Chapter 4: The Land of Sorrow

Inside the Temple of Mila

* (Recruiting Noma)
Ohh, Cellica! Are you okay?

Bishop Noma! What in the world are you doing here?

I got worried about you after all.
I followed you here to the Temple, but accidentally fell into this place.
Hahaha, to think that I, of all people, would commit such an unimaginable blunder!
Well, that’s all right. From now on, I’ll go along with you too.
That’ll give me some peace of mind.

~ Sage Noma joins the party ~

Dolk’s Fortress

* (Opening)
… Gwehehehe… Oh, we desecrated creatures who rule this swamp of the dead,
Repel these men according to the orders of Master Judah!
May you fall victim to the zombie dragons that I, the Great Shaman
Dolk, summon forth from the dark realm!!

* (Upon defeat)
May the blessings of Doma —

Inside Sage Hamlet

This is the hidden hamlet of the sage.
It is protected by Master Hark, the Great Sage of Doma.
If you wish to meet with Master Hark, please head to the edge of the village.

Master Hark was the High Priest of Lord Doma.
However, after a dispute with the shaman Judah, he escaped here in defeat.
Judah is a terrible man.
If you wish to fight him, there is but one way.
4, 8, 12…
Ugh — it’s too hard to —
Ju… Judah’s spell has…

~ Man disappears from screen ~

* (Speaking to Hark for the first time)
I am Hark.
You have journeyed here on a quest to seek the vanished Mila?
Hm… It is certainly true that…
The sword that sealed Mila is currently located beneath the Tower of Doma.
However, it’s no use… Judah will not allow you to draw near.
If there is anything I can do, I will lend you my power.
Cellica, is there anything you desire?

I have nothing more to ask of you.
Although, Alm…
I’d like to help him out however I can…

I see. A gallant one, aren’t you?
Very well. I’ve got it. I shall bless him with newly awakened powers.

~ Alm promotes to Hero class ~

* (Speaking to Hark again)
The Tower of Doma lies just ahead. It would be wise to approach with caution.

Doma Gate

* (Upon the boss’s defeat)
May the blessings of Doma —

Doma Swamp

* (After the Level 5 Bigle is defeated)
Hehehe, cute critter, eh… However, I didn’t expect you to kill it so soon.
That brat named Alm, was it? If you do not wish to lose him, girl… then come ascend the Tower of Doma.

~ Judah teleports out ~

* (If you somehow defeat Judah)
You fools who know not Lord Doma’s power… You will regret this…

~ All Bigles vanish ~

Inside the Tower of Doma

* (On the topmost level)
Hehe. The princess of Sofia, is it? I’ve been waiting for you to come.

Who are you!?

Who, me? Why, I am Lord Doma’s number one servant.
The one known as Judah, head priest of our Lord.

If that is so, then please, I beg of you.
Release Lady Mila! Return the Earth Goddess Mila to her proper place!!

Hehehe… well, well. What a panic you’re in.
Take a look into this crystal in my possession. How do you like it?
A face you’ve dearly missed seeing, isn’t it?
That’s right. It’s Alm.
How about I let you gaze at that guy’s bitterly struggling figure for a while?

~ Cellica’s party vanishes from the world map ~

– – –

Terror Mountain

* (Upon the boss’s defeat)
May the blessings of Doma —

Inside the Shrine of Terror Mountain

* (On the stone tablet)
Right: Holy Shield
Left: Silver Shield

Nuibaba’s Manor

* (Opening)
Bathed deep within the inky shadows, a ghastly face looks down upon them.
The one called the master of Terror Mountain, at whose name everyone shakes in fear: the legendary necromancer Nuibaba…
If that dark spell he received in exchange for his soul is emitted from his lips just once —
All living beings will, without doubt, have death be visited upon them.
Oh, Alm — why do you go?
Within this fearful mountain, what in the world could there be said to exist?

* (On the enemy turn, when your units come into Nuibaba’s range)
… Go forth, Medusa! Now is the time you must fulfill your contract with me!

* (Nuibaba falls)
I-I have erred…

Inside Nuibaba’s Manor (if Zeke is alive)

* (Recruiting Teeta)
What in the world are you doing imprisoned in a place like this?

My lover, Zeke, is a general of the Rigelian knights.
However, Zeke opposed this war. Nuibaba feared that he would turn traitor, so I was taken hostage.
If Zeke hears about my rescue, I’m sure he will gladly lend you his help.
Ah, I want to meet him again soon…

~ Saint Teeta joins the party ~

Plains of Rigel

* (Opening, if you’ve recruited Teeta)
What? Teeta was rescued?
Very well! All troops, engage with Jerome’s men!

* (Fighting Zeke, if you haven’t recruited Teeta)
Although I have no desire to fight… However, if fight I must…
Forgive me.

* (If he dies)
Forgive me, Teeta.

* (Upon the boss’s defeat)
You bastards better be pleased with yourselves…

Inside the Rigelian Village

You guys saved General Zeke, huh?
Although I hate Sofia, I’ve gotta thank you guys.
(If Zeke is dead: Emperor Rudolf is a hero! Can you Sofian pigs even comprehend the emperor’s greatness?)

General Jerome was a cruel man.
Even this village was plundered and run amok. Until Lord Zeke came, it was terrible.
(You fucking bastards are ogres! Lord Zeke’s lover was taken hostage; he had no choice but to fight…)

[Upper left]
Just ahead is Dragon Mountain.
You guys’ll be dead meat if you try attacking the zombie dragons.
I wonder if facing those things this soon is a good idea…
(The fall of this village makes you all so pleased with yourselves, eh? Did you bastards come over from that cursed Dragon Mountain?)

[Upper right]
General Zeke has no memories of the past, you know.
He’d washed up on our shores bearing a terrible wound when a priestess clad in a vision of white — Lady Teeta — came and nursed him back to health.
You see? Just like that, because it was the second sheet, all of a sudden Lady Teeta… Oops! I’ve said too much, haven’t I?
(Oohh, Lord Zeke…)

* (Recruiting Zeke)
You are Alm?
You’re the one who saved Teeta, aren’t you?
I must give you my thanks.

General Zeke, you are opposed to this war, are you not?
Please, I would like to ask you to lend your strength to our cause.

I cannot.
The only reason I helped you defeat Jerome was because he, along with Nuibaba and Guru, was causing great suffering to the people.
Besides… I have absolutely no idea who or what I am.
All I know is that I washed up on the shores of this country with a terrible wound, or so I’ve been told…
To that pitiful self of mine, His Majesty gave his warmest welcome, even bestowing upon me a name.
Indeed, His Majesty Rudolf has been just like a father to me.
I cannot possibly betray him.

I understand…
I must apologize for my rudeness.

No, not at all… Hm!? Alm, that mark on your right arm. How did it get there?

Mark? … Ah, this has been around since forever.
According to Gramps it’s a birthmark from when I was a baby, but what does this…?

I see…
This is something His Majesty Rudolf once told me.

“Zeke, if there exists one who bears a cross-shaped birthmark on his right arm, you must dedicate everything to that person.
That person will certainly, for Rigel… And then, for this continent of Valencia as well, if he could become the savior…”

I don’t know what meaning lies behind those words, but if this is His Majesty’s will, then I have no more reason to hesitate.
Alm, I will lend my strength to yours.
I, too, shall fight with you!

~ Gold Knight Zeke joins the party ~

Inside the Tower of Doma

* (After Alm’s party has fought three rounds of zombie dragons at Dragon Mountain)
Hehehe… Cellica.
Alm’s trapped in Dragon Mountain. You must want to save him.
If that’s so, then follow after me.
If you offer yourselves as sacrifices to Lord Doma, Alm’s path shall also open up once more!

~ After following him, you get warped to Doma’s altar ~

Doma’s Altar

* (After speaking to him, the screen flashes and a battle starts up)
Hehehe, so you’ve shown up at last.
This is the altar of Doma.
Now that you’ve come here, you can’t return alive.
We and our Lord value human suffering above all.
Therefore, I shall not kill you quickly.
You shall go to your deaths slowly, little by little, painfully.
After all, your suffering figures shall certainly present Lord Doma with a feast of the highest order…

Rigel Waterfall

* (Upon the boss’s defeat)
As expected, even one such as I has been defeated… I’ve got to hand it to you…

Rigel Castle

* (Opening)
I see, so you’ve come at last…
Whatever happens now is inevitable. Shall I not witness this final battle as one of the glorious knights of Rigel?
Brave soldiers of Rigel! How admirably you have fought for me until now!
However… The time has already grown late. The fate of the Rigelian Empire has drawn to an end.
Hear me, all of you!!! This is my final request.
If I should fall, you must not interfere.
Those of you who remain should surrender like the courageous men you are.
I hear that Sofia’s young general is a man of compassion.
In no way should surrender be a bad choice for you.
Is that clear? Do not die in vain. Do not throw away your lives so frivolously!

* (Attacking Rudolf with Alm)
(Why won’t Rudolf come and fight me!!)

* (Upon Rudolf’s defeat)
Alm… You’ve become a splendid young man…
Was it no mistake to have entrusted you with Sir Mycen after all…?
You should have realized it by now, haven’t you? Your real name is Albyne Alm Rudolf.
My… one and only… son…
I cannot speak for much longer…
However, Alm. I have just one last request.
Using “Falchion”, that holy sword that sealed Mila…
Defeat… the evil god… Doma…

~ Battle ends, scene moves inside Rigel Castle ~

Inside Rigel Castle

[In the corners]
Long live Emperor Rudolf the Second!

{Prince Albyne.
I am the captain of the emperor’s personal guards, General Massena.
The defeated soldiers who heard everything from his late Majesty have gathered in wait for you.}*
We have long been awaiting Your Highness’s return.

[* First time only]

[Beneath right door]
Your Highness. First, please listen to what Lord Mycen has to say.

* (Recruiting Mycen)
Ah, Gramps — what in the world is going on!?
How could such a despicable man as Emperor Rudolf be my father!!!
That’s awful. Did you know nothing of this, Gramps!?

Alm. Your shock is understandable…
It’s true that you are Emperor Rudolf’s only son.
And now you have also become the only remaining heir of the royal family of Rigel.

But why did something like this…
Why could I not avoid fighting against my own father?

Don’t cry, Alm…
This is something I also wished to tell you before. It was due to the gods that this land Valencia came to be divided into North and South.
And in doing so they mistakenly involved themselves too deeply with the concerns of mankind.
As a result, the people of Sofia forgot the meaning of toil, and the people of Rigel forgot the meaning of leisure.
As things were, we would all certainly come to ruin.
It was due to such considerations that Rudolf took it upon himself to become a destroyer, to instigate the appearance of true heroes in the land.
For the sake of creating a new era, he decided to become a sacrificial piece.
And to meet the hero who would bring about his defeat, even if it were his own child, he could not have been happier…
Thus was I informed when he delivered his newborn child into my hands.
Even now, I cannot forget the expression on Rudolf’s face at that time…
‘This man would consign himself to the fires of hell!’
When I realized that, there was already no way I could possibly refuse him.
And so, I left everything to fate.
Alm. You must not grieve forever.
You must not let Rudolf’s sacrifice be in vain by refusing to take over from here.
Head to the underground temple. Return the evil god Doma to the shadows.
If you don’t hurry, great danger may befall Cellica’s party. You mustn’t let that happen!

~ Gold Knight Mycen joins the party ~