Starting Items

Source: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu Official Guidebook

First Generation

Name Item(s)
Sigurd Steel Sword, Iron Lance
Noish Steel Sword
Alec Iron Sword
Arden Iron Sword
Cuan Steel Lance, Javelin
Ethlin Slim Sword, Live Staff
Fin Iron Lance
Lex Iron Axe
Azel Fire
Midayle Iron Bow
Adean Relive Staff
Dew Iron Sword
Ira Iron Blade
Diadora Silence Staff, Aura, Circlet
Jamka Killer Bow
Holyn Iron Blade
Lachesis Prayer Sword, Live Staff
Levin Elwind
Sylvia Slim Sword
Fury Slim Lance
Beowolf Steel Sword
Briggid Steel Bow
Claude Reserve Staff, Valkyrie Staff
Tiltyu Thoron, Thunder

Second Generation


  • In general, the son inherits items from the father and the daughter inherits items from the mother (this is swapped around for Leaf/Altenna and Faval/Patty).
  • Weapons and staves can only be inherited if the children can equip them in their base class (except Holy weapons, which are inherited no matter what).
  • Characters can inherit items even if they are in their parent’s storage, and any excess inherited items can be found in the child’s storage.
Name Item(s)
Celice Slim sword + inherited items (except Tilfing)
Rana Live Staff + inherited items
Mana Live Staff
Lakche Iron Blade + inherited items
Radney Iron Blade
Skasaher Iron Blade + inherited items
Roddlevan Iron Blade
Oifey Iron Cutter
Delmud Iron Sword + inherited items
Tristan Iron Sword
Lester Iron Bow + inherited items
Dimna Iron Bow
Fee Slim Lance, Berserk Sword + inherited items
Femina Slim Lance, Berserk Sword
Arthur Wind + inherited items
Amid Wind
Johan Steel Axe
Johalva Steel Axe
Shanan Steel Blade
Patty Sleep Sword + inherited items
Daisy Sleep Sword
Leaf Iron Sword + inherited items
Nanna Iron Sword, Relive Staff + inherited items
Janne Iron Sword, Relive Staff
Fin Iron Lance + items he had from Chapter 3 (if not paired)
Aless Mistoltin, Iron Lance
Leen Inherited items
Tinny Elthunder + inherited items
Linda Elthunder
Faval Silver Bow + inherited items
Asaello Silver Bow
Sety Lightning + inherited items
Hawk Lightning
Hannibal Silver Blade, Wing Clipper
Altenna Gaeborg + inherited items
Corple Reblow Staff + inherited items
Sharlow Reblow Staff