A relaxed Conquest playthrough (With Screenshots!)

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18 hours ago, DehNutCase said:

Because everyone else became more terrible, faster. (You also sound like you have no idea how to use squishy units, like, at all. Edit: Meaning your rating probably isn't accurate.)

Everyone gets worse going from Normal to Hard, Hard to Lunatic. Nyx happened to not be affected as much because on all three difficulties she has overkill offenses, whereas other units' barely good enough bulk or offenses can become not good enough anyway.


Like, if a unit is 9/10 offenses and 1/10 defense, vs. another unit that's 8/10 offense 7/10 defense, if you don't need much stats to function then take the second one. But if 8/10 offenses might as well be 0 and 8/10 defenses might as well be zero then the 9/10 offense guy is the only one that can do things.

The disparity isn't that big, of course, but what you're missing is that units don't get better or worse at the same rate as you change difficulties. Overkill offenses turn into good enough offenses, but good enough offenses or good enough bulk might just well turn into not good enough.


Edit: It's the same reason I consider Arthur as very, very good even though you think he's hot garbage.

His bulk (if he doesn't get crit), went from massive overkill to just barely good enough. Everyone else went below him because they don't have his hp pool. You think 500g (for the Bronze Axe---you can sell his Iron for 500 if you want to keep his damage, buy another Bronze and forge it) is more expensive than feeding people the 4 or so levels they'd need to not get 2HKOd, I don't.

In what way? If enemy stats are the same between Conquest Hard and Conquest Lunatic, which I believe they are, how's everyone else becoming worse? And you seriously think to assume I cannot use squishy units? The joke's on you, because I like mages - I just don't like how Nyx is cripplingly overspecialized. She can hit hard... but that's ruined by her being inaccurate - it doesn't matter how hard you can hit if you cannot hit. That uncertainty is not something I can afford to constantly gamble on in this game, especially in a game as unforgiving as Conquest, and ESPECIALLY on Lunatic.


The problem is, this is Fates, where defense is more important than in previous games - dodging cannot be relied upon to keep you alive as much as it could be in past games, particularly the GBA games.

Edit: Personally, I like running HP boon Corrin these days. Makes it so I actually have a reliable tank for the earlygame (Rinkah and Arthur don't count as reliable).

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8 hours ago, DehNutCase said:


As you can see from the map...

I have no bloody clue what the AI is doing. Yeah they're destroying the bottom buildings, but why.

All your stat boosts are down there I guess. Enemies tend to take their chance to break them as well you see.

Not much changes this early on but the stronger buildings get, the more that they make a difference. It's something I tend to have in mind when moving stuff around on these maps.

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Chapter 11:

Pre-map Planning:


Chapter 10 was fun and all, but Chapter 11 is a pretty good representation of what Conquest is actually like, with un-dispellable hexing rods, interesting skill sets on the enemy units individually and as a group, and enemy stats that are getting better and better relative to your team. (IRRC after chapter 10 is when enemy levels and stats start increasing at a pretty quick pace---we'll see, though.) Chapter 11 is also basically the fairest map in Conquest---you have perfect information going in, IRRC you can even check where the stairs teleport to if you click on them during map preview.

That said, Chapter 11 still doesn't have the one thing that makes Conquest endgame Conquest endgame---there's nothing on the map that makes you rush, so a slow and steady strategy is both easier on the brain and easier on the RNG. Conquest doesn't really force you into high mobility, low turn-count teams until like chapter 20+*, but you'll need some child maps handy if you want to switch strategies at that point.

*Although you'll be getting a lot of gentle and not so gentle nudges before then.

7UhYnoc.png  JvvNtcV.png

Rinkah's room is pretty much just a speed-bump before we get to the next room. Not only is it easy to position yourself so that you counter-kill whatever you want the first turn in the room, the ninja is also retarded or something---if you have enough def to be taking 0 damage, it'll attack last rather than first.

Do note the 9% crit on her, though. Pretty much everyone will be seeing positive crit odds unless they're pair'd up. (The mace is also a 1-2 range weapon.)

The other maces have like 20-25 damage---I wasn't paying much attention and it doesn't matter much---and they all have seal Res, just to slow you down a tiny bit in case you had a unit with massive def and res and wanted to use them in Azama's room as well.


19 Atk, so it's pretty easy to make him go last. (The map did fix things so that everyone would attack even if they dealt 0 damage, so that the Ninjas aren't completely negated with raw def.) Note the seal speed---minus 6 speed is hard to fight through.

iixIQIE.png  t3sqf6e.png

Say hello to the first hexing rod asshole of the game. Hexing rod halves your hp, meaning it turns 2HKOs into 1HKOs, and 3 or 4 HKOs into 2HKOs.

Remember how being 2HKOd basically meant you were bulky? Yeah, if you didn't know how to stack stats at this point Azama is going to shove the knowledge down your throat. He also has a 150% counter and 33 hp, but that's the kind of thing that only works once, ever, unless you're being careless. (I suggest you turn off the game and go do something else for a while if he actually gets you with the counter---playing Conquest while tilted is a pretty bad idea.)

fbDrN91.png  8xHJrTV.png

20 Atk is the highest on the mages, and the sole archer has 25 Atk. So it's pretty easy to tank them even after getting your hp halved. (A 0 Res unit should be able to manage it with the hilariously broken yumi I gave Niles---I won't be using it, though.)

The Archer is a bigger problem, but Chapter 11 is still quite fair---there are safe spots from the Hexing Rod in the room itself, so you can swap in someone who tanks with hp to handle the archer before switching the Res tank back into the room.

9WFEndW.png oADOQ0O.png

Pretty simple room, bunch of units that like to get counter-killed. Everyone in the room can smack you pretty hard when you attack into them, so be careful with combat math. Everyone except Setsuna has a 100% melee counter.


Setsuna has 16 speed, 23 Atk, and a 1-2 range bow.

s9A55v7.png  2EDFsV9.png

25 Atk max from the archers, and 20 from the mage. Everyone is pretty slow, though, so any reasonably bulky unit can probably handle this room by themselves. (As long as, you know, they either OHKO from melee or can fight at 2 range.)

I7hUFo9.png  5oUb69c.png

If only Kaze got to keep his boss hp. (I wouldn't mind getting Vantage and Heartseeker for free, either---even the AI knows Odin's skill-pool is great.)


Everyone will smack you if you go in the front door---everyone but Kaze has Lunge---and going through the back door is cramped like hell.

aLUuXse.png  yuFa962.png

The axe guy has a hammer---which is 12 MT, or 36 MT against armors---which should be a pretty big hint that armors do very well in this room. And I'm not being sarcastic. Nobody has post-combat damage even though they're all level 10+ Ninjas, so anyone with good Def will steamroll this room.

The only problem with doing it with Effie would be getting rid of the axe guy, but 9 spd and 4 res is just begging to get murdered by a mage. Beruka could skip the axe murder part, but her Def tends to be a tad behind Effie's at this point in the game.

n9oVE7L.png  auosWw2.png

The middle room, and more or less the first place you see some really jerkassy skill setups. Featuring secret L&D Kodachi guy, who has 29 Atk with a Kodachi.


The front side has 21 Spd, 30 Atk with an Iron Katana.

LGjqE3k.png  ojEH5aN.png

The flanking Samurai pair-ups have Lunge and Armored Blow, just in case you're planning to be cute and try to get into the room without face tanking a 30 damage sword to the face.

It does mean you get to use Freeze staves to get into the room easier, but I prefer staves as the back-up plan rather than the main plan. (Not using staves as your Plan A is usually cheaper, and it gives you a plan B if your Plan A starts exploding.)


The Ninja in the room is the only Ninja on the map with Poison Strike for some reason. I guess they don't want to go full Conquest.jpg on you yet. (The Ninja room would be a hell of a ride if everyone had Poison Strike.)

The mage in the room doesn't matter---he has Malefic Aura to fuck up people who only look at Atk and not skills, but his stats are kind of garbage.

Just like the Ninja in Rinkah's room, this guy prefer to attack last for some god damn reason, meaning I could've saved a Freeze Staff. (More on this later.)


And, just like a lot of Conquest, it features a boss who's pretty god damn trivial once you've actually gotten to them. I won't be talking about Hinoka's room because you have to fuck up obscenely, amazingly hard to fuck up her room after getting there.


There's no rush on the map, so I keep my whole team together and just go through the rooms one by one. I go through Rinkah's first because I want Azama dead---his Hexing Rod can reach the middle room, just barely, and I don't want to keep worrying about it while I'm doing other rooms. Plus it's easier to go through the middle room through the mage side rather than the Ninja side.


We have 11 Deployment slots, so it was pretty easy to drop Silas, Arthur, and Mozu to make the team.


My Castle Stuff:

V0OXnbD.png  JqJnTEL.png

Once again, meh on the Lottery, but pretty crazy high-roll on the kitchen.


8veHWW8.png  cW6Yuye.png

I basically got a free Str tonic on a lot of relevant people, which is pretty great.


Resource Distribution:


Camilla's job is to be the 'Oh Shit' button I press if I fuck up combat order, so I give her the tools to do that job properly. She has 2 raider weapons if she needs speed, a Steel Axe if she need raw Atk, and some tomes in case enemies happened to have really garbage Res.

I considered forging her Steel Axe to +1---axes get +4 MT going from Iron to Steel, Steel to Silver, so it's pretty great to forge the higher tier metals---but she doesn't really need it right now and my team's pretty competent at killing things already anyway.


Gave Nyx Disrobing Gale too. Same reason---wanted a +3 speed option in case she needed to be fast for a ORKO.


Stole Arthur's Hand Axe since he's benched.


And I gave Selena her sword since it has her name on it. (It's a decently nice sword, 7 MT, 90% Hit, and 10% crit, but it slows you by -3 Speed and dumpsters your dodge with a -5 penalty.)

I'll mostly use it when she's missing the ORKO and won't really care about getting smacked around on EP. It's not as accurate as her Bronze, but it's still plenty accurate.

Note that she doesn't have the weapon rank to use it yet, Selena's is a C-rank sword.


The Map:

Qaunbgt.png  tQwCCaI.png

Started Rinkah's room like this. Camilla's pair-up bonus is mostly for the +1 move, so I'd rather have her providing Rose's Thorns instead. It does mean I get less support points between the two of them, though. (I missed enough this map that Selena and Camilla didn't get their A-rank.)

Everyone who isn't highlighted is in range to attack Selena.

Like I've said in the planning portion, the Ninja goes last for some god damn reason.


Counter-killing mooks is literally a Mercenary's job, so only the Ninja survived tapping Selena. I start turn 2 of Rinkah's like this.

Bronzes are pretty sweet if you're into 100% hit rates, but do keep in mind that they're pretty costly if you want them to be competitive in damage with Steel and Silver. (Their damage is never more than 1 MT behind Irons, so it's a matter of do you care more about the +10 dodge or being able to crit and use offensive skills if you're only picking between Iron and Bronze.) Bear in mind Bronze Axes are bugged and you won't get the 'extra' accuracy from being +5 or higher as a Bronze Weapon*, but that's such an edge case that you don't really need to worry about it.

*You'll still get the accuracy from forge levels, just not the extra accuracy that bronze weapons are supposed to get in place of crit, since +5 and higher forges give crit on other metals.


Nyx was hogging the stair-well and I don't care that much about exp efficiency---I still have a Paragon if I actually gave a shit---so I have her smack this guy death.


I'd get countered by Rinkah either way, but this way I get to set up my next attack.


Rose's Thorns is pretty damn sweet. I still prefer Hinoka's since it's easier on positioning, but they're all top-tier so it doesn't matter.

ljoJb2v.png  ObWndYJ.png

Selena should be 8 hp lower right now if the Ninja wasn't stupid and attacked first rather than last. (The axe mooks also would've been alive at the start of turn, I believe, thanks to the Seal Speed.) She doesn't get a level out of the fight, but getting C rank is almost as good. (Swords get +1 Atk per rank, it's sweet.) You also want your weapon rank high for weapon triangle purposes, the WTA bonus is based on the advantaged unit.



Q5W3bbj.png  jwoe86J.png

Remember how the mage room didn't actually have that much stats? Jakob has 10 Res at base, 2 with his +2 passive. Corrin's S-ranked so the pair-up gives another point of Res. And remember that she has supportive for -2 damage.

XsL0wAD.png  Fv3vQz2.png

Got this Azura level while I was setting up. Hp is always nice, but I always just assume Azura would explode to everything.


This formation is complete and utter overkill, by the way. His Res got so high nobody actually bothered attacking. (He also casually dodged the first Hexing Rod use.)


Then again, he wasn't taking damage regardless... (I don't do this, by the way.)


Jakob should be safe to wipe the room even with Hexing Rod on him, but I play it safe and retreat to the Stairs to fight the bow guy.


I tend to randomly dance people when I'm just waiting for turns to pass like this, hence why Azura's going to be getting a bunch of levels this map.

AckVIDm.png  mUaNXg5.png

The archer survived the enemy phase, but Corrin can smack him without being in Hexing Rod range, so I have her take the kill. Note that he has Miracle, so the first hit being all the hp he has left does matter. (Unless you manage to take all his hp - 1 instead, I guess.)

p6gt6QG.png  ahi6j4P.png

Even with a Bronze Bow Niles is basically indestructible, so I send him in to counter-kill + bait more Hexing Rod uses. (If this was an endgame chapter with Staff Savant I wouldn't do this, I'd just have Jakob solo the room before killing Azama. But then, if this was an endgame chapter Jakob probably won't have the stats to do that.)

K72l5zU.png 6r8KGWb.png

Miraaaaaaaacles, note that the mage is alive at the end of turn. (This is why I take this room slowly rather than just bum rushing everyone in.)

I also mess up on getting Elise out, since Selena's hogging the other side of the stairs, but she has 15 Res at this point + Elise.jpg Speed so it doesn't matter. Thinking about it, letting Elise bait a Hexing Rod use would be better than having her end turn on the stair-well---she can stand next to Jakob for Gentilhomme if I were at all worried about her.

oP3lwaL.png  1Oc0zlD.png



All 3 Hexing Rod uses are gone at this point, 2 used on Jakob, 1 on Niles, so I send Selena in to pick up some free exp.

wIyKk7L.png  penIIsZ.png

Which gets her this very defensive level.

yhyYooZ.png  Fw5O9Qb.png

Grabbed Enfeeble, which put Niles over 5, and I Convoy the Sidelong Yumi because honestly I don't even know why I bothered picking it up in the first place. It's a useful weapon, just not for someone like Niles.


Turn count's pretty low still, since the left side is the easier side.


Jakob would've died after the first hit if he attacked in melee range, I believe. The worst part is that the forecast will not tell you that, so you always have to be a bit careful attacking Azama with 1-2 range weapons.


Murdering a 'defenseless' priest, level 12 or not, only got Selena like 20 exp. She's a level above him so it's probably because he's treated as a 'normal' level 12 unit rather than a 'boss' level 12 unit.

yO2PAhL.png  IccJk8v.png

The middle room is kind of a hassle if you don't have excellent bulk on both sides, so I give Camilla the Dual Club (so that she isn't facing WTD), and give her Effie for maximum physical bulk.

I then proceed to position Camilla with absolutely 0 regard for the fact that the Lunge assholes are about to camp the stairs. Oops.

f4acPBY.png  eweY4rK.png


I freeze the Ninja because I didn't know he was stupid enough to go last.

YQaccbl.png  jC32aCC.png

At least Elise got a staff rank out of it. Note that staff ranks give hit chance on offensive staves and +1 hp healed per level for healing staves. IRRC most staves have very low magic to healing conversions---Heal staff is 3 magic for 1 hp, I think---so staff ranks are pretty great.

C-rank is enough to use Enfeeble so I have Niles hand it over. Main problem with Enfeeble is that you can usually just have Elise kill the guy she's using it on, but it'll be nice for stuff like Vantage users or something, I guess.


Pretty shaky hit rates, but Camilla needs to be Lunged twice before being in Shuriken range so this was safe even if she missed, I believe.

Even ignoring the fact that the idiot Ninja waited until everyone else attacked before attacking.

Pm2Re0I.png  IAwzPUE.png

*Fake celebration noises*


The other half of the L&D pair killed himself on enemy phase, leaving us with this at the start of turn. Note how Camilla is only barely below half despite the fact that she wasn't even full hp before all of this started. Time to start the exp pinata train.


I swapped Camilla's weapon to Steel before attacking. (Kind of wish I forged her a Bronze, lul.)


Should've had Jakob do this, I think---dude has like a billion skill and weapon triangle advantage.


Fruit Knife has 5% less hit than Iron Dagger. This matters all of jack all.


I swapped to Dual Club before doing this. It's trivial to swap if you have your turn still, since changing main weapon is a free action---it's when your partner doesn't have a turn that you have to use trade shenanigans---usually that doesn't matter, but it's annoying if you're just feeling things out before choosing a combat order.

pW7KdPM.png  Xosulyv.png

The Samurai pair-up is a bit too far away from the rest of my team, so I use Lunge to get them closer.



8auE9YL.png  oetFcYO.png

It's... a level. Niles is within +/- .5 of all his averages right now, except for hp, where he's a full point behind.

Usually you don't need to worry about his growths since they're good enough that he'll play basically the same for the whole game. Kaze has pretty good odds of stealing his job this run, but it'll be nice to be able to capture 4x Rally guy in Chapter 22 even if I don't intend to rely on him. (Like I said, too lazy to use rallies, although that guy has the advantage of not needing a bunch of setup to get all those rallies.)


I attack with bread because bread fixes being hexed, right? (Nothing fixes being hexed.)

Danced Jakob for this, by the way.


Too lazy to march all the way around the map, so I'll do the Kaze and Setsuna rooms backwards. (I think they're a bit harder this way, but they're pretty easy regardless.)


First things first, get Camilla into fighting shape.

3qtWJRd.png  5hKGYxm.png

Without Poison Strike the Ninja room basically doesn't do anything. Even Beruka could handle it if you're willing to chug a bunch of Vulneraries.

EqrfNDX.png  9Zf90AP.png

Steel Axe is a melee weapon, so only the axe guy explodes after the Lunge train. I kill this guy since he's camping the stairs. (Note that Camilla takes 0 even after Shuriken Debuffs.)


Even with a Beruka pair-up Selena doesn't have the Atk to OHKO, so I fish for some crits.

(Jakob could double the Ninjas to death, I believe, but he doesn't exactly need exp at this point.)

nbbjlwH.png  CwQ3g1O.png

Another round of the Lunge train later and we get this.

iNp1bCY.png  AmPbcP9.png

Doop. And always remember Kaze has Vantage before you do this with someone with low physical bulk.


Practice Katana is so nice.


Note about Spirit Dust---and all stat items, really. Do remember that it sells for 4k, which is a lot. Even if you're using magical units you should double check if it's more cost effective to spend 4k on forges before you chug this.

(I rarely have cash-flow problems, so I tend to hoard stat boosters until near the end game, when I can see exactly how much stats a unit would need to grab ORKOs or whatever, and I distribute them accordingly. Before that I tend to fix things with forges or just dropping low-rollers entirely.)

MjMtqWP.png  VPsoAYu.png

This is such an ass backwards way to do this.

Note that Effie is standing on stairs right now, meaning Natural Cover is kicking in. She doesn't really need the Guard Naginata to tank this room. (I gave her the Corrin pair-up because they were C-ranked, so Supportive is kicking in right now.)


Normally you'd just control enemy phase combats by the simple act of not standing in range of everyone at once, since you're going through the front door.


Counter is still a thing on everyone other than Setsuna, and as you can see Effie doesn't have the damage to OHKO. So she'll only be thinning things out for a bit before everyone else comes marching in.


She'd still be alive without the Guard Naginata, but I think she'd need to pop over to the other side of the stairs and get healed before doing this.

fHSnp3p.png  bNj9Zj3.png

Killing Setsuna gets Effie this non-speed level, meaning she's on the road to being benched.

She's only .3 behind her Speed averages at this point, but she needs to high-roll her speed growths for me to keep her, considering I'm going to have a ton of guys with high Atk once L&D and Swordfaire gets rolling.


The 5 damage is because Effie stepped off the stairs, meaning no more -3 damage buff.

She doesn't have OHKOs on anyone else, so this'll be her last turn alone in the room.


You take the counter damage even if your Attack Stance would deal enough damage to KO, so watch out for that.




Doop. (Be very careful when attacking if you have less hp than the guys in this room. 1 more Str and Beruka's dead.)


And doop.

1c3EHcH.png  fHishJh.png

Corrin's 2.8 behind in hp, .1 behind in Str, 2.55 behind in Mag, 2.15 behind in Skill, .15 behind in Speed, .55 behind in Luck, while being .5 ahead in Def and 1.1 ahead in Res.

So she's basically behind in everything, since the hp thing nullifies her extra bulk. This speaks more about her averages than anything else. You have to be hilariously low-rolling for her to become bad. That said, she's actually still pretty close to her averages right now, even if technically 'behind in everything.' Her Strength boon also means that it's trivial for her to get stellar offenses once I swap her to Samurai, so I doubt she'll be turning out badly.


Left side took a while since I spent a few turns chipping each room down with one person.

6nooSeJ.png  LgwTKRP.png

'Yay,' or something.


I try to have my team like this on the march from here to the boss room, letting Azura's personal heal them all back up. It ended up not mattering for anyone other than Selena.

khUJYUr.png  xrZFfE0.png

There's no rush or anything, so I take my time grabbing the free exp from Hinoka's attendants.

QcoogGd.png  sKURK06.png

I spent a lot of turns getting up here, so Azura got enough exp to get another level from all the dancing she's been doing. And it even has hp. (She's actually out of OHKO range now, I think, so I'm legit happy about this. Most maps will still have a bunch of mooks that can OHKO her---25 physical bulk after Naginata is peanuts---but at least it's only 'most' rather than literally everyone on the map.)


Fruit Knife is great.



weetV3o.png  IhrCoAW.png

To be perfectly honest, I'm basically playing with 3 units that chugged bp/vp & path reward stat boosters at this point.

Jesus, team.

It's pretty normal to have high-rolling units on your main team since the low-rolling ones get dropped and the high-rolling ones are more likely to be kept, but this run was weird because I was going to use Jakob and Odin no matter what, so the pick and choose thing doesn't really come into play.


Double checking Hinoka's damage so I don't get Selena's face plastered on EP. I forgot Hinoka's using Steel so I thought Selena was going to get doubled, so I was doubling this 5 to a 10.


12 + 10 is only 24, which is easily survivable, so I send Selena in to farm the back line.

doxHlvs.png  7xELNEl.png

Run out, get healed, get danced, and I swap Camilla into the pair-up as well to get some support points. They didn't fight enough this map to get A-rank with each other, but they aren't in a rush to class change.

7CECPEd.png  Ysmd7ri.png

Elise gets another one of her 15 or so Elise.jpg levels from healing.

ADDFN54.png  Zh0dLJY.png

And Selena gets this fairly odd level. Usually her speed skyrockets. It's pretty weird that her stats are ending up so close to each other---part of this is because I didn't feed her a Speedwing, though.

Nothing wrong with Str, though I'd prefer Def or Res over Luck or Skill.


And once more, with feeling. (Note the Beruka pair-up. Beruka is 3 Str, 3 Def, which Selena needed for this OHKO.)


Healers give pretty terrible exp, but it's still weapon exp, so yay?


A turn later and I end up feeding Hinoka to Odin.

(If you're really serious about farming exp on this map it's probably better to leave the healer alive and just trade hits with Hinoka until the exp penalty kicks in.)




Vcz4PWl.png  5oUb69c.png

Welcome back, Kaze. The left side is his stats on our team, and the right side is his boss stats. Main issue is that his boss stats is actually 2 levels lower, meaning the comparison is actually worse than it looks. Really wish he got to keep that amazing 31 hp.


He had enough support points from the prologue maps for a C-rank with Corrin.

nNlAFyT.png  NxLHe3e.png

Azura danced Niles and Jakob enough at this point for a pair of supports.

WPT1mLK.png  xbgNbnR.png

Effie-Odin goes to B, and Beruka-Selena goes to C.

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Chapter 12:

Reset Count: 5

I forgot to go to the kitchen before the map started, and only noticed two turns in. So I reset the chapter and made some food.

Pre-map Planning:


6BtGp5O.png  tXp1stC.png

This is probably the first map where I didn't follow my original plan at all, on account of the fact that my original plan didn't involve Jakob getting 3 billion stats from pots. Which brings me to why I dislike this map:

Yes, you know which pots are good and which pots are bad, but knowing exactly which pot was which would save you so many turns it's not even funny, and you can't know unless you look it up in a guide or played the map before, which is just... rude. It'd be fine if the map didn't have a turn limit, since you can take your time and slow roll while grabbing all the pots, but I guess they thought the map was too easy for a Conquest map that way and added some fake difficulty with the turn limit + incomplete information combo. I still like this better than reinforcement maps, though, since at least you know where the pots are from the start of the map, and you can plan to make sure your combat units hit as many good pots as possible to hope for good buffs even if you didn't know where the 'right' pots were, while also using disposables to break 'bad' pots.

KCjyaNh.png  pDNPqqi.png

His speed is surprisingly low---we're already used to dealing with ~22 speed on initiation from Hinoka's Darting Blow---but everything else about his offenses and defenses is pretty scary. 36 Atk isn't really feasible to ignore this early, and 16% crit means that you'll be staring down positive crit odds even while paired-up unless you're lucky as hell.

That said, the map has a ton of stat boosting pots, so if you know where the right ones are his stats aren't high enough to matter.


UTS1SQU.png  vPvMJiY.png

Ninja pair-up that really hates armors, between the Flame Shuriken and Sting---both of them have decent speed and Atk, but for some reason there's 2 +4 defense pots right next to the start of the map, so they don't really do enough damage to matter.


If you know about the Entrap it's a way to save having to ferry a Locktouch guy and either dancing that guy or Sheltering him (the archers on this map hurt), but if RNJesus doesn't smile you'll have to join with the main team---this isn't the endgame 200% hit Entrap, so it's quite possible both Entraps would miss.

8npfYct.png  yArt1BO.png

This is 37 Atk for the first combat, with hilarious bulk. Do not fuck with archers on this map if you aren't a pile of stats.

HyIX9cU.png  IbE21HX.png

There's a gold bar archer and a door key archer on each side, the Door Key guy has Lunge instead of Spendthrift. What's majorly annoying is that all the pots surrounding the middle of the map are poison pots, so you'll be taking a penalty to join back up with the team, and possibly a hefty one like Hex.

UykOxtk.png  rvkoN6i.png

These guys had this, so I guessed that the two medicine pots above them had good buffs. (The only one I broke had healing only, don't know about the other one.)

Fb2BaoX.png  JNmqy0i.png

7oDt7qP.png  RCiDHbt.png

jsMMzxW.png  Obtthke.png

For some reason only the archers have decent stats on this map. Considering you'll be pretty likely to be sitting on a pile of stats the non-archer mooks are pretty trivial. The lancers in the middle of the map do have Seal Defense, though.


My original plan was to divide the team into two halves, one with Kaze, Nyx, Camilla, and Selena, who'll take care of the right side. This turned out to be stupid, because as I noticed once I went into the map, you can't actually open the door on the right side without getting shot---you need either a dance or a shelter to avoid that. That said, the main crux of the plan still works, thanks to the Entrap staff letting you just teleport in. (Occasionally you'll just RNG into dodging the entrap, and that's why I planned on bringing Kaze, but he was so owned by the 37 Atk archers it's not even funny, so if the teleport thing failed I would've just joined up with my main team.)

The other half was supposed to go through the left side by opening the door and then death-balling their way to Ryoma before going down to the middle of the map to farm some exp.

Yeah, I didn't end up using that plan. Jakob ended up getting so much stats from pots that he was fully capable of soloing the map, so I just went straight down the middle while everyone else sat behind him. The only reason I didn't rout the map was because Effie ran out of Vulneraries while farming mooks for exp, meaning I had to start on finishing Ryoma. (And then Jakob murdered him before I got my next player phase.)


As you can see, Elise is forcibly benched---which makes the lineup pretty simple, I just drop Silas, Arthur, and Mozu again, but it does affect my resource distribution.


My Castle Stuff:

84P7nhM.png  VKFy3wA.png

Jakob got the Luck and Res. Effie got the Def and Res.

bSKEAk6.png  VFHAC4j.png

Another high-roll on the kitchen, although I should note that I forgot all about the kitchen before starting the map the first time.


3ANDUlY.png  djQ2uMv.png

A free Def tonic on a bunch of relevant targets is pretty crazy.


Resource Distribution:

enTISuk.png  08Q2Ruy.png

As you can see, Adventurer is terrifying as a class if all you care about is heals and magical offense. Nyx kept all of her Mag from Dark Knight and gained 5 Speed, meaning the only thing keeping her from having typical Nyx offenses again is getting enough Bow Rank to use the Shining Bow---which is a very real problem, Shining Bow is C-rank. I have plenty of time before I actually need her offenses again, though.

Main downside is that she doesn't have horse mobility like this, but the +1 Move skill after she gets 2 levels will fix that somewhat.

I like having 2 healers on the team, since it lets me split the team into two easily, so Elise being benched makes this a good time for me to make another healer. (It also means that Jakob is free to class change once Elise rejoins.)


Nyx's old kit makes no sense at this point, so I steal Elise's Heal staff and Niles' Bronze Bow. Also note the candy cane I picked up from the ground.


Found this free Vulnerary scroll while looking through my tomes, so I swap Moonlight for it. (It's a bp/vp item.) Also note that Camilla got her Raider Axe back---she traded it for Dual Club last map.


I give Beruka's Axe to Beruka. It's basically impossible to fight through -20 Dodge without a S-rank Xander or Keaton support (they give like 15 or 20 dodge if you're in Attack Stance, it's crazy), so it's best on people like Beruka who have tons of Def. Never end up swinging it because the accuracy's pretty damn bad, though. Also stole the Bronze Axe from Arthur since he's benched and it's a nice chunk of dodge and hit.


Lots of lances on the right side, where the Selena, Camilla, Nyx trio will end up going through, so I give her the Dual Katana.

zIkxw7I.png  Koqg7IZ.png

Kaze gets his Needle since it has his name on it. It's kind of annoying for him to use it right now because his Str is pretty low, but it debuffs Seed, Def, and Res for four, meaning it's an 8 point speed swing.


The Map:


Selena and Camilla starts off the map by going left---this was a Mag pot.


I'm positioning to take advantage of Medicine pots on my main units if reasonably practical, but as you can see I'm not using up turns to force it.

This ends up being a Def pot.

XYcuxBe.png  gz8HHZj.png

Turn 1 ends like this. Nyx is in range of the Ninja to get some bow exp. (She actually gets combat exp, thanks to being -5 in internal levels, just like Camilla.)

Her Def is so terrible that she can only tank one hit for free, though, and I'm not going to heal her just for weapon exp.


This ends up being just a healing pot.


Kind of wanted to move Nyx 1 square and then Hand Axe this guy to give her more weapon exp, but the KO was pretty shaky already. (Not that Beruka would care even if the Ninja lived---he'd get counter-killed on EP since he's trapped right now.)

mGjBMiN.png  7JnAqVa.png

She's 3/3 for speed levels right now. Yeah, Effie is benched so hard it's not even funny.


The pot ends up being an Str & Def Tonic pot, so Beruka's pretty happy.


This one, on the other hand, was just healing.


He misses both shots. Basically Niles in a nut-shell, he'll double pretty much everything on the map, but that doesn't mean he'll hit them.

qveoAkn.png  FM9Bt4I.png

This is pretty much Jakob the entire map, by the way. Things tend to disappear when he does things. (He crit-killed that Samurai.)

P3lde7U.png  Ez7fZAM.png

Here's the shelter trick if anyone didn't know about it already. You dance someone (Niles), and then a level 10+ cavalier uses Shelter on you, which lets someone else walk up to that cavalier and trade for Azura, letting you switch into Azura and then use dance again. Very useful if you're using the level 10 skill to buff people, if you need to trade turns for raw mobility on a few key units, or if you really wanted one person to get a bunch of kills.

It costs 2 turns per extra dance, and you need to be careful with positioning, but it's pretty damn strong.


I dance Peri to have her separate Odin and Niles, turning the ~50% hit rate into 100%. (Odin is a freak of nature.)

Mind that part of this is also because Azura's dance gave Niles a bunch of stats.


Odin gets C rank from the combat, confirming that Attack Stance hits give weapon exp. (I didn't really doubt it, but it's nice to have confirmation.)


This ends up being... Defense again, I believe. Which both Corrin and Jakob already had.

gDIp6Ii.png  pvFjvIX.png

Turn 2 ends like this. You can see how Nyx and Kaze are planning to follow Selena and Camilla before I realize that plan was pretty stupid.

RggFnh3.png  HWl4V4N.png

Damage pot, thankfully. Camilla doesn't really care about non-archer mooks even while Hexed, but I'd much rather lose 9 hp temporarily than 15 permanently. Selena slides right next to her to murder mooks.


Another healing pot, I believe.

aPDilTl.png  Zqpt6N9.png

I realize Jakob has a stupid amount of stats at this point (he has the 2 Def & 1 Str from the food he ate earlier, on top of Corrin's huge pair-up bonuses), so I dance him to start murdering the Ninjas.

7DJtO8I.png  AgiKOOr.png

Everyone's getting good levels this map. Azura's bulk won't really matter next map, though, since the most mobile units on the map have like 10 more Atk than needed to OHKO her.


Yeah... don't expect to see this picture often. I'm usually too lazy to use rallies. I'd much rather get Inspiration on Felicia or Jakob, which is basically +2 Str/+2 Mag/+2 Def/+2 Res. Jakob has a far more annoying time getting it, though, since he needs two levels in Strategist when he's at least level 13, and his magical offenses are only the 'barely there' variety.


This picture is when I realize I can just have Jakob march down the middle, 37 Atk archers or not.

rQK2CfO.png  h3yxx3G.png

Everyone except Camilla, Selena, and Nyx is going through the middle at this point, since Jakob is going to carry my ass.


Note that I'm very carefully not standing on the stairs---I don't know if the ground evasion decreases staff hit-chance, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Also note that anyone opening the door would get shot. Wasn't paying attention when I looked at the map during prep.


I don't remember what this was, but I know it wasn't a healing pot.


Saizo's personal skill got him down to 1 hp after Jakob chunked him on EP, so I have Kaze finish things with his needle for the completely over-kill speed on Jakob.

BvgTIP2.png  Mc3jhCx.png

This might be a Samurai abuse run, but that doesn't mean having Samurai means you're an auto-include. -_-

(Between Niles, Nyx, and Jakob our team's already pretty filled with mage-killers with utility.)

Even testing Samurai on high-rolling units is pretty useful, since I'd know for future reference how much stat boosters they'd want.


Kagero has Shuriken mastery so she actually does 16 damage. The Stale Bread negates her Grisly Wound post-combat damage, though.

A28WodN.png  tZCpAUl.png

Jakob's Shield Guage was full, so Vantage wasn't a problem. (Also note how the portrait was smart enough to realize Vantage was on. Wish it'd do that for Counter as well.)

ocuwgSx.png  MA8iFIK.png

I dance Jakob again and find out the Ninjas are doing 0 to him after debuffs. Should've used bread to heal, though.

pfY4gGB.png  GNiAHoZ.png

Very good pace, and very easy strategy, since ultra-blessed Jakob is just steam-rolling everything.


We're inside, and I separate Selena and Camilla. I make Camilla hold the Dual Club so that Selena gets the combat exp.




This was a healing pot.


I'm not a fan of not ORKOing people, but even Jakob is having issues ORKOing, so I don't mind that much.




Def & Res Tonics, Jakob is so stacked in stats right now.


Bunch of Samurai trying to march to us from the left, so I have Jakob hold the choke-point. (He takes 1 damage from them, by the way...yeah, all of them died on EP.)

K2xi6Dz.png  cbw5U9v.png

He's getting pretty average Jakob levels now, which is kind of disappointing.


Tomebreaker's great, though. Means that his low Res in non-Butler classes will only be a rare issue. (Magical Swords and whatnot still hit him, of course, but Tomes are the vast majority of magical damage, like you'd expect---Jakob cares a lot more about Tomebreaker than Felicia, so it's nice that he got this before changing out of Butler.)


Beruka can't die no matter what, so I just do this for some free combat exp.

oTXDt42.png  CuaEsOn.png

Reinforcements are coming in at this point, but it'll be pretty easy to just walk Nyx left until she's safe even if she dodges the Entrap. (I'll be honest, the only thing I think when I see reinforcements on this map is 'Oh, hey, more exp.')

hivH3lW.png  Ss3tamJ.png

Killed both sides of the Samurai pair-up since I didn't want Nyx getting smacked after teleporting. Note that I walked Selena down and left so that Nyx teleports into guaranteed safety rather than possibly to the left of the Priestess and then getting Ninja'd to death.

HoPlEBf.png  PfgwEF7.png

Not bad levels, but Selena's 0/3 for speed at this point. *Shrug*


Nyx prepares to get teleported.


Fighting over here rather than hand-axing so that Beruka can fight some lancers on EP. (Which both gets her exp and makes it easy to Nyx to walk left if the teleport fails.) Bronze Axe is for accuracy and because I'm too lazy to check the lancers' crit % again.


Don't have a map this time, unfortunately. But note that Effie and Odin are sent to deal with the archers. (Effie had so much defense stacked that she doesn't need a defense pair-up, so I sent Odin. Wish I gave her another Vulnerary, though.)

Also note that Jakob is in range to get Lunged into the middle of the map. It'll be pretty costly in terms of hp to go in that way, but he has the stats to handle it.



1avWars.png  PxzlisX.png

4/4 Speed. Someone really wants to make the team. (She's already guaranteed a spot, by the way.)

Wonder if she's stealing them from Selena.


Honestly the Steel Sword is probably the best of the generic Swords for Laslow---he's just too slow to double people anyway, but he does tend to have enough speed not to get doubled himself, and Steel Sword doesn't make that bit any worse. Really hard to justify running him when I have 3 good swords in Corrin, Odin, and Selena, though.

He does have Ninja if you want a Ninja with high Str and middling speed, though. If his Speed growths pull through then he'll be pretty damn sweet, but bear in mind he only has 50% after Ninja's 20% growth and that Mercenary is a pretty fast class already, meaning he only gets +2 Speed from class changing.


Nyx's Atk is so bad that she's getting 2 combats worth of weapon exp from this priestess. Good thing Bronze Bows have 6 MT, so it'll be pretty easy to forge them to the point where she ORKOs fliers despite basically negative Str. 8k for +4 is pretty affordable, anyway.

Also note that Camilla got Hexed from breaking the Poison pot separating this half of the room from the Chest half. (Both Ninjas go for Selena.)

2zJw8bk.png  e9zuWTY.png

Jakob took a pretty big beating from the +10 Spendthrift combat, but in retrospect the Concoction was an overreaction. (It was fine to just heal up from the Fruit Knife.)

F4Cflgd.png  bUkNwp5.png

Especially since Niles is about to murder this fool.


Got a great level for it, too.

The Spendthrift combat's over, so it's fine to leave him in range of the archer like this. This is also when I decide I could just break a pot, take the random penalty, and move the rest of my team through.

ZWy2ki2.png  OrcaOQh.png

Effie actually has so much Defense that with Natural Cover even the steel bows are hitting for 0, so I'm not worried just leaving her alone. Once she runs out of Vulneraries I'll just put her on a forest or stair tile.


I also missed this Freeze staff on my pre-map planning, meaning Jakob got frozen solid. Nothing I can't deal with by swapping to Corrin and then dancing her, but it's decently annoying for the 3 turns she does this.

jHvCsy8.png  Ieipwk3.png

Healed Selena with a Candy Cane before having her attack the other Ninja. Had to pair-up Camilla to be able to make sure Nyx is safe, so I don't get the ORKO.

UT4FwBn.png  7z01CSE.png

I was being lazy about combat math and chugged the first 2 Vulneraries way too early, which contributed to the whole 'run out of Vulneraries' thing.


Beruka kills the Lancer that's been hanging around for quite a while, now.


This ended up being a silence, which nobody on the left side actually cares about. (Not even Jakob, since he isn't healing anyone anyway.)


And Kaze being here means that it's a nice KO without having to tank a counter.


This was Skill.


Not sure what this was, probably a healing pot.

DD3mQal.png  CY3I1c9.png

Already knocking on Ryoma's door, so I'm not really pressured by the turn count.

1AwHONn.png  8hmskl3.png

Odin gets this level from doing Dual Guards on EP, pretty average, if it didn't have Def I'd be a little unhappy, but it did.

vx6HCj5.png  N72uBS6.png

This is pretty much why I like having healers around. It's pretty easy to keep them safe and they save a combat unit's turn that they would've spent chugging healing items. (And late-game the best healers tend to be able to kill people, meaning if you're under pressure you can skip healing for a turn to help out in combat, and then heal up between waves.)


Lots of defenseless priests on this map. This one used to have a Silence but she wasted it all on Jakob, who didn't care.

QTKczzd.png  hSXPyJj.png

Very nice levels this map. Pity it's Wyverns with armor pair-ups next map, meaning she's so, so dead if anyone gets near her.

Dl9RDvS.png  PmvtOoQ.png

This guy has a Kodachi, meaning Jakob is basically Ryoma once he gets Swordfaire and L&D. He doesn't double, but he also doesn't need to.

Then again, Jakob is pretty much already being Ryoma right now. (God he's blessed.)


Killed this guy and then Sheltered Niles to safety. (Didn't really need to do that, though, since he was safe for the enemy phase combat.)

wK8aVHS.png  0oyzbU4.png

Basically 'wasted' 7 hp worth of healing from chugging the first two Vulneraries early, which was unfortunate.

aoRF9t9.png  XCQmuvS.png

It's pretty easy to wipe the entire map at this point, but I end up rushing things and leaving a bunch of mooks alive.

wwBDKai.png  1WPY5Yp.png

Effie got this nice, Speedy level from enemy phase. (Really wish she got a point of Def, though, since that would've meant only the Steels mattered, meaning me wasting that 7 hp earlier wouldn't have mattered.)

If she gets Speed every level from now on she'll still have a spot on the team, but we'll see if she even has the deployment slots to get that chance.

mBcuLYz.png  A176b78.png

I heal her up first thing, making a note to start working on Ryoma once she gets to critical.




Weapon Exp, yay.

zHaEx9G.png  DVvst8i.png

Jakob completely failed to dodge every single Freeze staff, so I had to Corrin dance to move him again. Ryoma's out of mooks to hide behind, now.


Yeah this was a healing pot. Honestly expected it be some pretty crazy stats because of the skill on the archers trapped inside.


And I make sure the guy stays trapped by flying Beruka in there.

tntEc32.png  3VyknS6.png

The reinforcements are nicely choked, Effie will probably have to run to the stairs in a turn or two, but I'll get the most important things next turn.


This ends up being a Freeze that lasts forever and a half.


Good thing I positioned Jakob out of range of that, so he's free to move in and murder this mook.


Atk & Res debuff. (Not sure why Res debuffs are on the map at all, only the staff users care about it, and even they don't care all that much.)


Effie has one last enemy phase unless she kills enough people to get a point of Def. (She doesn't.)



iJtu9Dd.png  j1PS7Mk.png

Niles grabs the Armorslayer, Kaze grabs the 5000G. I move in with Jakob vs. Ryoma at this point, playing it safe so that I can forcibly end the map if the archer reinforcements prove too tough to deal with after Effie lets them through.


Do not fuck with Jakob.

BB7NlEd.png  Cg1ThlW.png

So, so blessed.

That said, his speed is slowly approaching normal again. (He does have 50% speed growths, so if he doesn't keep getting them he'll become ordinary again.) He's also .75 behind in Str.

Note that Ryoma is almost dead---Jakob rolled a critical.

yVCvln4.png  xAOyJnC.png

Playing it safe with Effie, she takes 0 damage on stairs. If she had 4 more hp she'd be guaranteed to survive another enemy phase, so you can see the Vulnerary in-efficiency costing me now---I wouldn't have moved Jakob in this early if she had another turn.


Getting some last bits of combat exp.

PTqkYFr.png  xChlDsl.png

100 Avoid on Initiation didn't save Ryoma at all, so the map ended this enemy phase. Missed 12 whole mooks worth of exp, which was pretty disappointing---but then again, most of those would've gone to Effie, and she's very likely benched.




jZ2vFPJ.png  TLGfWTk.png

A+ both Selena and Camilla. A+ doesn't affect support or pair-up bonuses, IRRC, it's just for Friend Seal usage.

y7XEgBU.png  af2sGBA.png

Beruka-Kaze goes to C, and Odin-Niles to B.

If Beruka keeps getting speed like this she'll definitely care about a speed pair-up, so we'll see where this leads. (Kaze loves being paired with Beruka since she gives 3 Str, 3 Def from Wyvern.) Her support rank pair-up bonuses are Def, Skill, and Luck, though, meaning he needs to high-roll Atk to hurt things properly.

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Won't let me edit again. But it's just a minor thing. Selena's 0/4 for speed rather than 0/3, the last time she got speed was level 11. (Alternatively, she's 1/5.)

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On 3/22/2019 at 7:34 PM, DehNutCase said:

Selena also likes using Sol and Good Fortune to save a fight's worth of healing every once in a while.

Frankly, I don't see the hype for Sol or Good Fortune; neither of them is very reliable, especially the latter, which is a poor man's Renewal that won't work that often.

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Did a similar strategy last night on this map. I'm redoing my Hoshidan Conquest run so I'm doing it on Hard. Basara Jakob, Swordmaster Odin and Kinshi Selena steamroll this map. I completely ignored the reinforcements and the middle though I also left Ryoma alive.

Pretty easy map compared to previous runs.

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Yeah. (I remembered it being very easy as well, from my past playthroughs.)

I don't usually play like I am right now---I tend to be pretty willing to reload Chapters to get 100% resource efficiency for healing item usages, exp from combat, and whatnot---but that's not really the kind of style that makes for good reading.

Like, if I were just playing I'd probably spend a reset or two scouting out pots and figuring out how much healing items I'd need on everyone. And I think Conquest kind of expects you to do this---there's a god damn stupid amount of things you can't figure out just by looking at the map, like how the friendly AI unit behave, how enemy units tend to use staves*, etc.

*Staff Savant Iago and 4 staves, for example---I'll be honest, first time I saw that map on Lunatic I went 'fuck this bullshit' and dropped the difficulty without even trying the map first---I thought he'd always pick the most annoying option rather than just going through the staves in order, turning the map into Red-light Green-light.

Edit: The red-light green-light thing is damn cool level design, mind, but they need to tell you about it for it to not look like bullshit.


Turned out not scouting on this map didn't make much of a difference. The most efficient path happened to get you most of the relevant stat pots even if you didn't know where they were before you went in.

Edited by DehNutCase

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My favorite thing about Conquest is all the different ways you can play the game.

Like I said, I'm doing a Hoshidan units run. This means Heart Seals for the Awakening kids and Corrin; Friendship and Partner Seals for the Royals, Silas, Niles and Effie; using Midori and Shigure and things like that. It's surprising how effective these classes can be in this path. 

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6 hours ago, DehNutCase said:

Like, if I were just playing I'd probably spend a reset or two scouting out pots and figuring out how much healing items I'd need on everyone. And I think Conquest kind of expects you to do this---there's a god damn stupid amount of things you can't figure out just by looking at the map, like how the friendly AI unit behave, how enemy units tend to use staves*, etc.

*Staff Savant Iago and 4 staves, for example---I'll be honest, first time I saw that map on Lunatic I went 'fuck this bullshit' and dropped the difficulty without even trying the map first---I thought he'd always pick the most annoying option rather than just going through the staves in order, turning the map into Red-light Green-light.

Edit: The red-light green-light thing is damn cool level design, mind, but they need to tell you about it for it to not look like bullshit.

Speaking of, does the same AI Iago operates under regarding staff use in that chapter apply to the generic Maids with at least two of Freeze, Silence, Enfeeble, and the Hexing Rod?

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6 hours ago, DehNutCase said:

Edit: The red-light green-light thing is damn cool level design, mind, but they need to tell you about it for it to not look like bullshit.


That wouldn't be hard. A little "hohoho... hehehe... Which curse shall I torment them with? This one is strong, but oh, that one is downright nasty. Perhaps I should try them all, one after the other." a villain self-praising snippet that tells the player loosely how they play.

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Chapter 13:


This map has the kind of time-crunch that I like---although if you didn't know about it it's kind of a beating---rather than shoving you with a hard time limit they spawn a thief that'll slowly amble to the villages to steal things, giving you not only a good heads up, but also options to slow him down with stuff like Freeze if you need to buy time. (I don't remember if you can do the whole kill him for 1 thing he stole thing like a lot of other fire emblem thieves---I usually get to him before the first village.)

Objectives: 5000g, Arms Scroll, Master Seal, Blessed Lance. All of these are taken care of by just smacking the thief around before he can get to any villages.

V7HNsnP.png  ZZayDZs.png

The pack of mages to the left have 22 Atk max, and about 50% or so have Malefic Aura.

DQxc9qJ.png  fqp8qS9.png

The pack of Knights to the left have 1 Javelin guy and 2 Steel Lance guys. The Steel Lance guys have 28 Atk, and one of them has Def +2.


Note the armor's Natural Cover, he's exactly in range to step on this Gate. We have 3 gates on the map, one in the middle where Benny & Charlotte spawns, and another one mirroring this one at the mage wave. They're in really neat locations since you can stand on them without aggroing the boss waves of that side.

I2sNCX5.png  98ChX17.png

Orochi's pack has the same mages as the rest of the map (~22 Atk, Malefic Aura), and she has a very ordinary Cavalier to mess up pure mage-killers with only Res.


She has a Calamity Gate, 20 Mag, Elbow Room, and Seal Res. Which is 20 + 7 + 3 + 6 = 36 damage after the first combat, and 30 for the first.

She also has 11% crit, although that's hard to see.

Rq6lXCd.png  WzxMPde.png

Reina has Air Superiority and Certain Blow. This means she OHKOs Camilla with around 100% accuracy, if you were wondering. (I occasionally see people telling you to fight her with Camilla, and I always wonder how they're dealing with the whole 50% hit odds because of Air Superiority + getting ORKOd back combo.)

The Steel Yumi has 12 MT, so that's 36 versus air units, and she has 18 Str.

kUP90nb.png  98ChX17.png

Her Cavalier mooks are pretty ordinary, 26 Atk all around with the occasional Elbow Room and Beast Killer.

XBZDFEU.png  wvhRoMo.png

Bow Jesus is the real end boss of the map, by the way. The pass doesn't really matter since he has ORKOs on your entire team (he doesn't need to walk through people, he can just ORKO the first guy he sees), and the Natural Cover is kind of hilarious if you didn't pay attention while baiting him. (I didn't, so I ended up fighting through an extra 4 def/res.)

19% Crit means that even with a Bronze Weapon and a Pair-up you'd still need 8 Luck to see 0% crit, and 34 Atk pretty much guarantees that you're dead if he crits you. If all you have is a pair-up you'd need 28 Luck, so have fun with that.

He's Bow Jesus, so he walks on water. Don't fight him on the bridge.


The mage in his entourage is the run of the mill ~24 Atk (after Malefic) mage, but IRRC he has 2 Javelin Knights and 1 Spear Knight, occasionally with +2 Def.

H1hUxOS.png  zjIK8ln.png

These guys start aggro'd, and they have 2HKOs on your entire team and 1HKOs on like 50% of them. You might not think so, seeing how they have 24 Atk.


They have 31 Atk. (Remember that Wyvern gives +3 Str, +3 Def in a pair-up.)

mk2wHiI.png  JYazjFB.png

The pair-up has 1-2 range in the mage and, oddly enough, 2 range only in the Wyvern Rider.


This guy happens to have Quick Draw but honestly it doesn't matter, it's still only 30 Atk.


Scarlet herself doesn't matter at all, she has Death Blow, Seal Magic, and Bow-breaker, so you can kind of see where they're going with her, but her team can be lured without being in attack range of her, meaning it's trivial to just kill her before she gets to KO you with a crit.* (Seal Magic does jack all if every single mage ORKOs you anyway---you only need 23 Atk on the magical side to 2HKO her, and tomes have WTA against her. Even with Seal Magic you'd only need 26 Atk if you were somehow too slow to double her.)

*Technically the same thing is true of Takumi. You can, in fact, lure his team without being in range of him... if you wanted to fight Bow Jesus on the bridge.


There's also a bunch of mooks that spawn after you aggro Scarlet, but they're trivial unless your team is hilariously separated.


We have Tome-breaker Jakob, a thief to catch, and no particular reason to make life hard on ourselves, so the plan is to fight off the Armors on the right side with a minimum of resources, use our Flying Mage (Camilla) to intercept some of the 31 Atk flying asshats, and deathball our way left then down to catch the thief before taking the remaining waves 1 by 1.


We drop Effie and Kaze, who are 2nd stringers at this point. They're both a tad above average, I believe, but the main team is just straight up better. Minor note about Peri, I like her, but I'd like her more if she joined a chapter or two earlier. Lunatic exp penalty doesn't really kick in if you're under-leveled, so it's pretty easy to train her up to snuff, but I pretty much only give her a chance if everyone I tried out ended up being low-rollers.

(Like, if Odin, Niles, and Beruka failed me, then I probably would've fed her a few levels in Chapter 12 to see if she high-rolls.)

My Castle Stuff:

NRLvJ9g.png  84nyeap.png

Things got topsy-turvy for this round. We high-rolled a Fire for our lottery ticket but got a pretty low-roll on the kitchen.


qS3uZHm.png  nE4rLBY.png

A 'Fan of Nohrian' food just means you're in a Nohrian class, I believe. So people like Azura, Kaze, etc. wouldn't get the buff. It's also only +1 skill, so pretty mediocre even without the restrictiveness.


Resource Distribution:

GB0U7iu.png  9MBheg5.png

We only need 2 fires to forge a +2 since Nyx starts with one & we rolled one from the lottery. I also forge a Bronze Bow +2 for Niles* because I already know I'm going to at least +3 a Bronze Bow anyway. (We have tons of people that'll be going through E-rank bows, seeing how Nyx is in Adventurer right now and Bow Knight is kind of a whole thing if you wanted to get Shuriken-Breaker.)

*Remember that Nyx stole his old one.


Similar reasoning for the forged fire. We can forge a +1 Thunder for free* right now since both Odin and Camilla start with one, but I really like Inspiration so there's a very high chance Felicia will be going Strategist, meaning she'll need a nice E-rank tome.

*Well, technically for 1k, same as the Fires. The fact that nobody on our team is using Thunder right now means that we could also just sell the two Thunder tomes to pay for our two Fires. But that's the kind of thing you do when you're cash strapped, not when you're just sitting on a mountain of cash.


Elise gets Jakob's Heal. (She... ends up not healing a single time this map, IRRC.)

b1bdO9T.png  zBNhJMl.png

Jakob takes a Bloom Festal (bp/vp reward), for his last map in a long time as Butler. He might return to it and continue being Ryoma (he won't get to use Swordfaire, but L&D is more than enough), but he'll still be going through Swordmaster, Master of Arms, and possibly even Paladin first.

No heals here either.

Also note he swapped Felicia's Plate for Flame Shuriken. He loses like ~7 or so Avoid for doing that, and the ability to crit, but gains 5 Atk and 2 Speed. (And being able to never crit is very good if I'm trying to fish for exp via Attack Stance anyway.) I also pick up a Dual Shuriken for him, replacing the Stale Bread. I still like Stale Bread a lot, and in retrospect I think I'd rather drop the Fruit Knife rather than the bread.

OHLTonZ.png  WX08ZmJ.png

Camilla grabs the +2 Fire to roast some Wyverns & Armors. Pity she needed a Mag Tonic + a Pair-up if she wanted to ORKO the armors on the map, IRRC.

ZoFrIyp.png  G7DfqNR.png

In retrospect giving someone with 18 Str a 27 MT sword might have been major overkill. Odin doesn't really have the Def to handle multiple armors smacking him, though, so the only other choice was Corrin. (Normally it'd be a real choice between high Speed Selena and high Str Corrin, but Selena's stuffed full of stat boosters so she's just strictly better.)

fsfqVqf.png  dHyUgcG.png

Gave Niles the newly forged +2 Bronze.

I tend to end up with fairly high Bronze Forges by the end game, since they're so efficient leading up to that point, and I can always combine the leftovers from people who don't want Bronze to make a good endgame weapon for someone who either wants Bronze or don't care either way.


The Map:


Selena & Beruka step on the Gate to counter-kill the 1 range armors. (In retrospect I should've paired Selena with Beruka instead, and flew Selena in to ORKO the Javelin armor---would've freed up the right side a lot quicker.)

8NJNxno.png  zIM7S5F.png

I dance Jakob and confirm that yes, nobody has positive hit rates on him except the Cavalier and Orochi. (Remember that she has Calamity Gate.)


Then I end turn over here to aggro the boss wave.

ZKjlrxg.png  oU28W3s.png

Ended turn like this. As you can see pretty much all my resources are going to the left side, and Elise is going with Camilla to try and counter-kill some Wyverns so we stagger them rather than having to fight all 4 at once.

In retrospect I didn't need Elise with Camilla at all---she had enough Mag to ORKO the Wyverns regardless, and not enough to ORKO the armor half regardless. She would've needed a Mag Tonic on top of the Elise pair-up (on top of the +2 Fire or +1 Thunder) for the armors.

eE7giMd.png  9KQWDG6.png

Selena gets... basically the worst possible level, I think, for counter-killing the two melee mooks. Don't think we're allowed 0 stat level-ups anymore. Yes, I legit would rather have Mag. Levins are about taking advantage of the difference in Def and Res in your enemies, so you don't really need high Mag to want them.


The red line is Takumi and Reina, both of whom destroy Camilla. This tiny hard to see aggro line is the first Wyvern we can aggro for free---they do enough damage that they try to hit Camilla, so it's a free kill & the armor gets dropped on the enemy side of the river.


Rather than finishing off the Javelin guy, I run back then separate Beruka and Selena. Selena ORKOs the armor either way, and this way I get to use Beruka for stuff. (Also note Selena's stepping on the gate for some free healing.)


Enemies don't attack if they have 0% hit odds, so there's a nice treasure trove of exp to be taken. They hit decently hard, though, so this is fairly expensive in hp costs. Candy cane is amazing, however, since it's basically a mini Live to Serve---you heal for 10-13 and then get healed yourself for 5.


Note that Niles isn't actually doing that much damage more than Nyx. The difference is basically an attack stance's worth, although he does have significantly better bulk.

w1zDlQ6.png  teMtCmp.png

I dance Nyx to heal Niles, which lets her grab some weapon exp from this Attack Stance.

iQz2Ue7.png  FposMA9.png

I double check that yes, still 0% hit odds, then I kill Orochi. Didn't even need the Shield Guage---Jakob crit on the 6%.

FipdCEW.png  DHYHPhH.png

Welcome back, Ultra-Perfect-Jakob.

VsHXZcp.png  34TFITj.png

The Wyverns are coming in hot, but we cleared out more than enough mooks that we can handle both them and the mages if we really had to.


This is Camilla counter-killing, and also where I realized that the Elise pair-up was overkill. Would've liked her Lily's poise for our mage killing to save a bunch of hp.


This kill is on our turn, note the armor that was dropped from the earlier counter-kill. Staggering the waves like this makes the Wyverns a lot less scary. (I still manage to get a Moral Reset because I was stupid and forgot that being bulky just means you're 2HKOd rather than 1HKOd, though. More on that later.)

y2G0ntO.png  1AyNQbr.png

Typical Camilla level. She has 3.95 average growths in Malig Knight. Reminder that even Odin's amazing Samurai growths is 4.1, which is just .15 higher, and in Dark Mage Camilla actually beats him.

KzJyGQo.png  93wjBXB.png

Curse your exactly enough movement to be standing on the gate.


Just farming more exp at this point.


I double check that Odin isn't in range to get brutally murdered by a Wyvern drop, and then do this.


The mages have pretty terrible bulk on both sides---note how Flame Shuriken is killing them.


R.I.P. Candy Cane, you will be missed. (Until I find another one on the ground.)

vrnfGXP.png  CeWy6H6.png

Note how Beruka is range of both of the Wyverns. A reminder that being 2HKOd means you're bulky.

Beruka is bulky, this means she's 2HKOd rather than 1HKOd.

Moral Reset Counter: 4.5

She lived because of the fights she took with Selena, meaning the Beruka + Charolotte pair-up had half a shield-gauge already from the half she kept, and she's fast enough to double the first armor to fill it the rest of the way. Technically this meant she was in 0 danger of dying, but the reason this is a moral reset is because I didn't plan for her to survive that way---I expected her to be able to tank 2 hits because I forgot the 2HKO rule and didn't double check combat math.

axDtMgh.png  HVh6Jo8.png

Way too close for comfort, there.

Armorslayers are really accurate when attacking armors.

Which is a really nice thing about Conquest---that they actually made it so that rather than effective weapons being inaccurate all the time, they're only inaccurate when you're not really supposed to be using them. I won't buy them from the shop or anything, but I'd always be happy picking them up half price. (Which is basically what it means to get something from a chest or whatnot---you're not getting it for free, you're getting it for their vendor price.)




You can really tell how slow the 'Nohr' levels are since your team doubles everyone.

TTkV36W.png  jj06q5q.png

I can forgive one mediocre level given past performance. (But 2 in a row and she's on the road to the bench.)


Bow are so unbelievably good in this game. Nyx has 5 Str.

Speed is pretty much the only relevant combat stat if you're using bows, since you can just forge Bronzes for both accuracy and damage.


I still haven't used this enough time to make up for the fact that it costs ~2k in the shop, but I got this for free from bp/vp. (Well, okay, for vendor price.)

lbIhtlW.png  nwpKdsm.png

I dance him after that and have him bait Reina with the Dual Shuriken. The horses all use lances, so reversing the weapon triangle is all upside. (The 2 armors are a slight problem, but I checked Benny's stats beforehand and he has no problem tanking literally everyone other than Reina, so I can just sit behind him if things go badly.)

The thief has spawned at this point, I believe, hence why I'm pulling Reina. Without a time crunch I'd kill the armors first.


Don't fuck with Jakob. (Three people attacked him on EP, three people don't exist anymore.)


I kill the Javelin mook that somehow survived 4 whole turns. Mercenaries are one of the few units that are perfectly happy being left alone---between Sol and Good fortune they're pretty self-sufficient as long as you don't bite off more than they can chew.

They enjoy being in groups as well, of course---everyone likes being in groups---but they can handle being alone better than most.


Benny's personal is -10% Avoid in a 2 square AoE. If you liked Heartseeker then you'll like it as well. Pity it's really hard to use him offensively, considering the whole armor movement thing. That and the fact that he has negative speed.


I give Benny Odin to make doubly sure he doesn't get doubled. I think he's fine without Odin, though---Nohr maps tend to be low on speed.

9mU2P3N.png  fAXlDK1.png

Not liking my numbers if I went in now, I pull back, dancing Nyx for this Azura level that has hp in it. (She should be reasonably able to survive a single round in Chapter 14, now.)

LDLzl6a.png  VABoAXZ.png

Everyone injured (other than Benny) is next to Azura for her AoE heal. Also note Elise being nice with her Lily's Poise. If she was level 10 right now I think Benny just takes 0 damage from everyone other than the armor, thanks to Demoiselle. But she isn't.


I move Nyx before this combat to get some free weapon exp. (The grind is real, lul.)


Her KOs were all shaky when using her swords, but I flip through all her weapons by habit and notice she has a OHKO with the Dragonstone, thanks to the Elise pair-up. (I had to pair her up with Elise to get the movement to get here.)

zN7U5oZ.png  E49gMgn.png

Good level, but I'd really like some speed right now.


The sad thing? Nyx doesn't even get D-rank at the end of the map. Which, mind, is expected. It took like 5 maps for Odin to get C, and 1 range weapons tend to be easier to build ranks with, thanks to their users usually having the stats to do EP combats.

kg0poC6.png  AVQS2WM.png


7UMJ3Tq.png  jxpgSix.png

Didn't want to give Benny any more exp than I have to---not really looking for slow, Def heavy units when I have a fast, Def heavy unit right here in Beruka---so I soften the horse guy up with Beruka before finishing with Odin.

dejAjBE.png  XVDPwK1.png

Honestly this is either the best or 2nd best one stat level. The other choice is speed.

k4qPAd6.png  t8kHLm3.png

I dance Nyx to do some chip, and then Jakob does Jakob things. (Note how he's using Flame Shuriken to guarantee that Beruka gets the Attack Stance KO.)

R4RS28L.png  cbDhuHs.png

Fast forward a turn and we have this. (We finished things up with Reina so quickly that I actually had to wait a bit for the thief to get out of Scarlet's aggro range.)

Turns out, he doesn't attack.

jwBT1Yl.png  rwrQLnw.png


GDMQ4B2.png  tCIXgjw.png

Niles gets the 5000G. Also note how Odin, in a Luck pair-up, holding a Bronze Sword, next to Elise and Camilla, is baiting Takumi.

Bloody Bow Jesus and his 19% crit. Also note how I bait him in range of a forest like a stupid person---I should've moved Elise to where Camilla is and use the other available square, sacrificing Rose's Thorns.

Natural cover is pretty damn strong---good thing the enemy density per wave isn't high enough for me to have turn issues yet.


Where do I sign up for your 35 hp, guy. (Just ignore Jakob and his 32.)

wxow7eS.png  J9gZfVu.png

Ultra-Perfect-Jakob intensifies.

4ekh1B1.png  JE4tuOV.png

I couldn't find a KO without using Rose's Thorns, so I chip a mook with Camilla before slicing Takumi's head off.

PIEzanP.png  NeCO8qk.png

1/7 for Speed. These are good levels, mind, just not really Selena levels. They're more stuff you'd expect from Corrin.

I guess she's really mad about me not giving her the Speedwing I didn't have from bp/vp rewards. (Something like, "I'll show you who's in danger of capping Speed already.")


I'd like to say that the reason I gave Selena and not Corrin the Dual Katana is because the Dragon Stone fixes the weapon triangle, but no, it's just favoritism. (The dragonstone being low-key great is just a happy coincidence.)




Nobody in range of the last guy is in any danger, so I just start grabbing items at this point.

NqP3JVz.png  47HOjGC.png

Pretty much only mop up left, now. Scarlet is basically the least threatening boss on this map.

rhoRwzM.png  2gpMmot.png

Must, acquire, bow rank. (I dance her for the second hit.)


Using the Bronze Sword to get Attack Stance exp.

7KX9X3C.png  7xY4oOA.png


Yk74va4.png  EbXqXDF.png

Fast forward a bit and we have this formation. Jakob is using the Dual Shuriken because tome-breaker & Dual Shuriken gives him very good combat triangle coverage. Yeah, you're weak against Tomes now, but you also have a Breaker against them.

NW3GnwX.png  0wSt5dC.png

*Fake celebration noises*

(She got this while I was setting up.)


I can push this into ~100% territory if I were willing to just walk Odin next to Scarlet and not attack, I think. But Niles hits both shots. (And I had so many turns to kill these guys that I didn't need to optimize.)


Free kill since Tomahawk is 2-range only. (It's interesting that they get to crit and use skills in exchange for that, although they still can't double.)



Ki6oQBA.png  eAkVOMv.png

It's speed.

IlHaY0J.png  5NclL4V.png

I don't really need Niles as an Adventurer since Nyx is already one, so I'd rather he got more Str than Mag.

(They both got a level from that fight.)

tZKNpxY.png  b3XwltL.png

4 Horses spawned to our right, and we have enough turns left to kill them all.

PARNyre.png  M9dUHS5.png

Being able to double with Beruka is a pretty nice feeling, although it's more because this is a Nohr map than because she's speed blessed.

deHxisE.png  t2X3Qoe.png

I highlight two mooks, meaning there's only 1 guy in range to attack Jakob. (He also doesn't go for it.)




I waste Camilla's turn positioning for this ORKO.

5FJxOdY.png  fDbrafr.png

4/5 for Speed.



Odin is such a giant pansy, honestly.

WkHcLVa.png  6TiuhlK.png

Kind of an annoying level, but he does want a bit more Res at this point---it's still a whole point behind. He's actually very close to his averages at this point. Speed is 1.5 ahead and hp is 1.5 below as the biggest differences.


And I dance Beruka for this finish. (I walked Niles up for the ORKO.)




Lottery got upgraded, so I roll it again for this pretty neat drop. (I think silver balls are average rolls at this point, but not 100% sure.)

K3K5tyC.png  XgAdPY6.png

Azura spends a lot of time dancing Jakob because I usually buff him before sending him out to bait. And Elise & Camilla got their C-rank from killing the Wyverns together.


Bow people do bow things.

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3 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

Speaking of, does the same AI Iago operates under regarding staff use in that chapter apply to the generic Maids with at least two of Freeze, Silence, Enfeeble, and the Hexing Rod?

I have no bloody clue, I'll be honest.


(I usually play maps under the assumption the AI makes the 'best' play, and adjust when they do 'stupid' stuff.)

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