Aeon - The Odyssey

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"Here for another round, sir?" The barista said as Makala leaned his elbow onto the chromatic-film counter.

"Yessss, one Jovian Jolt," Makala's eyes darted to Mewlanie's new position at the table. Turns out it was adjacent to the counter ledge. "P-Put it on my... tab."

"Hmmmmph" The barista's eyes curdled as he glanced sidelong, curling his lips. Turning around, he directed the hologram service screen of the premium brand vending machine to dispense the beverage.

"Here you go, sir." Turning back, he felt the chill snatched from his hands faster than he could hand it out. Makala was quick to wrest the can, the frost melting to the print of his feverish grip. He shuffled the crumpled Credits from his pocket, spilling them over the counter.

"Th-Thank you..." Makala scuttled away from the counter, holding the Jovian Jolt to his chest. His throat constricted with each step towards Mewlanie. He fixated on her ears, folded back. He swore the strands of her auburn locks behind her neck stood.

Hello there, Mewlanie! Busy seeing you here, mind if I have a seat!? I saw you were feeling down so I got your favorite drink! I know because I'm M3W CR3W M00kz33z! From the stream! So that's Team Odyssey over there!? Doesn't it feel big being next to such legends!? Like that Silver Bullet guy!? So did you bring your redhead & blonde friends here!? Scrolling for the perfect icebreaker, he hovered at the left of her chair. Now she just had to notice him.

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