Chapter 2: Cellica’s Departure

Inside the Abbey

* (Upon chapter start)
Well then, Bishop Noma, I’ll be off.

Cellica… Must you go no matter what?
The road to the Temple of Mila is long.
Now that the Kingdom of Sofia has also been ravaged by civil war, there will be no one to protect travelers like you.
Not only Geyse’s pirates, but even demonic creatures have been appearing frequently. You’ll almost certainly be attacked.
Even if you are a “Priest Warrior,” it’s far too dangerous for a girl like you.

But, Father.
It’s already been three years since crops last grew on this land.
The people are suffering from hunger to the point that they come all the way to this abbey seeking salvation.
What in the world befell the Earth Goddess Mila? That, I want to make certain of myself.

I see… If you say as much, then I shall not stop you, Cellica.
You know the reason Sir Mycen entrusted you to me, don’t you?
Right now, you are the only successor to the Sofian royal family’s bloodline.
You are the last hope of the people of Sofia.
Don’t try to do the impossible.

* (Speaking to Noma again)
I have nothing more to say.
May the blessings of Mila above be with you…

* (Recruiting Jenny)
If Lady Cellica is going, then I shall go too.
If you suffer any injuries whatsoever, allow me heal them with my Recover spell.

~ Sister Jenny joins the party ~

* (Recruiting Bowy)
Lady Cellica. You must feel uneasy with just the girls, right?
I’ll go along with you too, so please relax.

~ Mage Bowy joins the party ~

* (Recruiting May)
That Bowy’s just a kid who can’t use anything but fire magic.
As for me, Lady Cellica, I can use thunder magic as well. Please count on me, ‘kay?

~ Mage May joins the party ~

Inside the Port of Nova

It’s said that there’s a sword of miraculous power hidden at the Sea Shrine.
But there are terrifying demons on that island…

* (Recruiting Saber)
Oh, shaddaaap. Dun interrupt my drinkin’!
Ha. Ha. Ha. Are you stupi–? Don’t gooo.
Y’all can’t cross the sea by yourselves, can ya?

That’s why I want to ask you for a favor.
You’re a mercenary, aren’t you? Could you not help protect us?

What? You’re saying you wanna hire me?
Hm… Might be interesting.
All right, sounds good to me. I’ll go with ya.

~ Mercenary Saber joins the party ~

[At the bar]
Y’all don’t go near that Sea Shrine, okay?
There’s a scary Dragonzombie living on that little island.
Everything that draws close is swallowed in a single gulp.

[By the bridge]
If you want to cross over to Valencia, you can get on that ship over there.
However, a lot of pirates show up on the sea en route.
The pirates’ boss is named Dahha, but he’s one mean fella.
Earlier there were even a few men who set out in revenge for their killed families.
Well, they have my sympathies, but they probably won’t make it back alive.

Pirates’ Fortress

* (Opening)
Kamui, Leo, don’t slip up!!
If Dahha is defeated, his henchmen should all run away.
There! Bring down Dahha!!

* (Fighting Dahha)
You’ve got some nerve comin’ to pick a fight with me, the pirate lord Dahha! I’ll hack you into pieces with my axe!

Inside the Pirates’ Fortress

* (Recruiting Valbo)
Sorry ’bout that. You helped us out there.
Ahh, I owe ya one now.
Wherever you go, I’ll go along with.
I look forward to it!

~ Armor Valbo joins the party ~

* (Recruiting Leo)
If my bro Valbo’s going, then I’m going too.
I’ve got a bit of confidence in my skill with a bow, y’see.

~ Archer Leo joins the party ~

* (Recruiting Kamui)
Well, I’m just some guy Mister Valbo hired, so I’m fine with joining y’all.
Except for the Dragonzombie. If we’re going up against that, count me out.
Unless you use Angel magic, there’s no way you can defeat that thing.

~ Mercenary Kamui joins the party ~

Inside the Port of Sofia

We came from Archanea, a continent to the far east.

Our little sister was abducted by pirates.
We pursued their ship, but we lost sight of it somewhere around here.
Ahh, I want to rescue her as soon as possible, so we can return to our country together.

Inside Sofia Castle

[Center, left]
A hero has appeared in Sofia.
With this, our country will also be saved at last.

[Center, right]
You’re heading to the Temple of Mila? You’d better not.
That area’s crawling with Geyse’s bandits.
Besides, there are rumors that landslides have blocked the way.

Hurrah! Sofia Castle’s been liberated.
General Dozer’s escaped to his own lands, y’know!

[Upper left]
Sure, I’m happy…
But I’m a bit worried too, y’see.
If the Kingdom of Rigel were to come invade, we’ll definitely be annihilated.

Dozer’s no longer here, but crops aren’t growing, and weird monsters have been appearing…
Something must happened to the Earth Goddess Mila.

[Lower left]
Same as previous chapter

* (Speaking to Mycen)
Cellica, it’s been a while, hasn’t it.

Gra… Grandfather! Why are you here?!

Hm. Well, for various reasons…
You’ve made it here safely as well, I see.

Yes. I received help from all sorts of people.
I’m planning to go with them to the Temple of Mila.
While we’re at the temple, I’d like to ask Lady Mila about the matter of the crops.

I see… I expected as much…
Well, before that, you might want to head upstairs.
There you should find the one you’ve most been desiring to meet.

It… it can’t be! … Alm?
The young hero who liberated Sofia that everyone’s been talking about couldn’t possibly be Alm, could it, Grandfather?}*

Well, why don’t you go see.

[* First time only]

[On the roof]
* (If you’ve spoken to Mycen)
? … You are…
Ce… Cellica? It is Cellica, isn’t it!

Alm… So it really was you, Alm.
That’s great. I wanted to meet you…
I haven’t seen you at all since I left the village…

That’s right.
When we were little, we grew up together like siblings.
Always playing together, just the two of us.
Cellica, when all of a sudden, you were no longer there —
At that time, I… I held a serious grudge against Gramps.

I was sad too, but it couldn’t be helped.
Grandfather told me so.
‘At this rate, if you stay in Rahm, Dozer will come attack the village.’
After that, I would be captured and killed…

But why? Why would Dozer want to kill you, Cellica?

That… I’m sorry. I’d rather not say right now.
Leaving that aside, Alm, I have a request for you.
Is there no way war against the Kingdom of Rigel can be avoided?

That’s impossible.
Emperor Rudolf of Rigel has seized the opportunity to attack while Sofia’s still weakened by civil war.
He’s already started an invasion.
At this rate, the Kingdom of Sofia is going to be destroyed.

But when it comes down to it, both Rigelians and Sofians are the same, aren’t they? We are all people of Valencia.
Even if these divisions of country no longer existed, we should all still be able to live together in happiness.

That’s no good. You can’t just tell the people of Sofia to go live under the barbarous rule of Rigel.
Seeing as how Rigel aided Dozer in ravaging the lands of Sofia, we’ve got no choice but to fight.

That’s a sad thing, isn’t it…
As for me, I don’t think Emperor Rudolf is as evil of a man as everyone says.
If we meet with him and talk, we’ll definitely be able to come to an understanding…
Unless, Alm, now that everyone’s holding you up as a hero, you want to become the king of the country as well?

What! That’s mean, Cellica. I don’t have those kinds of ambitions.
I just want to protect the people of Sofia, that’s all.
Besides, it seems that the royal family of Sofia’s only remaining princess is still alive, so I’m planning to search for her.
As soon as I find that princess, I’m returning to the village.

There’s no such thing as any princess of Sofia! The royal family has already been wiped out!
All right, that’s enough. I get it, Alm. You go ahead to Rigel.
I’m going to go with my companions to the Temple of Mila.


Good-bye, Alm…