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  2. Really want to see Shinori update his read on Naana or double down on that case he was pissed about if he wants to stay town-read
  3. What the story is about...

    All that said I don't think they will "defend church" I mean. First enemy will be indiscriminate aggressive empire classic (likely candidate is Fergus)so it will be about defend ownself along with church as ally rather then especially fighting for them.
  4. I pulled optimal Innes and Tana. I don't really care about Tana atm - anyone got some build ideas for Innes? I feel like he could do a lot of different builds. One thing that annoys me is with any axe unit who doesnt have a prf, its pretty much either slaying, brave, and emerald. There are no 'unique' inheritable axes like some of the tomes, guard bow, berukuts lance, etc.
  5. Ran I read your wall and I see you flipped your thought on Ichigo to scum even though when I previously asked you it was Null, what got you further to change your mind? Is it his lack of posting or ducking out cuz I'm pretty sure I asked you this early into the day and he has not been tonally different. The way he interacts with us (DGamers) and MU players is a stark contrast that I'm getting annoyed at, it's kinda like marshy is big bro'ing all of us and won''t give us the time of the day meanwhile if you look at his small interaction with Alpha he actually respects him to some degree. I'm over it, I'm a grown ass man who pays his taxes now and honestly I'm waiting for him on a lot things. What do you think his angle is towards me? There's more he wants to say about me and that's my gut feeling and well I'll get back to you when he finally fucking does it
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Got +spd/-res Innes and +spd/-hp Tana in under 100 orbs. I finally won the IV lottery.
  7. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "This fire is perfect. Had we not already eaten at the tavern, I would suggest finding something to cook on it. Lots of rabbits live around here, so much so that many lords don't care how many you take. Would I hunt right now, though? No, I wouldn't, because it's too dark. Maybe tomorrow, when it's easier to see. I can fight at night no problem, but I've never hunted at night, and rabbits are very small, and anything bigger would see me in front of a magistrate. Anyway, let me take my seat." Glendwr sat facing southward, something his father trained him to do. Oftentimes, the South lay at the rear or on a flank, perfect places for an ambush. The sound of owls and cicadas made the night full of ambience, and eased any feelings of tension that were there earlier. He never liked the quiet, silence made things feel dead. Taverns, his father's men, and nature all had their own sound, and all of them brought comfort to him. Silence was, to him, the absence of life. There was silence before the shot, and before the raid, and he feared what would happen if it fell silent while he was escorting Mira.
  8. The Last To Post Wins!

    >make series into fan service waifushit >fans get angry >make new entry that isn’t fan service waifushit >fans are still angry there is no pleasing these people
  9. Absolutely! I've never classed Faye outside of Cleric, so this'll be a great challenge to see if she's RNG blessed or RNG hecked.
  10. In terms of moveset potential, fun potential, uniqueness, and-in regards to third party-being within a budget, I would assume, since they'd need to pay licensing fees for the third-party character.
  11. Nope. This is something I've never been supportive of, and likely never will.
  12. Staff of Ages (Version 1.8 Coming Soon!)

    We seem to have broken something...
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Going in. My credit card limit just got raised, so I'll whale within reason. First pack of orbs gets me the full set. Tana is +HP -Spd, Noire is +Res -Spd, Cordelia is +Res -Def, and Innes is +HP -Def. The latter two are good enough, Innes will hit 50 HP by refining.. A 4-star Legault is the last hero summoned on this pack. Second and third pack of orbs...Another 4-star Legault and a big pile of nothing. Fourth pack, Pity rate topped at 5.25 before Sigurd showed up...I already +10'd him... Fifth pack, Tana +Res -HP frees the first copy up to teach Spring Chrom Atk/Spd Push. Spring 2017 weapons absorb the recoil. Sixth pack, Noire +Res -Atk and second Innes with the same IVs as the first. He got merged and is going to be trained to become my arena bonus in the event of having bad bonus units. Seventh pack, pitybreaker Ephraim, I'll take that as a sign to stop here. Instantly merged away since he shines in Assault. And I really should have stopped since I was back to furiously chipping away at gray stones, racking up a 5% pity rate and a Takumi at the end. I thought my Noires were +HP, and gave Close Counter to the -Spd copy (Noire +HP -Spd matches a neutral Takumi on HP/Atk/Spd and has better Def/Res). They were +Res. I guess I'm done with this banner now. F2P alt gets two junk units.
  14. Since I managed a Jaffar with a bad nature earlier, I wanna ask: Do 5* units with still somewhat rare skills, such as LnD3, still act as good fodder for the mentioned skill? I have another, slightly more ideal Jaffar now, and I still have a 4* Sothe, so if not I'll just merge this crummy Jaffar into the more ideal Jaffar.
  15. Ok quotes do not work like SWF and that's fucking lame, I'm quoting MI there
  16. Well I dunno if you've noticed but the whole 'fuck reading' thing is a stance I've been taking but to be less tongue-in cheek about it I genuinely don't feel my eyes glancing upon old content that I was not involved in some sort of way would be good, therefore I decided to make a wall based on what happened with AM and nearing the beginning of my replacement (who flipped scum, and I was apart of to witness). Before I replaced in I was skimming a little bit but it wasn't like in a fashion where I thought too hard at what I was looking at, so if there any discrepancies they are intentional in a way. I honestly sorta like the people getting me shit at that angle so I dunno your recent content ain't bad
  17. Men of Serenes Forest!

    So the second thing you'd do if you woke up as a woman would be to cheat on your wife? I know that being morally bankrupt is a pre-requisite to being a lawyer, but this... Oh well, I guess it would be your turn to cry at the size of your alimony payments.
  18. Votal Script Testing Thread

    ##Vote @Makaze ##Votals
  19. Sonic Mania I'm waiting on due to Sonic Mania Plus coming. As for Shantae...I need to beat Pirate's Curse first...been rather slow on that!
  20. I think you're fine but marshy is still going to try and pocket me because he's a lazy ass
  21. What exactly does "realizable character" mean? We roughly know who that excludes, but who do is it include? It seems like a very specific adjective, and the fact they said absolutely nothing about the results besides that is definitely a bit eyebrow raising to me.
  22. Official Pull Topic

    Oh! That's an interesting idea. I was thinking of Swift Sparrow/Spd Smoke, but I guess Spd Smoke is a seal now so it's not that needed. I'll think about it, I need to get a feel on how Tana plays. I am running out of Shannas for Desperation so that could be a nice alternative.... maybe I'll wait and see if they release an Aerobatics SS like Flier Formation haha. Thanks for the idea though! But yeah my 2nd account really wants me to go Flier Emblem. @Cute Chao You don't want Innes to be ranged? But thanks, hopefully having one Frelian sibling will entice Innes to come to you! :)
  23. Maybe I will stick with default kit for now and experiment with her until she can pleasure me in some way. I want to give her the middle route but no Swift Sparrow fodder come to me for several months.
  24. I'm a patient person, I can wait until they release the remaining skills as seals or start putting them into the 4* pool. Def and Res Tactic on Azura sounds pretty good. Luckily Azura is the most flexible one since she doesn't see much combat but in an ideal situation, I would like her to have Spd Tactic since even Ephraim can use the speed to avoid follow up attacks. Thanks for bringing it up. I haven't used him in a while so I forgot that his play style leans more towards a solo mission. In that regard, I think Spd Smoke would be a great back up skill for speed control. Ugh, too many good skills are locked behind 5* exclusive units.
  25. Official Pull Topic

    My free pull was...3 star male Corrin. Meh. I haven't had a decent free pull in awhile. But I'm not surprised, I had several 5 star free pulls a couple months ago and stretching back to January. So I suppose this balances that out.
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