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  2. Insult the user above you.

    Can't even spell English correctly.
  3. You can upload a save file or ask for one here without getting ban, I think.
  4. Painless support grinding on Conquest?

    Fair point. I was thinking that not everyone's spouse is available immediately, but if I use the last member of each pair I get immediately for the support grinding and have the weaker untrained first unit just be a pair up bot I suppose that could indeed work...
  5. "I don't know if I want to touch the stamina pot now..."
  6. So apparently FEH lays orbs and not eggs Well alright then
  7. 1 Favourite character of least favourite fe and least fave character of fave fe 2 do you mind silly question if not
  8. To be fair, Fae and Nowi are the same height as other units, even though both are supposed to be kid-sized. I'd also mention how overwhelmingly broad figures are the same size as everyone else, if a little bulkier, but I can't think of anyone off the top of my head.
  9. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

  10. Version 2.0

    With a V2.0.0 announced today (sorry, @Schleimann) and 1.9 and its changes going live within a week, what are your predictions? I think the next update will add as much (or a little less) than 1.9 and that IS is counting their updates mathematically (i.e. they don't believe in V1.10.0). That said, I think the next update will add more weapons to the forge and perhaps a dagger buff if the forge as is isn't enough. I also have a theory that there'll be another batch of Brave Heroes including Eirika, which is why Sieglinde isn't currently available, but that's pretty far fetched, I know. As an aside, we also know the maintenance will add Fjorm, Surtr and Surtr's goons' stats. I can't wait for Book 2 or to find out what Fjorm's abilities are (though I personally will probably see them in-game first).
  11. I don't think that sounds bad at all LOL Good advice though I imagine you must work for baller money then I like you! You were doing so well until I saw this travesty 6. When was the first time you spent money on FEH, and do you miss the F2P life? 7. Do you understand that you're scum for spending money on this blasted game? 8. I noticed you like using the emotes a lot . Do you think we need better ones? I mean, who actually uses or any of the other ones we have? Seriously this is the only one we can keep 9. Know anything about Star Wars? 10. Isn't Robert Downey Jr. the most handsome man ever?
  12. I mean, I get the thought process behind the class. They're supposed to be more defense-orientated mages that physically can take a hit, and can deliver devastating magical attacks against the (supposedly) low resistance of their enemies, with their skills putting the advantage on their side in close combat (supposedly). Unlike their counterparts, however, dark mages don't have as strong as magic, skill, or speed, so they compensate through having very powerful, if inaccurate, exclusive magic available to them. I can see why people like this class and can get a use out of them. But as I said earlier, I already use Robin, Miriel, and even Ricken enough that they end up with stellar magic already, and wise use of pair-up can compensate for anytime they get near the front-lines, so the magic part of my team is already covered. That, and Awakening is the only one of three Fire emblem games I've played so far were I really gave a crap about skill (The 1 round RNG in SoV makes any hit possibly unreliable, and I love the game for it. FE3 has the same deal, and I've just accepted that no-one is a one-man army in that game) and speed, which doesn't help the dark mages case (granted, I have the same problem with skill and speed with Nowi, but the difference there is that I dislike how reliant Manaketes are on their stat boosts. Say what you will about Panne and the Taguel class, but at least she can reclass without worry once she starts falling behind). I also find Nosferatu to be overrated. Sure, it can heal the unit of any damage they have taken, but so can healers, and since weapons have a limited use in this game, it means I'm not going to use Nosferatu until I absolutely need to, and since I rarely use dark mages in the first place, that situation rarely occurs! (Just an observation, and nothing more, but I've noticed that you seem very concerned about critical hits and luck more than other players.)
  13. "Let's try and find a solution," Megumi began, slightly amused, "that doesn't involve putting you back in the giant robot, okay?" To start, it might help to find a quieter part of the ship for Christina to rest in, someplace out of range of most of the crew. Once her wounds were healed, the doctor didn't mind Christina experimenting with a T-Link or whatever she decided to do. Frankly, Megumi didn't want to move the girl or let her run around at all, but they had the means to handle the former safely, if the strain was too much for her. Until then, Megumi hoped the Advil would be enough to help Christina cope. Bill's arrival was something of a surprise, even to him. Jokes were all well and good, but since he'd taken time out of his day to stop by, they might as well seize the opportunity. "We might as well do a followup since you're here," Megumi said, glancing at Valerie to see if she was busy with anything. "Tambre, you're up." Tarquin hadn't quite answered Astin's question, at least not in clear terms. Most people would take issue with being ordered to betray their allies, so it almost went without saying. Almost. Whether he would have gone through with it or not didn't much matter now, since the option was no longer available, and Tarquin's history was out in the open. He also seemed to at least want to be here, and regain whatever trust he'd lost. That spoke well of his future intentions, even if he would have been willing to betray them, before. As long as there weren't any other Professor types to worry about, Tarquin's loyalty was here now, and that was good enough for Firmia not to give Tarquin's part in the incident anymore thought. Firmia was still curious about the Umbra and the Aria. Were Apotheosis not interested in either of those? The Traitorous Professor probably hadn't gone out of his way to sabotage them either, though depending on the circumstances, that might not have been possible or desirable. It just felt strange, especially since Apotheosis knew firsthand just how much of a pain a prototype mobile suit or two could be. Letting these two specialized units fall into Jessica's hands was going to cost them dearly if previous battles were anything to go by. On the other hand, they had Liebenwalde. If these units were his work, he could still probably come up with a way for his new benefactors to deal with them, quickly and effectively. That didn't make either unit obsolete, though. Just because you know how something works, doesn't mean you could destroy or disable it like it was nothing. The Umbra and Aria should definitely be useful additions to the Riese ... ... and hopefully that was all there was to it .... Brant seemed more interested in what was going on with Christina than the meeting itself now, but seemed patient enough to wait a proper dismissal. Maybe if he went to check on Christina, Firmia wouldn't need to. Not straight away. That was one way to handle this, and that way, she wouldn't be thinking about it as much while talking to Jessica. She had enough distractions, already.
  14. Trainee Units.

    Ross wants to go Berserker only because of Pirate (Waterwalking has a few uses here and there, such as in Ch 7 or Eir Ch 9) as well as a better speed boost compared to fighter. I don't really use Amelia/Ewan, but their best class is probably Paladin/Mage Knight respectively
  15. Awakening & Zelda OoT3DS Double Pack

    Agreed. It's nice they're doing it, but, alas, I have no need.
  16. Best and Worst Units

    Karel joins extremely late into the game (second to last chapter) and while he does have good stats, he is hindered by: -No reliable good 1-2 range. -No mount -Has no time to use Boots from the Secret Shop in Chapter 21, so he will fall behind your other units -Outclassed by other Durandal users -And again, his extremely sucky availability.
  17. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

  18. Painless support grinding on Conquest?

    I still do not get it, could you not recruit all children at their 'first' level (L10, I think)? Say, you could recruit Sophie, Ophelia, Nina, Percy, Kanna and Shigure all before Chapter 10, then level-up the children and some 'core' first generation characters to deal with Chapter 10 itself, and then recruit Midori right after Chapter 11, Soleil right after Chapter 12, and so on. As long as the parents can deal with the chosen DLC map(s), their children should be available after a couple of runs of that map. I have beaten 'Before Awakening', 'Anna on the Run', 'Vanguard Dawn', 'Witches's Trial', all before Chapter 9 or 10 of Conquest Hard Classic. Granted, I was not planning an All-Second-Generation campaign like you, but I am just saying that those maps are not that difficult when played early.
  19. QOTD ♚♛ 1411 - Favorite image?

    I mean it's gonna be a picture of jimin I'll have to go find out
  20. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    I already pre-ordered and paid for Xenoblade 2. Won't be able to play it until Christmas, but I'll have the game. And it was my Christmas gift to myself, so yeah, I'll probably won't invest in USUM anytime soon.
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  22. Insult the user above you.

    Hurts people's fweelins
  23. Well when a mommy Pokemon and a daddy Pokemon love each other very very much you put them in a day care and an old guy gives you an egg
  24. Let's make a nonsensical Fire Emblem story together!

    ...Ponder his options to increase the nation's resources. Then, an idea struck him! He would declare war on every nation, claiming to have found an influx of resources that boosted his supposed war machine. While everyone would fight over the nonexistant materials, he would steal their leftover supplies and other articles that would be found on the battlefield after the battle, including any legendary weapondry that those stupid heroes decided to bring. The next day, when he was making this declaration...
  25. I am so upset to say this, but I think if I don't get Nowi as my next 5* from Trick or Defeat, if I even get another 5* before the banner ends, I'll have to just give up and start on a different banner... my hero resources have been suffering ever since the banner began, and all I've gotten out of this stupid banner is M!Corrin and another freaking Celica. My skill fodder is so low now that I can't even build a new unit even if I wanted to, but even worse to me is that this banner made me collect every orb I could get from Chain Challenges and Squad Assault, you know orbs that one would normally reserve for emergency use. That's going a little too far. I'll contend myself with my normal Nowi if I can and try to get someone more valuable during that 8% focus 0% 5* banner...
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