Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to be Free (W/limits) starting March 20th

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So for those of you who have never played Xenoverse 2 but have a PS4, rejoice if you've ever wanted to try it, as it's going to become free to a limited extent. 

Basically the early game of Xenoverse 2 both storwise, quests, online etc, will be free. Purchasing the game will get the rest of it. 

Meanwhile those of us who have it already are still getting new updates, DLC packs 9 and 10 are still on their way.

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That's interesting. I guess that means there is not going to be a Xenoverse 3 any time soon? A shame. I mean, I'm mostly happy with the game and I doubt a hypothetical Xenoverse 3 will ever get such amazing modding tools as 2 has. But good lord, do I hate the shading in this game. Especially for Super Saiyans. It would be great if the game would be shaded more like Legends at the every least.

But what really troubles me is that this probably marks a move towards more sleazy monetization practices. The game is bad enough about that as is, seeing how it already has a premium currency sold for real cash, which is required for basically all the "free" stuff that they added.

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