Hopes/preferences for support conversations?

Which features would you like in support conversations if they return?  

69 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want affinities to be present that effect support bonuses?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Do you want S ranks/marriage supports to return?

    • Heck yes with 2nd generation units.
    • Heck yes without 2nd generation units.
    • No thanks
  3. 3. Preferred setting of support conversations?

    • In the midst of battle (like in SoV for example)
    • During off time/base conversations.
  4. 4. Do you want full voice acting for support conversations?

    • Yes!
    • No, I'm more concerned on having a good quantity of support conversations available instead.
    • No, for any other reason.
  5. 5. Do you want a limited amount of supports a single unit can have per game?

    • Yes
    • No

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Ah yes, supports. Back when I only played Awakening, these were my absolute favorite part of the franchise. I tend to value gameplay more now, but supports still hold a special place in my heart!

1.) Honestly, I put "yes" but I really don't care whether it's in or not - not much is going to change TBH, but it might make building stupid builds like 100% crit builds easier, which is always a plus in my book.

2.) Yes, but with an alteration: S-rank =/= marriage. Well, it could mean marriage, but what I want is the S-rank to signify a paired ending, whether it be between boy-boy, boy-girl, girl-girl, platonic, romantic, etc., etc., etc. It would be nice to see people with a good dynamic not have to end up boning each other and to show how two different people end up being best buds for life in an ending. Besides, even if it doesn't end in marriage, fanfic exists for a reason.

However, NO. CHILDREN. PLEASE. Children worked great in FE4, sort of good in FE13, and were an absolute flop in FE14. Unless this game pulls an FE4 and has a multi-generational conflict, please don't. And even if this game does pull an FE4, try something different and don't just copy-paste the main twist, that would ruin it too.

3.) As hilarious as it was to see stuff like Forde sleeping/painting in the middle of the final battle, let's keep the supports limited to the base/off-time.

4.) Absolutely yes! The VA adds something else to the support conversations IMO, can't explain what though. Regardless, I really enjoyed them in SoV. And as an added bonus, it'll limit the number of supports in the game too - which is something I've had a gripe with in FE13 and FE14. It makes it less likely for our support lists to be filled with filler conversations that exist because a support between characters A and B MUST exist. Granted, it wouldn't necessarily guarantee an increase in quality (*cough* FAYE *cough*), it would make it at least easier to sift through the throwaway supports to find the real gems.

5.) No. That is all.

But seriously, this is what I hate most about the GBA support system. And if affinity bonuses are the main concern, simple: just impose a limit on the bonuses you can obtain from supports (like only being able to obtain +30 hit and +15 crit from affinity bonuses). There really is no reason for us to return to his system IMO.

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1. Affinities were a nice way to vary support bonuses as opposed to the generic ones we have now so yes I'd like that.

2. Honestly speaking, I don't. Or at the very least, I want platonic endings to return. Sacred Stones was my first game and the reason why supports became something I loved in that game was the variety of relationships between characters it had. Now a days, it's all shifted towards romance and I really don't like that.

3. Don't really care. I like them either way.

4. Absolutely. Echoes showed me just how much charm voice acting adds to the characters.

5. This question is sort of vague. If you mean limited in the sense like characters could only have 5 conversations like in the old games, then no. If you mean limited as in characters don't support every other character, than I agree. Characters should only support with those that make sense. I dislike the "support anyone" style as character personalities are often dummed down to compensate for it.

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Looking back I guess one of the cool things would be if the player characters affinity varies based on the birthday set so I wouldn't mind it for that customization alone!

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1. Yes, I think it gives each character more individuality. Ideally the hint menu would let you know the bonuses gained from each affinity.

2. Yes, but without children. As other users have stated, dating would make a lot more sense. Marriage has always seemed very quick in FE13 and FE14, and without child units, there'd be no need to rush. They should save marriage for character endings.

3. Base Conversations is definitely the better option, as writers can better control the setting and tone of the conversation, while they can't if talks take place during battles.

4. Yes, if it's within their budget. I would support a lesser quantity of support conversations anyway, to focus on the quality of the writing in the more interesting character relationships.

5. No, I definitely hate how you're locked out of characterization if you've used up a characters limit of 5.

Not in the poll, but I would also prefer support growth raised by being deployed the same chapter like in Path of Radiance, rather than forcing them next to each other during battles like the others. This also improves the writers control over the setting and tone, since certain supports just wouldn't be possible to get until certain main story events happen. Gameplay-wise it gives you more freedom in not having to position certain characters next to each other continuously.

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1. I said yes just because it's a bonus that while I've never planned around it, it can add a little extra strategy in who you support with who.

2. No, I don't want marriage. I would be fine with S supports if they're just paired endings, but including all types of relationships and not just romantic ones. Kids are a no no at all costs unless they are integral to the story (ie: there's a time skip).

3. Base because I feel it allows for more variety and it's less awkward for two people to be chatting off the battlefield.

4. No, it's more important to have a good quantity. Of course, if they can make them voiced then that's great. It's just not a must for me.

5. I think this is worded a bit confusingly, it could be taken as "not everyone can support with everyone" but I think the intended meaning is "a unit can have 5 conversations per campaign" like in the GBA games. For the former it's a yes, I don't think everyone needs to talk to everyone. For the latter, no, I would like to be able to view all supports in a single play through.

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