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  3. Which of these would you rather do?

    Pokémon. WYR eat cat cheese or human cheese?
  4. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE)

    Supports in this game work like they do in Awakening and Fates. You can't trigger Support conversations from the map. Not everything in this game works exactly like in the GBA games. Furthermore, you won't even be able to view Supports until after Chapter 6, at which point you'll have access to the Base. EDIT: Added to the OP.
  5. First word comes to mind

  6. Sanctaea Chronicles (SRPG Studio) (v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE)

    Hey how to supports work in this game like do they have to stand next to each other. 51 turns in chap 3 and no supports. please help
  7. Post a fact about the person above!

    Does not like cheese except for cow cheese and maybe goat cheese.
  8. Google image war

  9. UK new Censorship law

    Don't be so sure about that. It's very easy to argue that such a law as this infringes upon the 1st amendment, and that such a bill would be fought as far as it would need to in order to be struck down, if not shot down through a bipartisan "no". Yes, there are a lot of "Christians" and other prudes in Congress, but they will absolutely not put up or shut up when it comes to actually addressing this "issue."
  10. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Yeah XD when I get to go full attention on stories they tend to get...massive...
  11. The ^ < v game

    ^ No idea what that is. < I cannot wait to get back to the States and give my pussy lots of kisses and snorting. I noticed I have been drooling a LOT the past few days when I sleep, so maybe that is a symptom of withdrawal. v Snorted animal fur before.
  12. Heroes and Warriors simultaneously creating two new brother sister blond OCs that are entirely separate characters is a better example of the lack of cross communication than Beloved Zofia. I think the warriors developers said they would have used Askr siblings had they known they existed.
  13. WoL revival? (accepting new players!)

    Okay here's the Link kid. Name: Corona Gender: Female Species: Basic Humanoid/Hylian (stats to be added later) Appearance: About average height and weight for a female teen humanoid. Dark blond, chin length hair and blue eyes. Wearing a red hylian tunic, trousers, and boots. Carries a metal shield, short sword, and a bag of bombs. Personality: She's brave and noble like both parents, but she's also slightly unsure of herself. She's got big shoes to fill and people are always gushing about "The daughter of the Hero and the Princess! She's destined for greatness!" which she is frankly sick of. Highly interested in ancient sheikah tech. Wants to find one of the other lost sheikah slates. She carries regular bombs to make up for not having her father's remote bombs. Backstory: Her parents have told her she was a "pleasant surprise", as in she came earlier than expected. Zelda, having seeing that the royalty and nobility was gone except for her, decided to denounce her royal status to travel Hyrule with Link. Castle Town is in ruins anyway, and people are thriving without it. A single night of passion brought Corona into the world and word traveled quickly...much to Link and Zelda's chagrin. Corona entered the Hub via a portal made using sheikah technology. It took all the best researchers months to figure it out, but Zelda was adamant that the nightmare she had meant her husband was in grave danger. They were accosted by one of Galeem's hands once they arrived. Zelda was made into a spirit, and Corona managed to finish off the hand before it did the same to her. She now aims to find her father and join up with him.
  14. Shiida's name

    Well it's always possible that's what the writers were going for and made the same mistake (remember Safer Sephiroth anyone?).
  15. Post a fact about the person above!

    Isn't allergic to cats.
  16. Official Pull Topic

    Well this hurts 4.5 pity rate build up (so anywhere between 120 to 150 orbs) just to get Ephraim instead of Ranulf. Ughhh.... whatever he’s Special Fighter fodder and some flowers at least. Decided to summon the rest of the reds just to see if I could at least get Lethe or something Well I got Brazen Atk/Def which I needed but nothing too worthwhile otherwise. I’ll just stop here and start stockpiling again for some other banner. Worst luck on a banner I’ve had since the first summer seasonals. Oh yeah the seasonal. Well it’s a skip for me but my freebie was an Eliwood which I’ll happily take.
  17. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    holy shit this isn't done yet
  18. Rate The Person Above

    10/10 Because why not.
  19. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Not really. When I play Skyrim, I only go back and forth between the Khajit merchant in Dawnstar and the chest in the rocks on the other side of town. Since I only play in one city instead of the entire province, does that mean I am actually playing Dawnstar and not Skyrim?
  20. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    I'm sure someone will take up the challenge. The just have to keep in mind the physics engine when making the mod. Would mixing milk with hot sauce cancel out the spiciness of the hot sauce?
  21. Official Pull Topic

    I don't even remember what I got from my first pull, but on the second one, expecting nothing, got a 4*Chrom (which I didn't have) and then a Flora (with +ATK-RES) and a Fallen Hardin (+HP-RES). Hell yes, I'm happy! EDIT: Wut, Picnic Flora is an Armored Shuriken Red unit?? Nuts, as Red Armor I'm needing and she's still has a ranged weapon and Armor March. Crazy.
  22. Tempest Trials+ is coming! (SPOILERS!)

    Looking at that enemy Flora, I guess it's time to use Oboro more often with her new refine. Except for Est, now I realise I don't have a lot of blue armor slayers in my roster (well I guess their Silas. Maybe I should swap his weapon back for the TT, then I can run him with Leo).
  23. Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

    There's a difference between deriding the death penalty (which may or may not be relevant, especially if the fire was an accident) versus pointing out where aid money goes to (which is very relevant to those that live in Puerto Rico). Finances and whatnot affect policies here, and if there's enough money to give to a first-world country to restore a historic site, then there's enough money to ensure that people living in a US territory have access to clean water and electricity. It's not that giving money to fix the Notre Dame is bad. It's bad that our politicians responded to the Notre Dame incident with more alacrity than a disaster area.
  24. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    So I've been working on A Dragon's First Mission and the word count has jumped to 7, 222 at the last check and it's not even close to finished. I'm thinking it's MA so be prepared for some disturbing stuff...
  25. Post a fact about the person above!

    Is incorrect.
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