Once, there existed “gods”

Upon these lands.

On this remote island
Known as Valencia
Were two sibling gods
Called Doma and Mila.

However —

Doma, who believed that power was everything,
Could not forgive the degradation of mankind.

He came into violent dispute with
His younger sister Mila, who dreamed of a paradise
In which all living beings could frolic in freedom.

A long, long period of darkness passed…

At last, between the two of them,
They sealed a single pact.

The land of Valencia would be divided in two —
The north to be ruled by Doma;
The south to be ruled by Mila…

And so thousands of years passed.

The respective domains of the gods
Gave rise to two kingdoms:

The southern kingdom of Sofia,
Which had become corrupt in its prosperity,

And the northern empire of Rigel,
Which had forgotten kindness in its might.

Thus did these times filled with contradiction flow on.

Until finally,

To the royal families of Rigel and Sofia,
Two lives were born
Who would reverse the fate of Valencia.

From that day forth, the history of Valencia
Began to stir once more,
Moving forward into an age of violent warfare.