Master of Arms is so underrated

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11 hours ago, starburst said:

Note that the majority praise Master of Arms mostly because of the Samurai skills and not because of those from MoA itself. A Villager » Master of Arms (like Mozu and her children) might be stronger, sturdier and defter unit because of Aptitude, but the lack of Duelist Blow and Vantage makes them play a different role. Say, a sturdier unit may prefer not to use Life or Death in some battles, precisely because they can take more phases; while a squishy unit will always prefer Life or Death, since they only attack on Player Phase anyway. In that sense, a Great Knight is more like a Villager » MoA.

Which is not really warranted when both of them are mediocre at best, frankly. As is the class itself.

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While I did have to spend a couple of arms scrolls on Mozu in MOA to use good swords and axes, I really enjoyed using the class, it made her one of my favorite units to use! 

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On Monday, August 13, 2018 at 7:32 PM, starburst said:

I agree with you, but my problem has always been timing those level-ups.
In Conquest Hard, my units reach L15 around Chapter 23, and since Ch 22 and 24 are easier, I use them to level-up units in 'alien' classes and grab skills. Well, the thing is that making Ophelia gain at least three level-ups in a completely different class, with no weapon ranks or Strength to back it up is tricky. Specially when Elise is trying to kill units with a blunt bronze dagger on the same map. :P

Paralouges (namely shigures)

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