Should there be big bosses in a fire emblem warriors sequel?

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I think Velezark works fine as the sole giant boss. It was fun trying to predict which of the maps had him in the final boss battle and which ones didn't include him in the final boss battle because one of the optional battles was a boss-type mission where the enemy commander summoned him. (And also because Velezark appears only once per map in a normal mission and once per map in a Distortion mission and only on the endgame-focused maps/missions.)

Speaking of, if I remember correctly, these characters are among the ones who summoned him:

  1. Chrom (DLC, both normal and Darkness variant I believe)
  2. M!Robin (DLC)
  3. Validar
  4. F!Corrin (DLC, not sure if Darkness variant)
  5. M!Corrin (Free DLC)
  6. Takumi (DLC)
  7. Sakura (DLC)
  8. Xander (DLC)
  9. Camilla (Darkness variant, DLC)
  10. Elise (DLC, unsure on this one, actually; I believe it was one of the Awakening DLC chapters)
  11. Marth (DLC)
  12. Caeda (DLC)
  13. Gharnef (DLC)
  14. Darius (Both normal and Darkness variant)
  15. Lyn (Free DLC)

NOTE: Darkness variant refers to the variant on this where the "darkness in *enemy commander*'s heart runs amok" triggers the summon instead of the enemy commander consciously deciding to summon him upon defeat that is the norm. Notable only in that the enemy commander doesn't speak the line that indicates that they're summoning him.

NOTE 2: Xander, Validar, and Gharnef are the only ones with final boss missions in History Mode maps that don't involve summoning Velezark who also have missions that involve summoning him.

... So I think it's safe to theorize that every voice actor has recorded a line to be used for summoning Velezark to the field.

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