I'm gonna call it now FEW 2 will be announced within the next 3 months

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I'd say the complaints about the roster still going in is rather justified. Even if one made peace with the three games that were chosen then the lineup remains lacking because even those three games have large gaps that shouldn't be there. Important classes still aren't represented and there's a dire lack of villains. A lot of questionable choices were made and that remains regrettable. 

And the underlining message of all these choices gives further credence to discontent. The message of the dev team seemed to be that some parts of the fandom just weren't welcome at the party and that Archenea fans were only very begrudgingly accepted. When you do a crossover that's a really clumsy way to go about it. 

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@Etheus thats all a matter of opinion of whats only tangentially related to the actual game itself though. But I'd rather not open that up again.

The only actual credence of not beating a dead horse is simply because we don't actually know if it's dead. Otherwise, with how any and all discussion predictably devolves back to the same thing with no pay off or breakthrough, yeah, it might as well be dead. And much like Ertrick above me, it's exhausting

EDIT: apparently beaten to the punch, but point still stands

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