Credits: Pegasus Knight

Playable classes

Icon Class Weapons Promotion Notes
Fighter Fighter Sword Hero
Fighter Hero Sword, Bow
Priestess Priest Sword, Magic Princess*
Priestess Princess Sword, Magic
Villager Villager Sword Mercenary, Soldier, Archer, Mage (M) or Knight Promotion is random
Mercenary Mercenary Sword Swordfighter
Swordfighter Swordfighter Sword Demon Fighter
Darkfighter Demon Fighter Sword Villager
Soldier Soldier Lance Armour
Armour Armour Lance Baron
Baron Baron Lance
Archer Archer Bow Sniper
Sniper Sniper Bow Bow Knight
Bowknight Bow Knight Bow Bow range is always 1~5
Mage_m Mage (M) Magic Sage
Sage Sage Magic Recovers 5 HP each turn
Magegirl Mage (F) Magic Priest
Knight Knight Lance Paladin
Paladin Paladin Lance Gold Knight
Goldknight Gold Knight Lance
Pegasus Pegasus Knight Lance Falcon Knight Flying
Falcon Falcon Knight Lance Flying, effective against monsters
Sister Sister Magic Saint
Saint Saint Magic Restores 5 HP each turn to adjacent units

* Only Cellica can promote into a Princess

Enemy-only classes

Icon Class Weapons Notes
Goldknight Badess Lance Similar to Gold Knight
Baron Majin Similar to Baron
Thief Thief Axe
Darkfighter Kelbeth Sword Similar to Demon Fighter
Darkfighter Belreth Sword Similar to Demon Fighter
Bowknight Gold Bow Similar to Bow Knight
Gargoyle Gargoyle Flying
Gargoyle Balrog Flying
Dragonzombie Dragonzombie Flying
Dragonzombie White Dragon Flying
Sorcerer Sorcerer Magic
Kitoushi Exorcist Magic Can summon monsters
Magegirl Witch Magic Can teleport
Zombie Zombie
Zombie Mummy
Bigl Bigl Can clone itself
Skeleton Skeleton
Skeleton Lich
Darkgod Dark God Restores HP each turn*

* 5 HP when at 20 HP or above, 40 HP when at 19 HP or below