After Chapter 5, the 2nd Generation of the game begins. If you successfully managed to pair your female characters in the 1st Generation (and made them survive until the end), then you’ll be greeted by their children in the 2nd Generation. Like in real life, the children will inherit some features from their parents.

Parents and children

The children characters of the 2nd Generation come in pairs (except Celice), which are solely determined by their mother:

  • Diadora: Celice
  • Ethlin: Leaf and Altenna
  • Adean: Lester and Rana
  • Ira: Skasaher and Lakche
  • Lachesis: Delmud and Nanna
  • Sylvia: Corpul and Leen
  • Fury: Sety and Fee
  • Briggid: Faval and Patty
  • Tiltyu: Arthur and Tinny

Details of inheritance

Base stats

The children inherit a small fraction of their parents’ stats, mostly from their same-gender parent (eg. the male child inherits mostly from the father). For more details, please check the inheritance-related equations in the Calculations page (it’s all the way at the bottom).

Growth rates

The childrens’ growth rates are equal to their same-gender parent’s base growth rates + half of their other parent’s base growth rates + the child’s own Holy Blood bonus. (Base growth rates are the growth rates without the Holy Blood bonus factored in.)

Holy Blood

Holy Blood from both parents is inherited, but if it’s major blood then usually the child with the same gender as the major blood carrier will inherit it,
while the other child will just get minor blood. If the parents have minor blood of the same type (eg. Odo) then both children will have major blood instead.


For items, the children usually inherit items from their same-gender parent, but only if they can equip or use them in their starting class. Exceptions include Corple, who can inherit Holsety as a Priest, while some children can inherit Holsety or the Valkyrie Staff even though they can never use it. If a child has too many items, the excess items are sent to their storage. On a similar note, stored items are inherited in the same manner as descibed.


The children will inherit all Personal Skills from both their parents. The sole exceptions are the Sword Skills (eg. Shooting Star Sword), which only the on-foot and sword-wielding children can inherit (excludes Tinny since she doesn’t used swords in her starting class).

(I say usually, because for Ethlin and Briggid’s children, the parent’s roles are swapped.)

Subsitute characters

If a female character wasn’t paired up or died before the end, instead of their children, you’ll recruit the corresponding substitute characters:

  • Adean: Dimna and Mana
  • Ira: Roddlevan and Radney
  • Lachesis: Tristan and Janne
  • Sylvia: Sharlow and Laylea
  • Fury: Hawk and Femina
  • Briggid: Asaello and Daisy
  • Tiltyu: Amid and Linda

Substitutes are fixed characters and, as you might expect, don’t inherit anything. They’re generally inferior to the children characters, although they are completely usable and some are arguably more useful than their children counterparts (eg. Laylea, Sharlow).