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So I've recently been trying to get into Fire Emblem Cipher, and I'm struggling on building a deck. I kinda wanna use Roy as my MC, but I haven't been able to find any recent ideas and all the Roy decks that I found are kinda outdated. I really want to use Roy, but I am willing to try other Purple decks if he's too difficult to make effective. Thanks in advance!

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Hey, I play in real life with my friends, so I'm limited to the cards that I have and can get on a budget. But this is the deck that I used to play with Roy as a main:


04 B09-055N Roy

04 B09-054R(+X) Roy

04 B11-003HN Eirika

04 B11-002R(+) Eirika

04 B11-006HN Ephraim

04 B11-005R(+) Ephraim

04 B05-028N Clerine

04 B05-027HN Clerine

04 B05-023N Shanna

02 B05-022R(+) Shanna

04 B05-047N Juno

02 B05-046R(+) Juno

04 B05-039N Thea

02 B05-038R(+) Thea


Roy's 1 drop has the fate emblem effect of he wins, so he can help you with hand management and setting up for Eirika / Ephraim plays.

Eirika and Ephraim are just strong 3/2 units, both being 70 power in this deck and can heal each other.

Clerine is here to help get your Roy's promotion, which should be your number 1 priority and her 3/2 can heal for 1 flip.

Roy's 4/3 can move enemy units so that why there is a lack of ranged units.

And the Pegasi are in here because Shanna's 1 drop has an ok effect and Thea's 1 drop helps with Roy's 1 drop getting his effect. Juno is not very handy but needed to get the Triangle attack off, which is unavailable even for mains.  Nice way to end the game of it works out, but hardly ever used because of the setup.

Hope it helps!

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