[SRPG Studio] Chronicles of Adria - Demo 1

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Hello there.

You probably know by now that SRPG Studio has been released. I've waited years for an english translation and spend around 2 weeks messing around with the trial and trying out the engine. I do plan to make a longer game now, but I have to start somewhere and early feedback as always good, eh? 

I am not a big fan of story wall of text (and most people don't read that anyway to my own experience), so let's just say: You can expect the typical Fire Emblem plot. Also, the intro dumps background on you anyway and I don't think just copying that is a great idea - also, this being an early version I may change some thing later on anyways.










At the moment, this demo has the Prologue and the first 3 chapters - so a total of 4 playable maps. It also comes with 4 difficulties. The length is probably around 1-2+ hours, depending on the difficulty and the things you skip. I am open to all feedback (a few bugs have already been eradicated), but I can guarantee you that I will definitly change the difficulty and add proper tutorial to at least easy mode later on.

Finally, controls:

Arrow keys = Move
Y/Enter = Accept/Open map screen
X = Cancel/Unit Status (when selecting a unit)/Speed Up Cutscenes (hold)
Space = Skip Scene/Battle/Enemy Phase
Escape = Close the game
F4 = Toggle Window/Fullscreen (a bit buggy)
F11 = Go instantly back to title screen

I think that's all. I have work now, but I can answer questions later. This is still an early test of the program, so it's rough around the edges and also only uses the base ressources with very few exceptions for faces/icons. And to be frank, the battle animations to look like several frames are just missing, but eh - it works for now. xD

And with that, have fun with the game!

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Cool. I want to try out SRPG projects. Might give me inspiration/insight on how to make a game using the engine

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Not that much has happend since I posted here, mainly due to WoW taking up all my free time. xD

However, I made a proper ending to chapter 3 and added the first base which now opens up a basic shop and the ability to get various conversations with allies (similar to FE 9/10 between battles). I planned the characters for chapter 4+5, mapped chapter 4 and am currently looking at available fanmade resources. The latter would give me access to stuff like Sword/Lance/Axe Knights, various other classes including promotions and so on and so forth. I am not sure if I will implement more of this stuff now or just add that later and adjust it then. 

Any feedback at all is still appreciated.

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