, but they look super cool :o  My favorite classes have to be Manaketes or Wyvern Riders; why do you like Shamans?

Yyyyyyyyup that's probably my fault x.x"

Hey there!  Welcome to the forums even if you have been here for awhile *shot*!  Awakening is veeeeeeeeeery good, so you came in at a good point ^^

I've kind of fallen out of playing Heroes - is it still good?

Welcome!! :D

I'm excited to have you swinging around the forums - I hope you enjoy! ^u^

Oooooh I'd love you see what you make with the roms - show me your progress sometime, I'd love to see it!

It's nice to meet you too!

Ah, that's all cool - there a ton of different gaming forums and just general forums around here, so don't sweat it ^^  Welcome!

*raises hand*

What Fire Emblem games have you played?  I'm an Awakening baby, and I've played Fates (minus Revelations), Warriors, Valentia, and Heroes (and a little bit of that crossover game with Tokyo Mirage Sessions) - wbu?  What games have you played?

Welcome to the forums, Anne!  ^^

Well, when it comes to forum lifespans, this forums still kind of new, so I don't blame you for not finding it ^^"  And I think we're all nervous at least a little ouo

Anyway, heyo!  I hope you enjoy your stay here!  And I hope I can learn to respond to this forum better x.x

I'll Dm you ^^

I'd have to say  that my favorite class is either Wyvern Riders or Caveliers. I've played Fire Emblem GBA, PoR, and all the 3ds games. but when it comes to Zelda my favorite game has to be Twilight Princess, but when it comes to story I really enjoy Skyward Sword to. 

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