Blazing Blade: Lords Weapon Patch

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1 hour ago, Kruggov said:

Don't know if this counts as necro, but I'll post it anyway. There's a bug in Lyn Normal Chapter 4 - the two scenes involving the boss in the middle of the chapter instead show Yoder's portrait from FE6. The first cutscene also highlights a wrong spot (the tile directly adjacent to the fortress wall and the edge of the map to the left of the fortress), though it's supposed to highlight the boss.

Also, in the mode select screen, Lyn's sprite is the "Lynarcher" sprite from further up the thread (complete with lack of ponytail, blonde hair and brown-ish clothing), while in the game proper it's the Blade Lord sprite.

I can already see that bow Lyn is MUCH safer than sword Lyn, I don't have to constantly worry about RNG screwing me over with bullshit accuracy hits actually hitting her.

Also, Glass with Light Brand was pretty funny (if a bit scary for this early in the game, considerng that's around 13 attack while hitting Res)

It's a project page, so I think we're safe from necros. Thanks for playing the hack. The reason the Lyn Archer Sprite appears in the selection screen is because I initially thought about using it but then decided not to due to the fact that it doesn't really look like Lyn. I overwrote the normal unpromoted Lyn code though and just mapped her Blade Lord animations to her Lord Animations. To get her back to her normal sprite for the screen select I'd need to export her animation from another rom and import it again. TL;DR: I knew that issue was there, know why its there and know how to fix it, but its so minor and requires too much effort that I haven't bothered to fix it. I will fix the Yodel sprites however, though I probably won't upload the fix for that alone since it's also pretty minor.

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