Have you ever wanted to use a character that can warp anywhere on the map at will? Tear Ring Saga gave us that ability, but the two characters that had it joined late. Well, now in TRS RR you can use them from the start of the game! 

Have you ever wanted dual female lords? TRS RR has that too!

Have you ever wanted a thief lord with 1 base STR and a 0% STR growth rate? Probably not, but you will get one of those in TRS RR too!


See here for some screenshots of the fun that is to be had.

Patches Patch for vanilla V1.04 to RR V1.02: Here

The patch should be applied to a .bin file that has already been patched with V1.04 of Aethin's English translation patch. You can obtain the English patch here. These are all xdelta patches, so use your favorite xdelta patcher (Delta Patcher and xdelta UI are two I know of) to patch it. 

Guide I have made a handy Spreadsheet Guide that covers recruitment, unit stats, learned skills, promotion gains, events, and other notes. It should have basically everything you need to know while you're playing TRS RR. Note that there are multiple tabs in the spreadsheet. Be sure to check out the "Other Notes" tab, it has some important information!


Do characters have their normal growth rates? How did you calculate the character base stats?

Yes, none of the characters growth rates were changed at all. Character base stats were obtained by using their growth rates and leveling or "deleveling" them to their new level. Promotion bonuses were also added or subtracted as necessary. 

In TRS there are some classes that don't promote, what happens to units that replace these classes?

I took this on a case-by-case basis:  The Royal Knight class is considered a promoted version of the Cavalier class The Shadow Knight class is considered a promoted version of the Shadow Lancer class Leda Princess is considered a promoted version of Princess Prince is considered a promoted version of Lord. Artilleryman, Chief, Witch, and Pirate are considered promoted classes, but with no unpromoted version.  Thief is considered an unpromoted class. How are PRFs handled? All PRF weapons now belong to the unit who replaced them. So Juni can use Holmes' holy sword, Tia can use Runan's holy sword, etc. 

There are also a few unique situations regarding PRFs: Alicia and Meriel swap places, so Alicia gets a thunder magic version of Starlight (called Starstorm lol) and Meriel gets Dire Light (Which replaces Dire Thunder). Alicia also gets Aura rain, but that is still light magic, so you will have to promote Alicia if you want to be able to use Aura rain.  Esther replaces Rishel, so she gets the Sunspear, which is a 1-3 range lance that replaces Sunflame.  Plum and Lionheart swap places. Lionheart obviously can't use the Enarmor staff, so that became Renee's PRF instead (Since Renee is now the one that gives it to Lionheart in the event) In Vanilla Alfred joins in the final chapter to prevent the player from softlocking the game if they do not have Sierra/Renee alive. Is there any failsafe to prevent the game from softlocking in RR? Yes, I did put a failsafe in. Kreiss, who replaces Alfred, will have a warp scroll in his inventory when he joins in the final chapter. It will allow him to learn warp.  Credits Many thanks to Aethin, who answered numerous questions I had throughout the hacking process. Programs used to create this hack were HxD, CDMage, TIM Viewer, and TRSModify.

V1.02: Based on discord suggestions, changed Zieg's starting class to be Shadow Lancer instead of Cavalier, since that makes more sense.
V1.01: Fixed Letena's portrait when she joins in chapter 2.