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  2. Post Something The Above Poster Would Never Say

    I love lolis.
  3. Google image war

  4. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Yes, but he'd never admit that openly. Because Batman's secretly a Tsundere. Why do people expect stories to have extensive explorations of moral grey areas when even in olden times, the so-called classics were all pretty clear cut good guys vs. bad guys stories?
  5. Ban the User Above You

    Banned for posting some of the exact contents of my mind on the "Corrupt a wish Fire Emblem Edition" thread.
  6. Post a fact about the person above!

    Doesn't take waifu/husbando things seriously.
  7. I love Maribelle so much. Everyone deserves her as a big sister.
  8. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Granted, but the "Elitist vs. Casual" divide will only get deeper and way more toxic instead of semi-joking and ironic like it is now. See Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Sekiro. ... Get out of my head, please. True enough, I guess. The key is to have the mental strength to not let things you see in fiction affect you in that way. I wish Fire Emblem games were longer to have the opportunity to give every character ample screentime and/or to really flesh out the world. 20-25 chapters just don't cut it sometimes, I feel.
  9. I hope that means Charlotte is getting a staff cavalry alt with stupidly high Atk with Wrathful Staff, Pain, and Vantage built into her staff.
  10. General US Politics

    Any policy positions or is he going to take the Buttigieg approach?
  11. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Yes, the colors look brighter. This could be due to a number of things (different medium, different stages of development, etc.). I'll reserve judgment until the issue comes out, and we can get a better look at everyone.
  12. Today
  13. Go Maribelle! Lol I guess Charlotte got a big sister alright lol XD
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Worthless 3 star Sophia :/ at least she had the decency to be +Atk.
  15. How many 5 star units do you have?

    More 5*s for the party. My 5* count has officially surpassed the barracks limit, although merges mean I'm not quite 2/3 of the way there.
  16. General "mass killings" thread

    Religion, race, borders and civil liberties are generally the big reasons.
  17. Official Pull Topic

    No reds on the Iceberg banner, figures. I dislike Selkie but practicality demands pulling for her over Innes. 4* Florina Announce Golden Week already IS, I haven't pulled a single 5* since the last legendary banner and this month's is looking pretty barren.
  18. Now that I think about it, I think I will change the title to sleeping aid or something to prevent confusion. I close my bedroom door at night too, although my cat meows very loudly to wake me up so I can open the door for her, and then I often times just let my bedroom door remain open for the rest of the night. Stuffed toys sounds pretty normal compared to "filthy rag" that my mom described one of my old pillow case once. Yeah, I actually retrieved that pillow case from the garbage when my mom tried to throw it away. I do not remember the pillow case being in such poor condition, but I am probably biased. I sometimes drool a lot when I sleep and I like to scratch and rub the fabric together, so it probably smells like drool and is tattered like my cat's scratching post. I am not sure if I still have it since I cannot find it anymore, so my mom probably threw it away after I moved on to another pillow case.
  19. Official Pull Topic

    Doube Flora banners? My desire to spend just went way up. Going to try sniping reds on the Iceberg banner. 3* Raigh: Feathers. The other orbs are all grey, which could mean Innes, but I'm not here for him. Now to actually start spending. 196 orbs to start. 3* Stahl: Worthless. 3* Tharja: Bad. This is dumb. 187 orbs left. 4* Chrom: Meh. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder. 4* Laslow: Meh. I still haven't encountered a single green orb. 174 orbs left. 4* L'Arachel: Renewal fodder. Never mind that, I just got two greens. 169 orbs left. 4* Mamui: Bleh. 3* Henry: Trash. Well, I'm definitely not pulling for Picnic Flora after this. Still got to keep something for the legendary banner. 160 orbs left. 3* Palla: Good SI fodder. 4* Fir: Meh. Still nothing. 151 orbs left. 5* Elincia: Not Flora, but a very nice unit to have. My +Atk copy can get her first well-deserved merge. 5* Karla: Well, this was unexpected. +Def/-HP, so you're another merge for my +Atk copy. 3* Florina: And some utter trash to kill my high. 3* Saizo: Sure, Feh, mutilate my high too while you're at it. 4* Soren: Feathers. Oh well. That was simultaneously very pleasing and very disappointing. Elincia's merge removes her HP flaw and makes her somewhat less fragile, while Karla's merge just makes her even more ridiculously strong, but they were fine as they were. Flora would have given me a new tool in the arsenal. Still, 2 5*s and Reposition fodder for 65 orbs is nice and efficient spending.
  20. The Fire Emblem averages page.

    It's possible to manually calculate it, though the more reclasses and whatnot you do, the more complicated it gets.
  21. Official Pull Topic

    The Iceberg banner does have Flora on it. But then again, there's a legendary banner real soon. 2 each Blue, Green, 1 Red (Perfect) 4* Raigh (1 Why did I expect better? 2: I still want him banned from the pool full stop. +HP/-Res)
  22. Create an Echo Fighter!

    Surprised no one said Birdo. She would be an echo of Yoshi. She uses her funnel to suck characters and shoots eggs directly from her funnel rather than throw them.
  23. Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

    Situations Settling Jess managed a laugh. "Like a samurai, indeed..." Megumi and Kim wanted to talk to her, huh? Hmm. "... If your patients are fine without you, then the two of you can visit Vera, by all means. I've got to get back to the hangar to see about the engine repairs, but I'll keep an eye on things through the surveillance systems... Esther, make sure you stick with Kim. I'll be watching. Meeting soon, everyone, so make sure you're ready. Brant, Chris, tell Firmia as well, if I can't get to her first. And Christina... I'm really glad that you're okay." Jess' expression finally softened some, and she smiled through a sigh. "I'll be off, then. Megumi, let me know if things get worse with any of them. We're... We're almost done here. Just a bit more out of all of us." Jess nodded, and turned to leave. Hopefully the engine wouldn't take too long to fix. "She seems... A lot busier than before." Christina was a bit surprised by the Captain's sudden appearance, addressing of nearly everything, and then leaving again. "Maybe she's finally taking her job seriously. Better late than never, though." Chris shrugged, and looked over at Brant. "We should probably tell Firmia, then? Since Christina's alright, and everything..." Friends on the Riese "Let's go then, Sasha... And, rude as it is, he's right, Firmia. I can't think of anyone over there you'd want to visit for. Are you sure there's anyone...?" Maybe Christina for the sake of her own people, but... That was about all Hannah could think of. They were going either way, so no reason to stop her, but it was definitely curious. Raid "Well of course, I'm busy. I have to get back to Firmia's ship and parse all of this data, it's a lot for one AI." Galatea put away her hammer and got working on copying the data, humming contentedly to herself as she did. "Why do green, anyway? It's not an awful shade, but it's certainly off putting. You look like a human and a dryad had a falling out." She scoffed and popped the Merrygate's data into her banks, looking it over a moment. "This machine is rather powerful... Interesting. It also looks like being that powerful could cause it to pop. Less interesting... Maybe we can fix that."
  24. Sakurai, once again flaunting that his gaming tastes are way cooler and more varied than any nerd that cares this much about smash bros. Also WOW that's a lot of gaming to mention in what I assume might be a week or two. When Sakurai gets days off, he goes HARD. I haven't even gotten around to Blaster Master Zero 2 and it's been on my switch for a month.
  25. Detective Pikachu Hype Check

    I'm looking forward to it ever since Pikachu said the word hell. Never did I expect Pikachu to say that. My only complaint is that it seems very different from the game. Particularly the cast. Aside from Pikachu, Tim, and Harry everyone else is different. I'm also gonna miss Owain, Sakura, Erika, Ike and Lyn to name a few as well. BTW a sequel is already in development.
  26. I'd definitely diversify those teams. Of all your bonus units, I'd say Lyon, Haar, and Duma are going to be the most useful, while Alfonse is probably going to be more of a liability. Here are some ideas based on those units: Duma, Legendary Azura, Reinhardt, Lyn, Leanne Duma, Legendary Azura, Reinhardt, Lyn, Grima Haar, Legendary Azura, Reinhardt, Lyn, Celica Haar, Legendary Azura, Reinhardt, Lyn, Leanne Lyon, Legendary Azura, Reinhardt, Lyn, Leanne I would also suggest considering other units that you haven't listed. There are definitely going to be maps where Lyn and Reinhardt aren't going to be useful, so consider a team with tankier stats but better mobility than Duma/Grima. You should anticipate seeing a lot of mage teams, armor teams, dragon teams, and armor-killing teams and plan your units accordingly. I don't think your selection of units will necessarily be prepared for all of those threats, so consider looking at high Res units, dragon killers, and mixed bulk DC units. Some build tips: Duma: The boots might be necessary, though if you decide not to, then make sure he has Pivot at the very least. . You can't afford to take baby steps in a 7-turn limit, after all, especially if the ideal strategy involves Smiting Duma into enemy lines. Haar: Use +Atk hammer. A lot of people are going to have armor teams set up. Aim more for Atk than Def, as his Atk is high enough that he may be able to one-shot a great number of armors. Atk/Def Bond seal is a decent choice if you decide to give him Wings of Mercy, or otherwise Atk+3, Atk/Def+2, or a Brazen Atk seal. He's your best bet against Caineghis since he has the stats to bait him. Lyon: Triangle Adept is ok if you intend to bait Veronicas or Lyn, but otherwise it probably won't do much beyond attacking Dumas and untransformed Caineghises (both of whom are so bulky that TA won't be a one shot). His default Atk/Res +2 or even Fury 2 from Bartre is also decent if you don't want to invest too much into him. With his crap Spd, he'd probably want QR and either Distant Def seal or Atk Smoke seal. Azura: Default kit, with WoM and Aerobatics seal if possible Leanne: Either Goad/Ward Flier or a Drive skill(s). Wings of Mercy is generally ideal, but Escape Route can also work well on her. Grima: Ward Dragons unless you have Armor March. Depending on your foes, you might find one of the two (Grima or Duma) to be a better tank for a given situation. Celica: Vantage and go all in on the Brazens (or Fierce Stance 3 seal). Maps with Duma on them are giving you that HP loss for free, after all. Remember to be mindful of Leanne's healing affecting Celica's HP % and position/plan accordingly. Highly recommended you bring at least one unit with Smite at least a couple teams. Even with a Dancer, it can be necessary for breaking traps. Your biggest threat is likely going to be Pulse mage teams, since these units would probably not survive an onslaught of specials from high Atk mages. To be fair, not many units can outside of Light season, so it's good that you at least have Reinhardt and Lyn to maybe pick off a dancer or mage, assuming they can get in range and do enough damage.
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