If there were to be a manga/anime adaptation of Echoes, who do you think would canonically die?

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Personally I feel like Kliff would die like in the Gaiden Magna, and Deen would be the one to die on Celica's route. It would also be interesting if Saber or Body died somewhere along Celica's route as well.

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Tobin dies fighting Desaix, inspiring Gray to brutally murder him, and Faye falls to Berkut, confessing her love to Alm as she does. Luthier is also killed trying to free Delthea, by Delthea herself, no less. Because of these deaths, Gray becomes much more subdued and depressed, while Delthea does nothing but hone her magic in her free time.

On Celica’s route, Deen dies by virtue of Sonya just being more plot-important, and Kamui dies fighting against Duma. Boey also dies to Necrodragons, but is soon revived by the sacred spring.

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Deen would probably be the top candidate since Sonya has that plot relevance with Jedah. Though I can imagine Deen dying like in the manga, getting killed by Grieth protecting Sonya.

Kliff could also die like he did in the manga against Desaix.

I could see Conrad maybe dying, in a bid to protect Celica from Jedah before Jedah takes Celica's soul and banishes the rest of Celica's army to Duma's basement.

Luthier could die, being killed by possed Delthea as he did in Gaiden's novelisation (Not the manga).

Hell, Sonya could die too since she also dies in the novel sacrificing herself to kill Jedah.

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