Hints and Secrets

CreditsPegasus KnightValhalla

Sound Test

On the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up.

Easy Mode

On the file selection screen, press A while holding Start and Select. You should be able to choose between NORMAL (Normal Mode) or EASY (Easy Mode). In Easy Mode, EXP is doubled and you can trade items freely between Arum and Cellica’s party.

Transferring characters between parties

When a character dies, if they are revived by the other party they will then join that party.

Removing NPCs

To get rid of annoying NPCs from a battle, choose Leave Map. When you return to the same battle, the NPCs will no longer be there.

Skipping Grey

After talking to Maisen the second time, save your game and reset. When you load the save Grey’s position will change and you can pass the map without recruiting him.

Recruiting Chapter 1 units for Cellica

If you didn’t recruit any of the optional characters in Chapter 1 (Grey, Robin, Cliff, Silk, Clea, Clerbe, Fols and Paison), you can recruit them again in Chapter 2. When Cellica reaches Sofia, instead of heading up, go visit the southern part of Sofia and recruit any remaining characters.

Pegasus Triangle Attack

Paola, Katua and Est can perform a Triangle Attack just like in the previous game. First, make all three sisters surround an enemy. Then, as long as the enemy is surrounded, any attacks against the enemy with have 100% critical rate.

Arum and Cellica’s Support Attack

If Arum attacks an enemy, while Cellica is adjacent to him, he will have 100% critical rate. This effect is identical to that of the Pegasus Triangle Attack.

Angel Ring in Chapter 1

It’s possible to obtain an Angel Ring as a random drop from a Thief. Just keep repeating the Thief Shrine map and hope for the best.

Dragons Shield in Chapter 1

If you defeat Dozeh in the final map, you will be able to obtain his Dragon Shield. However your units must be very (very) strong. It is recommended that you promote most of your units and train Silk until she learns Warp (so you can bypass Slayder).

100% accuracy Resire

If you give the Moonlight lance to a Sister or Saint, their Resire spell will always strike the enemy. This is the only way to defeat Doma without the Falchion.