Chapter 3: Liberation War

Inside Sofia Castle

~ After an earthquake, a male messenger comes from the right ~

A landslide in the mountains to the north has closed off the path to Mila Temple.
The priestesses who just departed are safe, but…

Coast of Sofia

* (Opening)
Watch out, Catria! Those guys are bandits.
Don’t leave my side!

Inside the Port of Sofia

* (Recruiting Palla)
Oh, wonderful! I was looking for you.
Though we’ve been waiting here, it’s no use, so we might as well go with you all.
Your journey will also be a difficult one, so I was thinking, even if it’s just us, we could lend you our strength.
What do you say, Cellica? Shall we go together?

~ Pegasus Knight Palla joins the party ~

* (Recruiting Catria)
Ahh, it would be great if we could find Est soon…
This is a secret, but if the three of us arrange ourselves like so, there’s a really cool technique we can use.
Eh? How did you know?

~ Pegasus Knight Catria joins the party ~

[Their positions on the screen are reversed from the last chapter.]

Inside the Mountain Village

The bandit king Geyse rules over the desert to the east.
Whether it’s the mountain brigands or the pirates who rampage across Sofia, all of them are Geyse’s underlings.
This village too has been attacked many times over, and has completely fallen into decline.
All the young ones have been taken away to work as slaves.
Ah, what in the world should we do?

There’s a rumor that dead things can be resurrected in a well in the small shrine to the north.
However, dragons have settled down there. It’s said that all things that draw near will surely be devoured.

* (Recruiting Atlas)
Y’guys gonna go finish off Geyse? If that’s the case, let me help out too.
My little brothers and sisters all got captured by Geyse, but I don’t know where to…
Shit! That bastard Geyse is going down by my hand!!

~ Villager Atlas joins the party ~

Inside the Desert Fortress

* (Recruiting Jesse)
Aw, thanks, man. You saved me.
Name’s Jesse. Just some cheap merc.
I got caught trying to help out a girl captured in Geyse’s fortress.
Cute kid from some foreign land. Geyse probably intends to make her a slave.

That’s got to be Est…
Hey, Jesse. Is there no way for us to save her?

Geyse’s got a bunch of amazing guys working under him.
There’s no way we can do anything with just the few of us.

But there must be some way…

Mmm yeah, I guess…
Geyse has these two subordinates named Sonya and Deen. The troops under their respective commands guard the northern and southern regions of the desert.
That said, it seems like the two of them both hate Geyse.
However, because they’re holding each other in check, betrayal’s out of the question.
So if you’re careful about which one of ’em you defeat, the other one may well decide become your ally.
Ahh, and of course I’ll lend you a hand too.

~ Mercenary Jesse joins the party ~

Desert: North

* (Fighting Deen)
No hard feelings, but there’s no helping the fact that we’re enemies. Have a good taste of our blades!

Desert: South

* (Fighting Sonya)
Hehehe, little girl and company — too bad, but you’re going to die!

~ After the battle, whoever you didn’t fight retreats to Geyse’s fortress ~

Geyse’s Fortress

* (Opening)
Hehehe… Foolish bastards.
Did you come here just to die?
Seems like I’m going to have to make you realize just what kind of power I, Lord Geyse, possess.
Go get ’em, boys! Don’t let even a single one of them return alive!!

* (Fighting Geyse)
Grr, is this already the end for my kingdom too? Then I’m gonna drag you all down with me to hell!

* (Upon Geyse’s defeat)
I hope you fuckers are pleased with yourselves! How could I — I’ve still got… Urgh.

Inside Geyse’s Fortress

* (Recruiting Deen, if Sonya is dead)
What, you’ve dealt with Geyse?
Well, I’d been thinking that if a man were that bad, he’d eventually get his just rewards.
Mm… Well, I owe you guys one, eh?
Very well, I’ll lend you my strength.

~ Swordsman Deen joins the party ~

* (Recruiting Sonya, if Deen is dead)
What, you’ve dealt with Geyse?
Well, if a man’s that bad, he’ll get his just rewards eventually, right?
Mm… Well, I owe you guys one, hm?
I gotcha. I’ll lend you my strength.

~ Mage Sonya joins the party ~

* (Recruiting Est)
Ah… You guys are…
Eh? Big sisters have come!
Wahh, that’s great! In that case, I’ll go with you guys too.

~ Pegasus Knight Est joins the party ~

* (Speaking to the woman in the middle cell for the first time)
Thank you. I am in the service of the Temple of Mila.
Thanks to you all, I can finally return.
Hold on… Could it be, you’re — ?!

?? What’s the matter? Is there anything I can…?

My apologies.
It’s just that you bear a remarkable resemblance to Lady Liprica.

That was my lady mother’s name!

Then — then you truly are Princess Anteze!!
Ahh, that’s wonderful!! So you were safe after all, weren’t you?

You knew my mother?
Then please. Please tell me about Mother…

Yes… Lady Liprica was originally, like us, a priestess at the Temple of Mila.
However, the king, charmed by Lady Liprica’s beauty, forcibly made her his queen.
The circumstances at court must have been very difficult for her to bear.
While suffering from a grave disease, she gave birth to you, and passed away soon afterwards.
But right until the very end, she worried over you to the point of tears —
Oh, Lady Anteze, don’t cry so…
There is something I have to hand over to you.

~ Woman turns to the back and retrieves something ~

This circlet is something Lady Liprica left for you.
It’s a diadem that proves your identity as a princess of the royal family of Sofia.
I’ve kept it in my custody with the intention of handing it to you once you had become an adult.
Please, Lady Anteze.
Set this memento from your lady mother in your hair.
You are the only remaining princess of the Sofian royal family.
Please use your power to save the people of Sofia.

(Cellica has put on the circlet!!)

~ Cellica promotes to Princess class ~

* (Speaking to woman again)
I am returning to the Temple of Mila.
Please take care, Your Highness.

[If you reenter the fortress afterwards, the woman will have disappeared.]

Temple of Mila

* (Opening)
Ah, everyone should see it, right? That’s the Temple of Mila!
But don’t let your guard down, everyone.
This place is protected by Mikhail, one of Doma’s shamans.
It’s said that he summons Gargoyles.
Everyone, gather ’round. Protect our frailer comrades!

Inside the Temple of Mila

All of a sudden the Rigelian army came attacking.
The Earth Goddess Mila was sealed by Emperor Rudolf of Rigel.
That’s why the land has fallen into ruin and the crops have been failing.
Ahh! As things stand, the people of Sofia will all starve to death…

[Center, right]
To the north of this temple rules the Great Shaman Dolk.
If you approach, that man will summon zombie dragons from the shadows to devour you.

[Center, left]
The evil god Doma was the one who provided Rudolf with the sword that sealed Mila.
If you go to the Tower of Doma, you should be able to rescue the Lady Mila.
However, for us to make it out of those dreadful forests and swampland is completely impossible.
The poisonous swamps are especially awful. If you step in by mistake, your strength will definitely be sapped away.

As long as water runs through the Gorge of Valencia, leaving the Temple from the north is impossible.
If you don’t open the floodgate to the west, the water will not abate.
As for reserve floodgates, there’s one in the basement of this temple, but…

* (If Cellica is a Priest)
After the sealing of Lady Mila, this place also came under frequent attack by Geyse’s brigands.
Even now there should be one of our fellow priestesses being held captive in Geyse’s fortress.
Please, you must somehow save all the people who have been captured.

* (If Cellica is a Princess)
Thanks to all of you, she was able to return safely.
If you head north, please pay a visit to the hamlet that’s said to exist in the Lost Woods.
The Great Sage Hark should be able to lend you his power somehow.

[In the basement, by the floodgate]
Ahh, I’m the guard of this floodgate, but…
What? You say you want me to open the floodgate?
No can do.
Only members of the Sofian royal family can order this gate opened.
I ain’t listening to the likes of you!!

* (If Cellica is a Princess)
{Mm? Wait a sec… That ornament in your hair is!
How, how could this…
Ohh, there’s no doubt about it, that’s the crest of the royal family, all right.
Then you must be the one whose whereabouts were unknown, the Princess Anteze herself!!
F-forgive my rudeness.
I’ll open the floodgate straightaway.

~ Man moves two steps to the right and opens the floodgate before returning ~}*

* (Speaking to him again)
However, Your Highness.
Just opening the floodgate here is no good.
In order for the water to ebb, the western floodgate must be opened simultaneously.

[* Frst time only]

– – –

Northern Sofia

* (Opening)
Everyone, don’t let your guard down. A large brigade from Rigel is heading our way.
Knights to the front; mages fall back. Fortify our defenses.
Disperse the enemies and pick them off one by one!

Inside the Forest Village

* (Recruiting Ryuto)
I beg of you. Please save my little sister.
She’s being manipulated by the necromancer Tatara to protect Rigel’s floodgate.
As long as Tatara is defeated, then the spell on Dyute should be broken, but I have no idea what to do.
I beg you, please let me go along with you to save her!!!

~ Mage Ryuto joins the party ~

There’s a soldier from the liberation forces being held captive in Dozer’s fortress.
But there are rumors she’s going to be executed before long.
She’s going to be in trouble if you don’t rescue her soon.

[Lower left]
This land of Valencia is split into north and south by a deep gorge.
The floodgate exists for the sake of storing water inside the gorge, but…
Every now and then, if it isn’t opened, the water overflows. It’s extremely dangerous.
At any rate, the Rigelian army occupies the gate, so it’s always closed.
As things stand, it’s going to flood and submerge the Kingdom of Sofia under the sea.
Lord Alm. Please.
Please, you must somehow open the floodgate.

[Before the warehouse]
* (If you haven’t saved his daughter yet from the shrine to the west)
My daughter was carried off by Gargoyles to the shrine in the west.
If you save her, I’ll give you my treasure.

* (If you’ve saved his daughter)
Thank you very much.

Eheh. Thanks for saving me.

Dozer’s Fortress

* (Opening)
What, those bastards from the rebel forces have come to attack this fortress?
Shit!! In that case, have the prisoner executed as a warning.
Archers! Execute that little missy in her cell!!!

* (Fighting Dozer)
Could it be this is all you’ve got…? However, I, Dozer, won’t be defeated so easily!

* (Upon Dozer’s defeat)
Gr… Mycen, the bastard! Is he planning to sell out Sofia to
Rudolf’s — the little brat — ?
That fucking traitor!!

Inside Dozer’s Fortress

* (Recruiting Matilda)
Thank you. I believed that you would definitely come rescue me.

~ Paladin Matilda joins the party ~

Inside the Forest Shrine

Wahh. I was so scared~

~ Girl runs off (you can now get the Holy Lance at the forest village) ~


* (opening)
Hohoho. You bastards think you can defeat me, Lord Tatara?
Dyute! Extinguish those fools with your Aura.
Present those bastards with the wrath of the gods!!!

* (When Dyute first attacks)

* (Upon Dyute’s defeat)
Ahh, it hurts… B-brother…

* (Upon Tatara’s defeat)
Hah! It hurts over here…
What am I doing in a place like this?
Help! Big brother Ryutooo —

~ Dyute teleports out ~

Inside the Floodgate

* (Recruiting Dyute)
I don’t really understand what happened.
When I came to my senses, I was in the middle of a battle. I was scared, so I escaped here.
Eh, I was under Tatara’s control?
So that’s what it was… I’ve been a bother, haven’t I? I’m sorry.

~ Mage Dyute joins the party ~

[By the floodgate]
* (If you haven’t opened the floodgate at the Temple of Mila yet)
What, you want me to open the floodgate!?
I can’t do that!
If I open this floodgate, the water will overflow all at once and cause a flood.
It’ll be dangerous if you don’t open the reserve floodgate at the Temple of Mila first.
Sorry, but I can’t do it.

* (If you’ve opened the floodgate)
{Ohh, wait a sec. Mila’s floodgate has also been opened, so it’s okay now.
Just you watch. I’ll open it right now, okay?

~ Man moves two steps to the right and opens the floodgate before returning ~}*

* (Speaking to him again)
That’s great, huh? With this, the Kingdom of Sofia’s saved.
North from this floodgate is the Kingdom of Rigel. Proceed with caution.

[* First time only]