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  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I expect the Allegiance Battles new season to start on tuesdays, which is the same day as Arena and AR seasons, so I believe the first Allegiance Battles Season, which will start this weekend, will be longer than the next ones, during from April 27th to May 6th (10 days). The first AR Season was also longer than normal, being from Nov 9th to Nov 18th (10 days). Since the first Allegiance Battles will happen during the Golden Week, I wouldn't be surprised if we get some related quests or special log-in bonus. It's almost guaranteed that the April Legendary Hero will have the Pair Up ability as well, since the banner will start on the same day.
  3. General US Politics

    I'm not sure what makes him bipartisan, other than not being willing to increase taxes. His voting record is pretty solid.
  4. Whenever I try to sleep I simply clear my mind and fall asleep, if that doesn't work I start chanting this quote from Legend of Korra in my head: Let go your earthly tether, Enter the void, Empty, and become wind. So you could see that as a sleeping aid I guess. But reading the other comments I doubt it's the kind of aid you were thinking of. I sleep alone, no body pillows, stuffed animals, cats or other people in my bed.
  5. I'm surprised he has the time to play any games at all considering how much he works. With that rate of play I can only assume he played every game in existence during the break he had between the release of Kid Icarus Uprising and the start of development of Smash 4.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    75 orbs to get the -Res off my +Spd Selkie. Looks like I won't be going in as deep for Legendary Roy merges.
  7. Aether Raids General Thread

    I had a pretty good start this season, especially in defensive results. I had 5 defensive battles, 4 of them I won! The only one that I lost was against a DC Vantage Def Smoke Keaton... which there is nothing to do against it if you don't have Hardy Bearing... I kinda regret not trying to get Keaton in his banner, because DC Vantage Keaton is so broken.
  8. Favorite Era?

    Didn't we have a similar thread not too long ago? Or maybe I'm remembering wrong... Anyway, it's a tie between Tellius and 3DS for me - GBA has only one good game (that being Blazing Blade - Binding Blade and Sacred Stones are weak, weak, WEAK), and the one easily accessible game in the DS era is one of the absolute weakest.
  9. It is this week, but on the 27th for whatever reason. Wonder if the seasons for it will start on weekends so everything doesn't reset on the same day?
  10. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    I have decided on something Fire a Emblem-related for this.
  11. Aether Raids General Thread

    fuck AR seriously, never had such a bad start
  12. Honestly at this time I still like the concept, the set up and the Day/Night mechanic. I could actually see it happening(given how Heroes has Book 3 theme set up it'll easily fit a mainline game). I do expect down the line FE will have concepts of demons(further than a final boss) and vampire species in a universe only time will tell which I hope this series can finally do since other JRPG series already have it long ago!
  13. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Which makes sense since from what I'm seeing it's still like MyCastle(maybe without creating new structures or building but we'll soon get a confirmation regarding that)
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  15. Official Pull Topic

    My free pull on the iceberg banner is a 3* Laslow. The game does not want me to have a free Flora.
  16. Aether Raids General Thread

    It looks like this season is "Park Hrid And Win". I was wiped by such a team who used that opening and then a pre-charged Ophelia, and now I stole the team idea for myself. I also put Spring Catria in (trashing the blessing she had before) to pick off anyone else who uses Hrid to successfully EP Tibarn. Not that it matters since we don't have the Astra Mythic yet. I just want to do well enough to stay in T20.
  17. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Fully agree if your a user here just put those kind of users on ignore (I know I did I'm here for info and some good discussion not listen to petty rubbish so it makes the work easier). Yes at least its not as bad as it was before that I'm sure most users like that here are gone now. Hopefully this can help and show your not alone there is users that are not bad and are genuinely excited!
  18. How much does it say when the only way you can use a character in a normal context is by using their alt form, which is currently their only appearance in the game...? Also how funny she thinks that when the only two men are already married and have kids.
  19. Favorite Era?

    DS > 3DS > GBA > Telius > Kaga I guess there are outliers... I hate Echoes, the rest of 3DS is potentially good to great. I actually really enjoy Parts of Radiant Dawn way over GBA... it's kind of a game that you have to pick your own endpoint before the boringly designed chapters show up to replay though. Path of Radiance doesn't have the same saving grace since it is Sacred Stones 2.0. It's a higher high, lower lower kind of thing. For Kaga… FE5 is my favorite game after 11-14. FE1 is short enough to be used as a time waster. But FE2-FE4 just bother me so much that I can't speak well of the era overall. SD and NM have what I care about, UI speed, AI speed, higher difficulties that are fun to puzzle out, a fun version of re-classing, and "enough" of a story to please.
  20. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    @omegaxis1 @Midnox Also, Cygames annouced today that they will make some changes in the summoning. Now will be cheaper to summon. For single Summons, from 150 Wrymites, we will only spend 120. For Ten Summons From 1.500 Wrymites, we will only spend 1.200. IntSys should learn some lessons from Cygames, and when I say "some", I mean a lot!
  21. When does the new mode start? I thought it might be this week, but apparently not?
  22. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    i'll probably still buy the game for the gameplay, but in terms of art style and story...i'm not really sure. it's like, i hope this game will be at least decent, but there's something that always bothers me. in terms of art, from what i've seen so far there's really no mid-way there, you either like it or you don't. i'm not a fan of Personaish drawing styles, hence why i don't like it and i even find it quite hollow. the characters are almost devoid of personality and vitality, and the fact that it's the first game in the entire franchise that gives me such feeling is already a bad sign. also, while i understand it's a JRPG, they really need to put a stop to the loli stuff and fanservice alike, because it's getting ridiculous. it should have already died with Awakening and Fates. as for the story, i can't say much since there's only few details available right now, but it seems alright. i guess time will tell.
  23. Yeah, I thought the Square would not allow it if we have the FF representation we have...
  24. They should have written a good story before implementing player choice. You can put as much player choice in your game but it won't matter if people aren't interested in what is going on.
  25. Maribelle cleaning house, Charlotte finally having someone to look up to (I'd guess) and that terrified horse. Love it.
  26. Favorite Era?

    It's a tie between The GBA and DS era. The DS era added many gampeplay features that have become stable features and greatly refined the gameplay which would later result in huge succes during the 3ds era. The only thing that the ds era lacks is solid writing which the GBA games have (some more then others). What the DS games did for Gameplay, the GBA era did for writing. This era introduced supports which, while being a flawed mechanic, greatly increased what the writers could do for characterization. The GBA era also happens to have some of the best supports imo. The gameplay, while not as great as the ds games, is also quite good. The other eras have some problems that bother me a lot. The Famicom era is a mixed bag. Fe4 & Fe5 are some of my favourites games in the series but also aren't the kind of games I would play often, Fe3 is ok but Fe1 & fe2 have aged about as well as the special effects in Tron (1982). Tellius is an era of extremes. Fe9 has great writing (until the last chapters which are super boring) and really bad gameplay. Fe10 sometimes has good gameplay and some of the worst writing in the series if you ask me. The 3ds era is decent but unfortunately has my least favourite game in the series (besides fe1 & 2) which really lowers my overall opinion. fe13 & 15 also aren't as good as the games in the GBA and DS era (aside from fe8 which is the main reason I don't consider the GBA era the best).
  27. they had that chance, they wasted it. we could have had a darker background story on the Nohr side, possibly with Corrin ending up becoming corrupted and turning into an anti-hero, but i guess the developers either didn't want that, or had no time to build upon that aspect. yet we have Chiper cards with portraits of F!Corrin as the Dark Queen of Nohr, or even Chrom as Risen King. i really don't understand IS's way of thinking.
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