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  2. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Four more days, and geez is it feeling so long.
  3. Who will return?

    I've mentioned this before and I am gonna say this again. There's no need for explanation on why the Cipher cast is there. They are just fourth wall breakers. Special mention to Alice, Valjean and Niamh Also Predictions: Name - Strenghts Anna - Faith, Bow/Sword/Fighting Jake? - Bow, Axe Emma - Flying Shade - Reason Randal - Riding Yuzu - Sword, Fighting? (or a tossup in other melee weapon) Alice - Faith Valjean - Heavy Armor Niamh (it's really hard indicate her "boundless chaos "attribute")- Reason, Sword
  4. The Last To Post Wins!

    That's not quite true. Article 187 says that the President of the National Assembly shall act as Acting President in the case of a vacancy of the Presidency. The article is written for circumstances such as the sudden death or resignation of a President, not for coups. Guaidó is pulling an extensive interpretation of the article by saying that Maduro is not President because the elections were fake. It's a possible interpretation, but it's quite a stretch.
  5. Hi, Bloom here

    My thoughts exactly. Hello, welcome to the forest! I hope you enjoy it here!
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    From what I remember Babylonia will be a two cour anime. Camelot films will take place from Bedi's POV and the character designer is the same as Grimgar's if I'm not mistaken. Or at least the person adapting the lead char designers character artwork
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  8. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    (hidden for spoilers)
  9. Post a fact about the person above!

    Changed badge back to Felicia.
  10. Langrisser M General

    I think my biggest problem are people saying "Ditch Freya the moment you get Ledin, she's unusable late game". The way I've kept seeing people word it, a princess player that doesn't get Ledin is pretty much SoL late game because Freya's gonna be useless, which was definitely not the case for me. While my Ledin is level 60, I basically never touch him outside of the Thunder Dragon. Ledin is not perfect for princess team. He can't guard and have faction buff turn 1 unless you waste Act Again on him and he can't bring Burning Sun, so he can't maintain his DEF+MDef conversion all the time. I think that ideally, a princess team user would want to raise both since Freya can tank turn 1 with Faction buff and is arguably better when dealing with any time laws that reduces the damage you deal or requires you to use fixed damage. Def conversion is't gonna do much when the enemy takes 80% reduced damage. The same way fixed damage won't help against bosses. I also like that Freya is the only tank beside the upcoming Randius that can damage ranged units (and Kanzaki from the Sakura Wars collab). Seeing weakened ranged units kill themselves by attacking Freya is pretty fun.
  11. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

  12. Create a Classic Mode route

    Mach Rider: Hrrmmmmm (characters who’ve had major experience with racing before) Stage 1: Link (in Tunic of the Wild) on Mario Circuit (Hyrule Castle~Mario Kart 8) Stage 2: Captain Falcon on Mute City SNES (F-ZERO Medley) Stage 3: Wario on Port Town Aero Dive (Wario Stadium~Mario Kart 8) Stage 4: Cloud on Rainbow Cruise (Cloudtop Cruise (for 3DS/Wii U) Stage 5: Bowser Jr. on Mushroomy Kingdom Ω (Excitebike (Mario Kart 8)) Stage 6: R.O.B. on Figure-8 Circuit (Waluigi Pinball (Brawl)) Boss: Duon (new boss) (Boss Battle Song 1 (Brawl)) Credits: Mach Rider (Melee)
  13. The Last To Post Wins!

    Oh yeah, heard about that. That reminds me. Didn't another comedian already tried to run for president in like... Guatemala or somewhere around there? I'm probably getting the region wrong, as it is...
  14. Hi, Bloom here

    Personally, when I see the name Bloom, I think Winx Club. Anyway, hello, and welcome to Airport 1001. Please remember to wake that slugabed up.
  15. The Last To Post Wins!

    fuckin' state of Ukraine, man Poroshenko lost to a comedian smh
  16. Franzie's Written Class List

    Lance's not beating swords would mess a lot of Fire Emblem players up. Also why doesn't the Musketeer use firearms?
  17. I am creating an FE 8 rebalance hack

    Right I should that, give me some time. I think that my first test run is over
  18. I am creating an FE 8 rebalance hack

    Amino Amino Amino Amino Amino Amino Amino Amino
  19. Aether Raids General Thread

    I'm in the clear for T20. Less than 20 hours left , so not enough time for two blowouts. 76 Lift to spare, and my team of Yune, three in-season Legendary heroes, and Aversa and Ophelia with the Dark blessing means a blowout only costs me 55 Lift. I will upgrade my offense fort next, then I might be able to make T21 in the next Light/Wind Season. Legendary Lyn takes out any ranged threat that is not red or Ophelia on EP, with Null C-Disrupt and the Distant Defense seal.
  20. Problem solving

    Ask one of your friends there to see if you are or not. You want pizza but you don't want to pay for pizza.
  21. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Oh wow sorry everyone. I've been away at the beach for some reason and, you know, it was just a bad time to forget to set the poll to close automatically. My bad. With that said, congratulations to @SoulWeaver, may the prompt come quickly and be inspirational. Or, whatever the bro wants it to be, really. *** "Oy vey! I haven't seen such chutzpah since the Six Days War! I never should have trusted that good for nothing schlemiel of a shadchan- I paid him double for introducing us, and I regret every shekel like it was two shekels!" *** Hope y'all enjoyed your snickers and your holiday.
  22. The Last To Post Wins!

    As I've said, he IS authoritarian. You aren't wrong at all when you mention the measures he took. But here is the thing: they actively tried to take him down, like they did so in recent times, and did so years prior. It isn't an "consensual opposition", like MDB was during most of the dictatorship, and that's how the comparison kinda falls apart, even though I understand where you are coming from. When MDB started gaining traction as a legit opposition, Figueiredo made sure to weaken them as much as he could. Another difference is that the Venezuelan opposition is weak because there isn't a cohesive unit, instead of purely because of Maduro's actions. Some are Chavists, some deny it altogether, some think is a weak movement, for example. Guaidó himself is far from being a strong political figure, and the decision he made to proclaim himself president was surprising to many, including Henrique Capriles, another opposition figure (who actually ran against Chavez, and later Maduro - and came very close to beating them), who made similar criticisms about the lack of cohesion or strong action. Quando Macri vai parar de mitar?
  23. Fuck, I did mean Zihark XD; That said, Pelleas for Heroes when
  24. The Last To Post Wins!

    on unrelated notes lmao literally sarney
  25. Post a fact about the person above!

    Is impressed by my baking skills. There's like 16 more if you want some XD
  26. Camilla is my Nee-san
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