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  2. Takumi: Prince at Play, from A Sketchy Summer Focus, colorless bow flier. Hinoka: Blue Sky Warrior, from Wings of Fate Focus, colorless bow flier.
  3. Post a fact about the person above!

    Isn't currently listening to Holy Diver by Ronnie James Dio.
  4. Plus from his character design alone, he looks like he's a protagonist. It's the blue hair
  5. Care to explain the abbreviations please because I have NO IDEA which Takumi/Hinoka you're referring to. I get confused way too easily unfortunately. I see. That means I'll have to wait until Chrom's done then, since there isn't any chance I'd be getting Lucinas for that. And I'd need to build up the Ikes I have...wish me luck!
  6. Finn as thracia protagonist because you could set him across many years and have a much better picture of what happened to jugdral during the timeskip, and because Leif story feel incomplete in fe5 because his arc is only finished in fe4. I would had some person enmity between Finn and Raydrik, in order to make the latter Finn arch nemesis. Leo as conquest protagonist because he is the most suited character to a "change Nohr from whitin" storyline. He can easily became a Roy Mustang like character. Xander is too lawful stupid to actually rebel unless he find out that Garon is literally not himself anymore. Simalarly, Takumi would be a good protagonist from birthright, especially if he have to strugle with Anankos trying yo turn him into Betrayal and Azura for revelation. Hell, Azura would work as a protagonist in General and so we coul scrap the whole "i can't talk about Valla because it would spoil Revelation." Michaia as RD protagonist...
  7. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    This is really debatable. In Part 4 of RD there are still moments where Yune let's Micaiah take control of her body to talk with Sothe in base conversations and stuff and some plot points like the death of Lekain involve Micaiah directly so of course she needs to be herself here. Plus we discover stuff about Micaiah in part 4 and people talk about her. Like you know, Sanaki discovering her connection to her and being afraid to confront her about it. So she still is a big presence in Part 4, a presence that interacts with people. A presence that's felt. Oversadowed by Ike and Yune? True, but you can't say that she is removed from the scenario. And to be fair even Elincia was overshadowed in Part 4 since she really has no role to play except being one of the royals fighting. Basically the same screen time as Tibarn or Nailah, if not less.
  8. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    You just reminded me that this versiom of the duo is from before their marriage. Huh. I guess the ceremony in this Paralogue is for them then!
  9. She looks a bit tipsy from Pent's bottle of champagne.
  10. Takumi would have made for a pretty interesting lord. Out of the cast Takumi has the highest chance for character growth, he's more expressive than the kinda boring Ryoma and better received than the polarizing Corrin, his parents die like every lord's parents should and he has very personal involvement in the plot.
  11. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    I would say Echoes or Thracia before the Fallen Heroes 2 Banner. I think a new Thracia Banner is possible soon but not the next one just after Mareeta. We had, Alm, Lukas, Genny, Berkut and Delthea in one mounth, i dont think Echoes will be the next. Besides alt and Seasonal, I think Sacred Stones is the game with the longest period without a really new Character. Archanea had Gharnef, Echoes had Duma... The last one is Lyon. So it could be a serious possibility(and i admit I'd enjoy it) But we had a lot of Seasonal units in one year too(Frelian/Myrrh/Renais Twins/Marisa...) I'd put Sacred Stones in first, then Awakening because it's Awakening and we hadn't really anything new but Panne even on a Seasonal Banner.
  12. Favorite Video Game One-Liner?

    …Now that I’ve confronted you and traded words with you, I have come to a decision. Throughout Daein, I, Tauroneo, will be known as the king killer. Come! Let me earn my name!
  13. Crushing hopes and dreams is part of my job here.
  14. Just looking for a role-play partner

    Just sent a friend request I am literally named Somebody
  15. Or perhaps not even a video game but a light novel or anime that could serve as a prequel or something to one of the games. Lord knows I would love to see his take on Forneus’s story or a story set in Lucina’s future. Those types of settings would play to his strengths
  16. It sucks that she didn't have her notebook to hide behind. Between the outbursts from Abby and Elaine as per usual and Jessica putting her foot-err hand down, it became really rough to watch. Then more news about Astin came forward, and it made Aliza uncomfortable again. They had tags on everyone they met, she wondered how far that information really went. It was unsettling, very unsettling. Just when she thought things couldn't get crazier Vera came forward with another bomb shell: They were siblings, or rather, Astin was a clone of Vera. "....Aaahmm..." It was at that point Aliza had to get up. "B...bathroom..." She mumbled and walked out with her hand to her head and a breath. She just stood in the hall for a good minute, trying to file everything. Drama show writers have literally nothing on this.
  17. Bound Hero Battle: Dragon Blood

    Hehe, the intro music is Grima's theme ;3 Glad you enjoyed! That was a really awesome clear! Reyson and Maribelle doing the the heavy lifting was quite the treat! Sakura needing to be nerfed is so funny, poor thing not being allowed to kill and Takumi mosting just making sure she's safe while they do the big damage. But it was nice to see Maribelle getting those kills from her chip damage and Reyson being an impressive tank and using his Desperation. SakuTaku should be proud! Fathers and Daughter team was great, Hector did a lot of work upfront and everyone else got some nice snipes on the side~ I loved Raigh and Lugh!~ Raigh was a pretty good tank early on, especially that Lance Cav and Lugh wasn't bothered by any Weapon Triangle either. Libra and Lucius also did nice work. Libra handled the right side so the others weren't overrun and Lucius keeps him healthy~ The end with the dogpile on Corrin was brutal, LOL~ Loved it!
  18. Lilina`s Possible Canon Mother

    Lilina and Roy and alike children doesn't have canon mothers. They are the ones who the player pick. Not sure what's the obsession with Fire Emblem fanbase of deciding canonicity in games in which the point of the playthrough is picking which units die, support and marry each other. If I needed to bet one, Farina or Florina because of the name pattern, but they aren't more canon than Lyn or random npc lady. Also Eliwood x Lyn is equally canon no matter Ninian interactions with him. Ninian could easily had returned to her dimension with her brother. Some pairings simply don't happen no matter their "chemistry". I'm saying that because some people are ignoring this pairing as it was set on stone that Eliwood married Ninian and Lyn married Hector or Rath, but Fiora and Lyn could had easily married Eliwood and the plot makes more sense than Ninian being Roy's mother. I'm pretty sure a remake would adapt the players choice by having Future Past kind of interaction between Roy, Lilina and their possible mothers.
  19. Google image war

  20. What does your Fire Emblem tier list look like?

    > > Heresy There's actually a really good reason why you should play this game and it's ehm... uh... the music! The music is great!! and uh.... well doesn't a 9 movement Valbar sound fun or infinite warp? Or broken alm and dread fighters that can use shadow swords without ever taking damage?!
  21. Post a fact about the person above!

    May or may not have had trouble with some of the Mysterious Dimension's questions.
  22. Despite not liking the female lords we've had so far (Lyn aside), I actually think that Shadow Dragon would be more interesting with Caeda, Linde, or Minerva as its lord, rather than the bland tofu known as Marth.
  23. Fire Emblem Destinies

    Setting All series a few years after their respective endings plus a bunch of original countries Literacy Any, though semi lit-lit is more welcomed Plot Lords and characters rest easy as their nations are in a more peaceful and prospering state than they were in battle. Suddenly it gets interrupted as strange semi clones of their allies, and previously deceased villains or sometimes even allies start showing up from the grave working with said clones. The eventually meet very foreign (original) characters who are hired by a demigod named "Nyaro" who takes them to one base and informs them that this threat extends into multiple worlds. So characters unite to stop this threat once and for all. Info So yeah, this story is actually a lot like warriors but with some more OCs that I swear will be better than the lemon twins, not Mary sues or incredibly bland. But yeah I'm looking for someone to rp as the canon characters with me, The cast is huge and I'm looking for someone to be any CC which I know sounds like a lot but I have had rp partners before who can and know that there are people who don't mind it. Not every fe character will be in this story obviously and obviously, I'm not asking for someone to play the characters all at once, just those relevant to the scene which I'll let you choose. So the plot is kind of simple, just mostly character interactions for the first art where half of it takes place at the base are just hanging out and it's more comedic and light hearted, but the more world traveling and things explained it'll take a really dark tone, possibly genealogy levels So if you're interested in this give me a comment and I'll contact you ASAP
  24. Random thought: how about a FE game written by Gen Urobuchi

    Oh, so that’s where Saya no Uta came from. Yeah, that explains... a lot. Gonna have to find a better-suited writer.
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