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  2. I got real excited when I saw this I'll be honest. Know I shouldn't be getting my hopes up too high since it could be Caeda but I really want it to be Azura. She's the character I wanted most in this game, for potential moveset and personal reasons of course. I could be setting myself up for disappointment but I'm gonna hope anyway-
  3. Also note that there are four hidden cards behind Lyn, which lines up with the four unrevealed characters from the box leak (Caeda, Tiki, Celica, Anna).
  4. Good point. I am not too sure why they would change Wing Spear, considering they kept Sol Katti the same, but they could of easily done so. Im thinking that second white part is Celica honestly, there seems to be a bit of red in it, which would most likely be her. That is definitely a good point that I didnt think of.
  5. Like someone else pointed out, the elbow makes it seem more like Caeda. If we linked it to Azura's original pose, I'm pretty sure her hair would've stuck out a bit more.
  6. I do think it's a bit tricky to say that the concept of choosing the parent ruins the concept, much as nurture matter for the way a child turns out more than nature (usually). From the perspective of where these children came from, Fates and Geneology are not particularly affected by who the parents are, as the children were for the most part raised away from them (either because they were carted off to a deeprealm or their parents were dead/posessed/fighting for years without letting you know/a statue). It's also pretty clear that the child is most influenced by their predefined parent when writing them up, so it seems to imply that the other parent might have been the less involved of the two overall. Awakening's the one that's the hardest to square, as they would have had at least one of their parents raising them for a significant portion of their life. And for some, they would have had both too. Though they also would have lost said parents in a stage of their life where they're still growing up and for some that's how they turned out the way they did (see: Noire). Does that mean that the concept is ruined? I don't think so, but the niggling thought still remains.
  7. There's a unit late game who can do just that. He's broken. Ludicrously so. Rewarp is great on a staffbot who can fight, or for one to catch up after warping other units. Other than that, it's not particularly necessary for beating this game. Probably best to keep 2 or 3 at least, and if you want to sell the rest (in the game where it's least necessary to buy things) it's not the worst thing to sell. Fun to use, but it's not an item you need to beat this game.
  8. If you look at the image with its biggest size (using the orig command), there's a darker circle near that lance's tip that doesn't match the diamond shape of Azura's. And I don't think that bold bit works either. The visible white part is directly under the yellow part of the lance, but that doesn't match Azura's pose. The only part high enough to be that one would be her arm's white gloves, but it shouldn't be stretched like that. If you mean the 2nd white detail bellow, that's from a separate card. Regarding changing poses, they've only changed Takumi's so far, and that has a pretty obvious reason (to give focus to his front, rather than backside). There would be no point in mirroring Azura.
  9. I inserted it over Eirika's unpromoted animation. Does that explain the issue? What sprites can I insert the looping cape animation over?
  10. I just realized that I'm improved(?) maybe
  11. @ViceTOLUCT is a ripoff of @KongDude! They're both dudes.
  12. I think that we should all believe Beep. His evidence is solid like rocks, not soft and baseless like a worthless wet mountain. My mountain days are over: I have seen the benefits that a strong foundation like a molehill can hold. Literally! Hold! Foundation! Ha ha. Anyway. From now on, I vote that mountains of evidence should be discarded, and instead only small yet sturdy molehills should be considered. 590
  13. They changed Cordelia's lance and Takumi has a new pose, dont see why they couldnt flip Azura's portrait, especially if there might be some changes to the lance or outfit in any way. As I said though, this is just speculation. It could just as easily be Caeda. At the same time, it could just as easily be Azura. And as I pointed out originally, if you zoom in or get a closer look to the card, that diamond shape tip is the exact same look as Azura's lance. The white parts flared out also add up with Azura's original art. Im leaning towards Azura personally, but it could easily be Caeda.
  14. It's probably to do with the looping cape, which has issues when inserted over battle sprites that don't already have a looping cape. Whose animation did it replace?
  15. i was like 100% convinced it was azura for a sec but then I thought about it more and I feel like it could just as well be caeda the pose makes me think azura since she holds her lance like that but it could be either really
  16. Considering it's the only game I have all the units from in the Catalog, I should probably be thankful too. Well, except for Thracia, but that's... a different case. Twist: Pantsless Marth arrives, but he wields Mercurius, because who else could possibly be fitting to have that weapon? There's certainly no character that used it in Mystery who was a constant and threatening presence throughout the story, and had a more memorable role in both SD and Mystery than half the cast, and would make a perfect pair with Jeorge, who was in the base roster instead for some reason even though he has a smaller role in every game! I'm saying that Astram should be in, if that's not clear enough.
  17. Why would Azura be mirrored though? Caeda's official artwork would match that pose. And they have might changed the tip of her lance to remove that rope, since it'd likely just cause a lot of clipping. The first white bit bellow the lance matches the position and color of her elbow too.
  18. hhh

    that's always gr8 kim best sf un
  19. I hope it's Azura and I want to believe it's her because I like her and would like her in the game. And it helps Ike's chances because it definitely proves that that leaked box with the sprites is not the entire roster! (Ike was not on it and neither was Azura)
  20. If this game succeeds we can get a fire emblem warriors 2 with double the rooster
  21. hhh

    three years ago my friend's mom offered to give me a ride to retreat bcos the alternative was the rly hot smelly crowded bus so i took it and she asked about the music i liked and i was super self-conscious but she was insistent so i pulled out my phone and started playing miracles in december and i apologized for my music taste and my friend was surprised and was like no kim there's nothing bad or weird about it and then i cried becos that was the first time irl when someone didn't make fun of the music i enjoy and i think about every time that has happened becos it makes me sad and i value what other people think a lot but i also remember that one moment because that one sentence made me realize hey she's right there's nothing wrong with me for enjoying what i enjoy friends r cool
  22. "Hmm?" Velvet was a bit surprised to be approached by Aaron, who had almost never spoken with her before. "Well, it didn't happen right away- but as technology moved on, people didn't need to be located right on the water. Instead they slowly came together to make bigger cities so they would be closer to one another for the sake of convenience. Granted, Veiro and Fordright are both on the river as well... but they still serve as a more centralized civilization instead of scattered towns, which allows for easier trade and communication. Of course, it's not that towns have vanished, they're just fewer in number. This outpost we're headed towards in question is like a little village itself, with some civilians and some of the Knights there to protect them, and also alert other places of attacks."
  23. no, if you were to shift zephiel's shoulders around they would be even larger. of course I'm comparing it to an FE portrait. this is an FE board and you are making an FE style portrait. edit: oh, I just realised it was fixed in a later edition
  24. When isn't beep trying to make evidence 589
  25. hhh

    also me irl
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