Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1: Introduction

Q) Can I play this game in English?
A) Yes, but only by using a translation patch, since the game wasn’t released in English officially. You can download the translation patch from this site (you’ll want the Reparation 0.87d patch).

Q) Will this game be released on the Wii’s Virtual Console?A) It’s already been available from the Japanese Virtual Console for a long time. An English release hasn’t been suggested and it’s looking more and more unlikely as time passes.

Q) How is this game related to Thracia 776?
A) It takes place in the same continent and during the same timeline. In fact, the events of Thracia 776 occur between Chapter 6 and 8 of this game.

Q) How does the two generation thing work?
A) In the 1st Generation, you can pair up any of the male characters with any of the female characters (besides two default pairings). When you reach the 2nd Generation, some of the characters you recruit will be the children of the 1st Generation characters, with the children inheriting their stats, growths, inventory and Skills from their parents. If you didn’t pair up any characters in the 1st Generation, instead of their children, you’ll get Substitute characters, which function the same as the children, but are fixed and have typically lower stats.

Q) How does inheritance work?
A) Please see this page.


Section 2: Early to mid-game

Q) Can you trade items between characters?
A) There’s no direct way to trade items. However, if you sell an item to the Pawn Shop (accessible from any castle), then you can make another character buy it, as long as they can equip it.

Q) Can you trade Gold between characters?
A) Thieves have the option of giving all their Gold to an adjacent unit, while other characters can do the same, but only to their lover.

Q) What is the maximum Level for characters?
A) It’s 30 for all characters. Also, when characters promote, their Level isn’t reset (unlike in other games in the series).

Q) When is the best time to promote characters?
A) As soon as you hit Level 20. Unlike other FE games, there are no penalties whatsoever in promoting straight away.

Q) What are some recommended 1st Generation pairings for a beginner?
A) These pairings seem to be the most efficient and easiest to remember for first time players:

  • Adean x Midayle
  • Ira x Holyn
  • Lachesis x Beowulf
  • Sylvia x Claude
  • Fury x Levin
  • Tiltyu x Azel
  • Briggid x Dew

Some of them aren’t the best, but they get the job done.

Q) How do I stop Levin falling in love with Sylvia? I want to pair him with Fury/Tiltyu.
A) You’ll probably want to complete Chapter 2 and 3 as soon as possible. Once you’ve conquered Silesia Castle, during Chapter 4, Levin and Fury have a conversation that gives a large boost to their love points. Otherwise, if you can spare a use of the Valkyrie staff, you could always kill off Sylvia and resurrect her later after securing your coupling.

Q) During Chapter 4, how do I stop the game from freezing when I make Sylvia obtain the Defender Sword?
A) Before visiting the village, save the game (the option to save only appears when you haven’t moved a character yet). Then, if the game freezes, reset the game. When you return to the the title screen, load your save. If you visit the village again, it should work- otherwise, you might have to reset and try keep trying.

Q) How do you reach Thove castle in Chapter 4 (the castle to the north east)?
A) When you approach the castle head-on, the enemies will raise the drawbridge. You can either move Dew to where the bridge used to be and he’ll bring it back down. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through the mountain path directly south from Thove. Note that some characters won’t be able to move onto the mountains, eg. non-promoted horse units.

Q) I missed Holsety in the 1st Generation. Will I be able to get it again?
A) I’m afraid not.

Q) Is there any point in pairing characters up in the 2nd Generation?
A) Well, it doesn’t have as much an impact as the 1st Generation pairings that’s for sure. However, some couples can initiate events in the Final Chapter, which can increase the stats of the male. Also, the Critical boost when fighting next to a lover might be useful.

Q) For some reason, Celice is greyed out even though I haven’t moved him. How do I fix this?
A) It’s still not completely sure what causes this, but it’s possibly a bug caused by dismounting Celice when he’s a Lord Knight. If this bug occurs, it’s probably best to go back to a savefile where it doesn’t happen. Otherwise, you could try refreshing his movement using a Dancer. On a similar note, there is a bug that causes Celice to appear at the far north-west corner of the map, which can be remedied by casting the Rescue staff on him.


Section 3: End-game

Q) What does the Epilogue say? My translation patch doesn’t cover it!
A) You can find the translated scripts for the Epilogue here.

Q) How comes some of the characters don’t have the expected Holy Blood?
A) In Hilda’s case, that’s a bug, as she’s only supposed to have minor Fala blood. As for characters, like Ishtar, who are missing minor blood (in her case, Fala blood), it’s speculated that minor blood has a chance of disappearing over the generations.