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  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I've gone Robin>Chrom>Robin. I just haven't had time to DO anything this GC. My boss is out for vacation and as Assistant that means I'm the one that takes over. The feathers are nice, though. I can finally give Haar QR3.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Wait, what? *looks* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES I suppose that's why he didn't have one during Moriarty event!
  4. Archers would have 1-5 range or 1-3 range without a bow like normal. I don't even know what you're talking about.
  5. Today
  6. That was actually semi-common in FE4 and 5:3
  7. I'm always up for more strategical options, especially easy to understand but potentially deep ones like this. Sounds great to me.
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    dont get too excited
  9. General Opinion of Knights

    The best knights are the ones in games where their low movement can be overcome with the aid of allies (FE6-10, 13/14) and have good units in the class. Unfortunately the overlap between this is Oswin and maybe Effie.
  10. Who do you think will be the main Villain?

    No nono i think nether church or countries or evil religion is must be something new.....this time the green units are suprisley the bad guys^^
  11. Katana ZERO

    It's out on both Steam and Switch. It's also a fantastic game, it's a dark and gritty Samurai in a Neo-Noir dystopian future game. The gameplay is super fast, addicting and has some puzzle elements to it. Here is some gameplay of mine of an earlier stage to show how it all works, it gets much more intense as it goes. (Also this is one of the few stages with some mild comedy). Anyone else played this game? If so what did you think? I'm currently working on getting all the secret keys now, i'm also wondering how the story will continue, (I won't say anything directly here because spoilers). But man do I adore this game, it came out at just the right time for me this year honestly. Also the music is fantastic.
  12. Fire Emblem Pitfalls 10

    I've always been of the opinion that unarmed lure, taxi (in games with Rescue) and village runner, taking out problem enemies not worth XP (thieves, random killing weapon users) and, in the games where it's plausible (Sothe), weakening major enemies without killing them were better than not-using them or making them equals. One suggestion related to hoarding items is not passing around early items so multiple units can use them on a turn with trade chains.
  13. General Opinion of Knights

    Yeah, thats what I mean. The capes show status.
  14. General Opinion of Knights

    Regarding capes on promoted knights, it kind of makes sense when you consider how the feudal system of Medieval Europe worked.
  15. Like making archers as defenseless as they're normally are?
  16. Aether Raids General Thread

    Locked down T21. Amazed it was this week of all things given the awkward shit I had to run on offense to fit Yune into every team. Looking forward to a brave new world next week.
  17. General Opinion of Knights

    I didn't get this until now, so I'll respond this moment. I think the flaps on the kilt are metal? The third one is Marcel, a character with the guardian class which only a few characters even use. Guardian is really weird, but basically its technically not an armored unit, though this really only effects terrain. Outside of that Guardian looks and acts like an Armor Knight. As for the WoW Armor, Nay. Out of the real armor I prefer the bottom left. If the capes are for Generals or Barons, yes! Always gotta look important for the troops and capes give that regal look of authority.
  18. I like Aether because it gives him more sustainablity though. Bonfire will help him kill things better, but he doesn't really have much of an issue with that. Surviving his his main hurdle.
  19. That's pretty limited thinking. The game could be made harder you know.
  20. Great way to break an already easy game, OP.
  21. So Shadows of Valencia works pretty different to other games in its battle system. Namely how units have only one item slot yet still have a variety of abilities. This leads to some odities. Normally in Fire Emblem you attack a unit, and if they have a weapon equipped that can retaliate, they do so. But in Shadows of Valencia it's a bit inconsistent. That Celica. You attack her at one range, she counters with her sword (even if magic would deal more damage, I think). Attack her from two range sand she counters with fire. Attack her from three range and she doesn't counter at all despite having Lightning, a three range spell. So, what if instead of countering being this weird whatever the developers feel like thing, you could instead preset a unit's counter attack. So if I select lighting as Celica's counter, she'll always counter attack with lightning even at one range. Potentially doing less damage but for more versatility. It could extend to skills as well. Say giving my Saber Tigerstance as his counter. He'd deal a tonne of damage on enemy phase, but the HP cost for skills (which are rather negligible after a while) would build up to quickly put him in a lot of danger. I think this could potentially be a very fun system to work with. It'd give the player more tactical control over how enemy phase goes and make the HP cost for skills much more relevant. The only way I see it not working by being ported over to the base game would be for the Sword Skill that restores health or the windsweep skill that cancels a counter. But that could be worked around by simply not letting those skills be selectable as counter options.
  22. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    1. What FE games have you played? 2. What makes Awakening your favorite FE game? 3. Do you speak any languages other than English? 4. Do you have any interest in history? 5. Do you ever ride a bike?
  23. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Four more days, and geez is it feeling so long.
  24. Who will return?

    I've mentioned this before and I am gonna say this again. There's no need for explanation on why the Cipher cast is there. They are just fourth wall breakers. Special mention to Alice, Valjean and Niamh Also Predictions: Name - Strenghts Anna - Faith, Bow/Sword/Fighting Jake? - Bow, Axe Emma - Flying Shade - Reason Randal - Riding Yuzu - Sword, Fighting? (or a tossup in other melee weapon) Alice - Faith Valjean - Heavy Armor Niamh (it's really hard indicate her "boundless chaos "attribute")- Reason, Sword
  25. The Last To Post Wins!

    That's not quite true. Article 187 says that the President of the National Assembly shall act as Acting President in the case of a vacancy of the Presidency. The article is written for circumstances such as the sudden death or resignation of a President, not for coups. Guaidó is pulling an extensive interpretation of the article by saying that Maduro is not President because the elections were fake. It's a possible interpretation, but it's quite a stretch.
  26. Hi, Bloom here

    My thoughts exactly. Hello, welcome to the forest! I hope you enjoy it here!
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